The 10 Truths From Social Media Addicts (that’s us!).

truths of social media addict

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It’s true, we admit it. We’re complete social media addicts.

We try really hard to create more balance in our lives (as in, less technology use).

Buuuuut, we have to admit that we have a not-so-secret love affair with social media.

We’ve fallen bad, head over hills, moon over mountains… bad. In fact… we think we fell a long time ago.

We’re always laughing at our social media addict habits so it’s about time we fill you in.

Please tell us we’re not the only ones, please tell us you can relate to these 10 truths from social media addicts! Please!  

1. Before getting out of bed, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Periscope must all be checked. Only then is it ok to get out of bed (… to check emails). You’ve also learnt the best way to hold your phone in bed without cramping up and dropping it on your face (we bet that’s happened one too many times!).

2. All food outings must be Instagrammed. No ifs or buts. Friends, family and colleagues will get used to eating cold food when they dine with you. We recommend ordering the salad (or the pork belly).


3. On the topic of food photos, you always look for the best table, with the best lighting in the café. You WILL get that table. And you definitely don’t give a damn when people start to stare. Yep, you’re the one standing on the chair and directing your friends (aka the hand models) to hold that coffee cup or reach for the guacamole… oh so naturally.

4. When you connect to wifi your heart does a little flip and there will be hand claps. Your family and friends who aren’t social media addicts don’t understand this one bit. They don’t even know that cafés and restaurants have wifi passwords #craycray.

5. Forget about wifi! You get butterflies when you find the PERFECT data plan. You do a little happy dance because you know you’ll never go over your data again and you don’t have to stress about finding your next connection point #wheresthewifi

We recently did this exact happy dance and yep, we felt the butterflies. Optus Family Sharing is like the answer to our internet prayers. We now share our data and combine our bills… making the life of a social media addict THAT much better. We know that 52% of households in Australia have 3 or more mobile plans and over a fifth of those complain that data use is a problem… soooo, yeah… get on that data sharing.

6. You’ll also scout out the electricity plugs when you’re out and about… because no doubt you’ve smashed the battery and you always have your charger at the ready. Or even better you have your back up battery pack!

The merrymaker sisters Optus (2)

7.  Your pinky finger has started cramping up and gets super hot from holding your phone too much (we actually may be a little concerned about this one). You’ve also booked at least one chiropractor session or massage for your neck pain and welcome yoga to save you from bad social media posture (the ‘hump back’).

8. You are the official selfie taker amongst your family and friends because you know the perfect angle for the perfect selfie. High angle and tilted slightly works best… you guys know it!

the perfect selfie
‘The Perfect Selfie’ hold it high and tilt it forward slightly!

9. You have message conversations in emojis and you understand them perfectly. And don’t even get use started on new emoji updates… it’s like the highlight of the year! You also talk in hashtags in real life… it’s #amazing and refer to your social media friends by their handles (like oh hey @thedannorris or @notsofastfood).

10. You catch up with friends but you know EVERYTHING about them because you’ve already stalked their social media. It’s a bit like

Hi! How are you, what ya been up too? Oh I know, you did a beach run, loved the beach pic, oh and don’t get me started on that smoothie bowl you had for brekky!” 

This can be a tad awkward with relationship status changes… eek. Why so complicated?

So! Are you a social media addict? Add your truths below in the comment section, we’d love to hear from you!

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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