Does A Workout Buddy Really Help You Reach Your Goals?

One thing that we are always forever grateful for… is each other. Sisters, best friends, business partners and absolutely each other’s best workout buddy. We are there to motivate each other, lift each other, confide in each other and help each other reach our joint and personal goals. 

But we know we have a relatively rare and special relationship.  We know many of you don’t feel like you have that one friend who is there to help and motivate you (and vice versa). Maybe you have a few friends that collectively ‘tick all the boxes’. And this is a beautiful thing! But at times you might feel like you’re missing that kind of support, the one you know that is always there. Especially when it comes to lifestyle, health and fitness goals.

And this is why inside MerryBody we put everything we have into creating an amazing community and our goal really is to help all our members feel supported. We are there to help and answer questions via message or email and of course, the exclusive MerryBody Facebook Community is the perfect place to share experiences and receive help from us and other members. And the best part… we’re all doing the Pilates, Yoga and Meditation Classes, we are collectively experiencing something similar.  Therefore there is an instant kind of connection.

So the workout buddy might look a little different, as in, we aren’t with you in the flesh in real life, BUT there are some real benefits to having your workout buddy online!  

Why does a workout buddy help you reach your goals? And what are the benefits?

Sticking to a regular exercise routine has been proven to boost physical, mental health and wellbeing. Having this exercise practise has always been beneficial, but it is especially helpful during these uncertain times, where maintaining your good health is more important than ever before. 

If you tend to lose motivation fast, working out alone can be relatively short-lived. Having a workout buddy is one of the best ways to stick to your practice. 

And if you don’t have that in real life buddy, all you need now is an online workout partner! 

Ok, let’s get to the benefits of what an online workout buddy and community will bring you.   

An Online Workout Buddy Helps You Stay Motivated.

Sometimes, you simply need a little bit of encouragement to help you wake up early to roll out the mat, push out that last rep in the set, stay in that challenging pose for another minute, or go the extra mile.

You might not feel like doing your workout in some instances, but you will do it regardless because you do not want to let your workout partner down. Having an online workout buddy and community can help inspire you to keep going and help you develop that consistent practice.

Your Workout Buddy Provides a Source of Friendly Competition.

Having an online fitness partner or community interested in the same workout activity as you is an excellent way to engage in a bit of healthy competition.

This isn’t for everyone, but if you’re a competitive person you will love this!

The competition should never become negative, but it might just be the nudge you need to do your workout. The boost you need to help you reach new goals.

This is why we ask members to share what classes they do inside the private MerryBody Community. It’s not just inspiring but it also creates those motivation feels…. ohhh, they’ve done a class, now I will!.

It’s not about comparing results or ‘beating’ each other. It’s about inspiring each other.

An Online Workout Buddy Provides a Regular Routine and Structure.

It can be incredibly easy to make excuses not to do your workout, especially now when many of us are in lockdown. If you’re used to working out at a gym or studio, it can be really difficult and uninspiring to do every workout in your own home. And then between working from home, cleaning, cooking, and Netflix, the day seems to slip away from your fingertips, and you talk yourself out of working out.

But having an online workout buddy and community is going to bring another level of accountability to your life. You are much less likely to skip a workout if you have a workout buddy and community that counts on you doing it, which will help you stick to your regular workouts.

Your Workout Buddy Offers an Opportunity to Share Your Goals and Progress.

Having a workout buddy offers companionship, you have someone to celebrate every milestone and every win with. Both you and your workout buddy can talk about your workout plans, your struggles and wins, and your fitness goals. This will allow you to look at your progress more objectively. This is where it’s important to choose the right person. If your fitness friend is obsessed with numbers and losing weight this might not be good for you. 

Find someone who welcomes positive energy. For us, inside MerryBody progress doesn’t look like a number… it’s a feeling. It’s noticing your gain in strength, that you can hold that pose longer, that you take the progression option. It’s also tuning into your body, knowing that sometimes you might need to take the regression option (even if you did the more challenging option last week). 

It Adds Fun and Joy to Your Workouts!

An online workout buddy and community will help transform your workout into something even more fun… it becomes an active social gathering. Whether in real life or online! Now your workout is less a chore and more of a fun experience. This helps you keep up the consistency and create a positive relationship with exercise.

Also, connection to others is important, not only does it makes for an enjoyable workout but this connection is integral for health and wellbeing! There’s a reason why every single Blue Zone area has a huge emphasis on community and social gatherings. Us humans… we’re meant to be connected. 

Alright, go call up your friends and get your workout buddy sorted! 

No fitness friend? Don’t worry! Come and try the MerryBody Online Yoga, Pilates and Meditation Studio, we have an entire community waiting to welcome you in! We have a feeling you’ll love it! 

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

Image in white crop and shorts via 11 Past 11 Studio for Lululemon.

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