Why Can’t I Stop Eating? Said Almost Everybody.

Mindless eating. Why do we do it!?

Why can’t I stop eating?  said almost every body!

We have narrowed it down to two causes of this very (slash extremely) annoying habit of ours (seriously, we hate this habit and it must. go. away.)

Number one cause would have to be the bored factor. We are at home studying/relaxing/working or blogging and we find ourselves drifting  to the cupboard or fridge. We don’t want to go there, we’re not really hungry, we already know what food is in there (as we have checked five times prior)…but something keeps making us get up, walk on over, look and pick and pick and pick. By the end of the day we have eaten the whole plate of left over paleo chicken curry (or what ever was last night’s dinner.) Oooopps, this is bad.

The number two cause is the see food and eat food scenario.  We’re not hungry, it is just there and for some reason it must be eaten (no plate shall be left unfinished!) This would usually occur at the social occasion, birthday afternoon tea, dinner at the grandparents or whatever occasion where there is food (…so that would be…ahh…every occasion?)

So yes, we eat mindlessly sometimes but at least everything we are eating is completely clean and paleo (that’s right, if there wasn’t any merrymaker friendly food we just wouldn’t eat it.)

Note to the merrymaker sisters: your bodies do not need this mountain of food…when your tummies are feeling full, how about you try and stop eating!

(Insert nervous giggles)…saying this out loud just sounds a little (slash a lot) silly but it’s all true…and before anyone gets upset about the starving people around the world…we know this is a first world problem.  But it’s probably safe to say that many of you have probably experienced a similar problem (please comment and let us know we are not the only crazy ones around!)

So this is how we are going to kick this habit in the butt.

Think before we eat and question ourselves “are we really hungry?”

Get out of the house. If we are bored or procrastinating we will go for a walk or to the gym.

Keep busy at social occasions. Instead of hovering around the buffet…we will be talking to everyone and dominating that dance floor!  If there is no one to talk to or no dance floor to dance on, we will be the star guests and clear and clean those dirty dishes!

Ahhh we feel better already! Oh and we are actually hungry now (yes…confirming tummies are actually grumbling!)  Here’s a quick and easy pesto…and the best thing is, you only need one pan! This recipe serves four, so ensure to invite three others around for dinner! Hey… another way to kick that habit of mindless eating! Winning!

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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