Why Pilates is the best anti-aging exercise


We love Pilates, it’s a method of movement that makes you feel stronger, fitter and more flexible. In our opinion, Pilates is the best anti-aging exercise (well, one of them and yes, Yoga is too). No, Pilates won’t necessarily ‘beat’ aging BUT it sure can help you beat some of the common signs of aging. Like stiffness, decreased mobility, and decreased strength. 

Before we get into the how and why Pilates helps beat aging this way of exercise was initially developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s and was known as ‘Contrology’.

Joseph dedicated his entire life to improving the physical and mental health of himself and others, and the fruit of his labour is Pilates, a physical exercise that is very much still popular today.

Pilates has become a well-known exercise and lifestyle globally; a popular choice of activity and exercise for millions of people! More and more people are being introduced to Pilates’ benefits, which is why the number of people practising Pilates increases daily, both around the world and in our Online Yoga and Pilates Studio, MerryBody.

Are you a Pilates lover? If not, we have a feeling we can get you a little excited about Pilates…

Let us introduce you to this amazing movement practise and tell you why Pilates is the best anti-aging exercise.

Pilates improves balance.

Every activity you do throughout your normal day relies on your balance. Maintaining a steady body position while you are performing a job is necessary for practical everyday living. Pilates exercise specifically increases trunk muscular strength, this improves your core control and strength, which allows for enhanced dynamic and static balance control.

Pilates increases flexibility.

As you age, your body becomes less flexible and less agile; this is just how the process of aging goes. Years go by and BAM, before you realize it, touching your toes seems like a mission impossible.

However, there is no need to worry! Aging and losing flexibility might be inevitable but they sure can be slowed down and even turned around. In actual fact, we are both MORE flexible now in our early 30’s than we ever were in our teens!

Pilates will develop your flexibility. A Pilates workout focuses on movement while also stretching, meaning that the muscles are full of blood and warm as you stretch, this allows you to progress further in a safe way.

In order to maintain flexibility as much as possible, even in your later years, we believe the best approach is to combine both Yoga and Pilates

Pilates improves your posture.

As people age, posture becomes worse and worse, and the damage to the spine gets harder and harder to fix. We live in a sedentary society where we sit more and move less than ever before. Whether it’s at your desk, in the car, on the couch, or constantly looking down at your phone, your posture is being impacted.

Poor posture appears as a result of bad habits such as slouching at your desk and chair. Your bad posture is probably the cause behind your backache, neck ache, headache, and an overall uncomfortable state of the body.

The bad habit of slouching (very easy to get into this habit, we know!) will result in asymmetrical muscle development, causing some muscles to become weaker than others. Pilates will help to strengthen those underdeveloped muscles and help your bad posture. 

Pilates is fantastic for core strength, and a strong core is essential for a healthy and long life.

When you were young your goals might have been get abs and a trim waist. We sure got obsessed with this for a while. But this obsession with the external body and aesthetic goals, not only ends up making you feel awful, but they’re also not nearly as important as keeping your body as healthy and as flexible as possible.

The way we see it now, our exercise practise is here to welcome JOY and also to help us live and move with more comfort and ease for as many years as possible!

Pilates focuses on hitting your core muscles and central muscles (or ‘powerhouse,’ as it is often referred to in Pilates). Pilates has impressive effects on your lower back, hip, pelvic muscles, and abdomen muscles. A strong core is necessary for different types of exercises and fitness progress, but more importantly, it’s essential for everyday tasks such as picking up your shopping bags, getting out of bed, picking up your children and grandchildren, and so on. 

Pilates improves your blood circulation.

Good circulation means that the blood can flow more freely through your body, promoting cell growth, organ function, and healthier skin.

Symptoms of bad circulation include swollen feet and ankles, cramps, tingles, pain and heavy feelings in arms and legs. These symptoms are more common amongst older people. 

Pilates can help with this; if your muscles are more flexible, blood flows through them more freely, improving your circulation.  

Ahhhh Pilates really is an amazing exercise and in our opinions, Pilates is the best anti-aging exercise out there! Not only does it increase flexibility, promote better posture and blood circulations, it’s also safe, do-able and fun!

After reading all this we’re guessing you’re a little intrigued and maybe even excited to try Pilates! Are we right? The best part, you can come and test out MerryBody Online Studio for free! The first 7 days are completely risk-free! This means 7 days of UNLIMITED Online Pilates and Yoga classes!

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That’s right, you can even message us privately when you’re a member! Whether you have a technique issue, or a move feels odd or you just need some motivation… we are here for you!

If you have any questions about MerryBody or Pilates and why it’s the best anti-aging exercise let us know, we’d love to hear from you.

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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