143: Yoga and Pilates ain’t just for skinny girls


This was our old view. Yoga and Pilates are for skinny and flexible people. Oh, how wrong we were! Really, this perspective was created from our own insecurities. And if you feel like this… we get it! We understand! And this is why we recorded this podcast episode so we can help you change your perspective and so you realise Yoga and Pilates are for everyone. Definitely not just skinny girls and definitely not just girls (haha). 

Stuff we talked about…

  • Yoga and Pilates is not only just for your body.
  • The magic of breath. We don’t breath properly… this impacts our whole lives negatively. Yoga and Pilates promote proper breath and breath is life!
  • What has created our mindset around Yoga and Pilates just being for skinny, slender people? We unpack this. 
  •  So much more. 

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