Turmeric crackers and sweet potato dip.


These turmeric crackers and sweet potato dip are all kinds of delish! We’ve just added both recipes to the Get Merry app. YAY!

We’re pretty sure EVERYONE will love them. Well, we loved them and then our housemates gave them the tick of approval plus our good friend Rhys made a pretty big noise of enjoyment when he tried them (haha made us laugh). 

If you have the app check out the snacks and salads section and go to delish town. If you don’t have the app you can download it HERE. It’s available on both iPhone and Android.

The app has all the best Merrymaker recipes on it PLUS extra delish app only recipes just like this one. We are now adding a brand new app only recipe every single week. Yes, every single week! How good! 

We’ll also be adding a new recipe to the blog every single week (this will also be added to the app!). So many recipes! Get ready to get merry!

And a huge thank you to everyone who’s reviewed the app. This comment made us smile real big! 

“I have loved your recipes (and your outlook on life in general) for a long time. But honestly, I haven’t used any of your recipes as I felt like I had to hunt through them to find the one I wanted. But now I have your app, I have been using them lots. This morning my little girls wanted pancakes, with three clicks I had the recipe. I threw a few ingredients into a blender (as in all your best recipes) and with a few minutes of cooking our quick, easy and delicious pancakes were on our plates. Thank you for making this app! Our bodies and minds are better for it already!” Zoe

We’ll leave you with another drool-worthy pic of these turmeric crackers and sweet potato dip. Ahhh yum. 

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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