What’s the Best Pilates App?


We know there are many fitness apps you can choose from. All declaring that they are the best Pilates App for you, perhaps it could be our app, MerryBody, the Online Pilates, Yoga and Meditation Studio.

Variety is good, because everyone is different. It’s good to try out a variety of apps to find the perfect one for you, we know there are bigger ones out there, like Alo Moves, Pilates Anytime or Club Pilates. These apps are also probably cheaper than ours. Many have 7 day, 1 month or 14-day free trials.

But bigger and cheaper are not always better. 

When you sign up to the MerryBody App (and yes we do have a trial too!), you are not just another number. 

Or another option, sign up for a FREE Pilates Class over here!


We care about your experience, we are available when you need help, whether you’re struggling with technology or with one of those really challenging Pilates exercises. 

We are here for you and cheering for you all the way, it’s us personally writing back to your messages and emails. 

Here at MerryBody, we are a family.


We, Emma and Carla that is, are not your gurus. Emma is here for you as your professional trainer in Pilates, Carla as your seasoned and inspiring Yoga instructor.  We are here to create premium Yoga and Pilates videos for you. To inspire you to move your body, for your health and wellbeing but also to remind you that your body, right here and right now, is amazing.  

You will experience Pilates workouts that will build inner and outer strength, promote better posture and help you feel uplifted and energised.

But we also combine Yoga and Pilates with the mindset work of self-belief, body confidence, and self-acceptance.

MerryBody offers more than other regular workout apps. It’s a tool that helps you workout in a way that makes you feel good about yourself.

We would never say we are the best app for everyone, but we certainly are the… 

Best Pilates app for many, and maybe you! 

The only way to really find out is to sign up to our FREE 7 Day Trial over here (you can join an Annual or Monthly Subscription that you can cancel whenever you like, there are no lockins!). 

Once you download MerryBody you’ll gain instant access to hundreds of Pilates, Yoga and Meditation Classes. We also add a brand new class each and every week plus a new meditation each month.

The classes are all high quality visual and sound. You’ll experience 5 different camera angles so you can follow with ease. There’s two of us, so modifications are shown throughout each class. 

From 10 minute Pilates classes to over 30 minutes. We also suggest ‘Class Stacks’ if you  want an extra long home workout. 

Within the App you can use the filters to really zone in on a body part, perhaps you’re looking to increase your core strength, maybe the inner thighs? Or maybe you want that cardio daily burn? 

Whatever mood, you will find the perfect workout video inside the MerryBody Yoga and Pilates App.

Maybe you have enough decisions to make in your everyday life? The weekly schedule is for you! We carefully curate daily classes every week to create a balanced and effective workout schedule. 


As a member, you’ll gain instant access to all of our previous Challenges, like our 21 Day Bliss and Burn Challenge to something a little different with 14 days of Yoga and Breathwork. Plus, we run live Challenges every 2 months, during these times the community vibe is at an all time high, it’s the perfect time to really create a consistent practice that will strengthen your muscles and make you feel amazing.

It’s no exaggeration to say Yoga and Pilates completely transformed our lives – and this inspired us to create MerryBody, so you can have the same incredible experience.

Through our journey with Yoga, Pilates and Meditation we realised the only thing that truly mattered was how we felt about ourselves right NOW. And not when we lost a specific number of kgs or fitted into that dress.

Sure, MerryBody can transform your body, it can lengthen and strengthen your muscles. But the real magic is that it’s movement driven by self-acceptance, self-respect and joy.

To sign up, become a member OVER HERE or find us in your Android or Apple App Store.

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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