We will never ever post a ‘before and after photo’ again


Sure, we’ve done personal ‘before and after photos’ in the past. But… after further thinking and a few reality checks… we fast realised that using before and after photos to share our messages and MerryBody makes absolutely no sense at all.  

It does not align with our personal values, therefore it does not align with MerryBody values. 

At the time when we did promote our personal before and afters, we also received a truth-telling email from one of the Merrymaker community members (and now, MerryBody member)…

She said something like this…

This makes me so sad.  

The ‘before and after photo’ is a harmful and dangerous diet culture, it’s a repressive tactic.  

I am 100% sure it is unintentional, but by posting this type of thing, and sending it to people who are interested in what you’re doing, you can trigger really harmful thoughts and behaviours.  

Anything focused on reducing size is just simply unhealthy. 

I really hope you will reconsider how you market.  

You don’t need to resort to this. 

You are both much much better than this.  

This email upset us, it annoyed us and made us feel angry… sometimes the truth hurts but usually it’s exactly what you need to hear. Now, we feel extremely grateful for this email.

Not only did we know this all to be true but we’d also personally experienced the pain from this tactic! 

We’d been consumed by diet culture, by unattainable and dangerous weight goals and obsessed with unsustainable diets and workouts. 

The ‘before and after photo’ places all your focus on weight and nothing on overall health and happiness. 

It’s saying that ‘thin’ is healthy and beautiful, that ‘skinny’ (or whatever beauty ideal they’re showing in the ‘after’, is the goal)… But you simply can not diagnose health from body weight and size. 

In the past, we have both been thinner… and at the same time, we’ve also been less happy, with more health issues.

After receiving this email we also reflected and realised we’ve had about 10 ‘before and after’ opportunities… each! 

Because life happens… we change, our lifestyles change.

Weight goes up, weight goes down! Especially for women.

When you deem yourself worthy or beautiful by that ‘after photo’, what does it mean when…

… you go on the 2 month trip around Italy, have the time of your life with all the pasta and pizza.

… you get pregnant.

… you need to slow down your exercise and eat more to get your hormones balanced.

… there is a global pandemic, your routine is thrown off and you’re just trying to maintain your emotional and mental health.

It also means all these experiences are added with extra anxiety and stress about weight and going back to the ‘before photo’. 

Last time we checked it’s completely normal AND HEALTHY for our bodies to change as our life situations change.

And… it would just be illegal if you went to Italy and didn’t eat pizza or pasta (hehehe).

We don’t use ‘before and after photos’ because you’re worthy and beautiful NOW, before… and after! Whatever your body looks like.

Don’t be mistaken though… we’re all about getting you RESULTS – we just look at it in a different kind of way

Here’s the thing…

There are so many amazing reasons to finally achieve the strong, toned and healthy body you desire.

It could be about feeling more confident to show up feeling amazing.

Or feel empowered when you go for the job promotion. 

To feel energised so you can keep up with the kids. 

Or, to experience better health.

Only you know your motivation – and whatever it is, you’re 100% right.

Feeling confident and happy in your body is an amazing way to live. And, with MerryBody, it’s entirely possible.

We just look at achieving the results you want in a different way. We don’t obsess or put pressure on ourselves to lose weight or hit a number on the scales or look a certain way. 

With MerryBody, you will flip the focus away from the negativity of what you’re not. And instead, place it on who you are.

So, be sure of this… when you become a part of MerryBody, you will see the results you want so badly.

And when the results come, so does the transition to accepting and feeling love toward your body with every cell of energy you’ve got.

We will show you how to love THIS body you have. This one that’s a gift. This one that is uniquely yours. Perfectly imperfect.  

Here at MerryBody, we stand for…

No constantly talking about calories…

No obsessing over losing weight…

No comparing ourselves to anyone else…

No weigh-ins or body measurements…

No “thrashing” our bodies with over-the-top workouts…

If any of this resonates with you, join MerryBody. When you sign up your first 7 days are completely free.

Try it all, do the Pilates and Yoga classes, listen to the MerryMind meditations, join the community group and get a feel for everything. 

We know MerryBody isn’t right for everyone, we know you might love the before and after image motivation, we know you might love the calorie counting. BUT if you’ve ever felt less than or unworthy when using these methods… give MerryBody a try.

What’s the best that can happen? 

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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