Un-wanky Positive Affirmations to Make Your Life Better!


Positive affirmations rock our socks! Seriously, they have made our lives a whole lot better and they’ll for sure make your life better. We also love linking affirmations with yoga, they’ve become our daily yoga affirmations. And this is why we add quotes and affirmations to the end of every MerryBody Yoga and Pilates class! 

But we also know some positive affirmations come across a little, how do ya put it, wanky? Silly? Too much self-help-hippy weirdness? 

Don’t you worry. Before we started Merrymakers we thought positive affirmations were a waste of time and oh so woowoo. Oh how wrong we were.

Positive affirmations in fact re-wire your brain to think happier and feel more positive. And this is important when…

You are what you think.


Your thoughts create your future. What will your future look like if your thoughts are constantly negative? What will your future look and feel like when you re saying things like:

“Why did I say that stupid thing to my boss? I am such an idiot.” 

“I’m so fat, urgh I hate my stomach.”

“I hate this dead boring job and my colleagues treat me so badly.”  

“I am not good enough.”

These negative thoughts will attract more negative thoughts and then eventually negative events. We’re not saying you can’t ever say a negative thing again.

We’re not saying to force yourself to be happy and pos=itive during a hard time (that’s called toxic positivity). 

We’re saying when you notice your inner voice talking shit about yourself, relationships, situations and everything in between. Stop and get rid of the negative narrative. Try and see everything for what it is, see reality as reality. 

Another option is that you could can come back with a positive thought. Or rephrase that negative thought, into a neutral one.

We adore Louise Hay, we have her daily positive affirmation calendar and read them every day. We’ve read her books and love her documentary. But we get that the following daily affirmation…

Today I mentally wrap each person I meet in a circle of love.

affirmation 2

…might be a little too self-help-hippy for you (hehe we love them).

So we want to share our favourite daily yoga affirmations with you all! Oh and so you know, we just wrapped you in our circle of love! Lucky you!

Say these positive affirmations out loud or in your head as soon as you feel a negative thought creeping in!

I only accept and expect the best.

I set no limits, I can do anything.

I am thankful for amazing, kind people in my life.

Something didn’t go right but I choose to see it as a blessing in disguise. 

I am abundantly supplied in love/happiness/health/business/money/insert word.

I have everything I need to make my dreams a reality. 

I deserve epic, amazing, magical love.

I say YES to adventures, laughter, dreams and fun.

This is my life, this is my time.

I choose peace over this.

What’s the BEST that can happen?


If you are what you think, these thoughts are gonna make one amazing life! And ok, maybe some are still a little hippy BUT trust us, positive affirmations have the power to change the whole direction of your life.

Give them a go, what’s the best that could happen? 

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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Images from Unsplash.

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