Yoga Teacher Graduate: I’m in my 50’s! I am not ready to slow down in the slightest!

Whenever we get an email or message asking us “Am I too old to teach Yoga? Too old to learn something new?” I write back, almost instantly, with something like this…
You are 100% NEVER too old to teach, never too old to start something new, never too old to say YES, never too old to get out of your comfort zone… 
In fact, many of our trainees from our last cohort, as well as new trainees joining us for this cohort are over 50! You probably saw our Mum going through the training? And also amazing Sue, who is in her 60s and now teaching corporate Yoga in Brisbane! And now we have Rana, who told us: 
“I know I am in my early 50’s however I am absolutely not ready to slow down in the slightest! I love learning new things especially in the health and wellness field – I am so passionate about this area. I am excited about what the future holds!”
In my opinion, the more life lived = the more wisdom and stories you have to share, which really is what Yoga is all about. 
So you’re never too old to start something new. This goes for whatever ‘too’ you are feeling. Too young. Too fat. Too dumb. Too whatever. These thoughts are just thoughts. And they’re holding you back from your true potential. 
The fact that you are alive means there is time and opportunity for you to do whatever it is you would like to do. For Rana, our most recent Yoga Teacher Training Graduate, her dream is to transition from her current full time career as a Primary School Teacher to a Yoga and Pilates Teacher. Want to know the most amazing thing? In just over a year… Rana has become certified in both Yoga and Pilates… AND she is already teaching classes at her gym.
This was once all but a thought, a dream for Rana, and now, with some self-belief and commitment, she is making it happen. 
She said: “It’s hard to believe that I have finally reached the end of my Yoga Teacher training. If someone had said to me a year and a half ago (before MBTT was mentioned) that I would be a qualified Yoga teacher, I would have never believed them. It’s so amazing what can happen in a relatively short period of time!”
The thing about time… is that no matter what you choose to do, it’s going to pass anyway. So if there’s something you want to achieve, something you want to learn, the best time to start is NOW. It doesn’t matter how long it’s going to take, the most important thing? You begin. 
Rana’s been a MerryBody Member since day one. Personally experiencing the benefits of Yoga, she wanted to dive deeper, she wanted to know more. This was her intention for beginning our Online Yoga Teacher Training:

“I have been a MerryBody member since it began. I enjoy every moment on the mat and notice how a regular Yoga practice makes me feel so good and how my technique and
flexibility has improved over time. I love how powerful the practice of Yoga can be and how it helps with mind, body and spirit. I want to dive deeper into the “every thingness” of Yoga and learn more about it.”

Hear more from Rana and her Teacher Training experience here:

Deciding to learn something new is a courageous act. But really, it’s a joyful act if you follow the things that you are interested in and passionate about! Learning later in life is a special thing because unlike school years where you’re forced to learn stuff that you’re not always interested in, you’re learning things that light you up. And it’s so important to follow the things that light you up! To follow those small (or big) inklings of curiosity. Those feelings aren’t random. Those feelings are meant for you. 

This is where the quote from Joseph Campbell comes into play (again and always): Follow Your Bliss. If you’re lucky enough to find things you love and are passionate about, then keep learning more, keep doing more, keep spending your precious time diving into whatever that might be. 

For Rana, teaching is her bliss. She can’t believe how much joy it brings her…

“Since beginning my teaching, every time I teach a class, I think to myself, it’s not like a job, it’s a joyful and fun experience where I get to move my body and share a practice with like-minded people! How amazing is that!”

The early bird special for the 2024 MerryBody Yoga Teacher Training Course closes soon! And let us tell you, we can feel that the Class of 2024 is going to be incredible.

We’ve got people joining us from all around the world, from the US to the UK to New Zealand and Australia.

From all walks of life, with the common goal, the common desire… to dive deeper into the transformative practice of Yoga. To take the next step on the exciting path of being a Yoga Teacher. To share the magic of Yoga with others and make a positive impact on the world.

There is something special about this course. When we created it, we put everything in. We aimed for it to be extraordinary, but it went well above even our highest expectations, it turned out to be even better than we could have ever imagined.

The results experienced from the MBTT Cohort of 2023… just like Rana, blew our minds.

The connections, the AHA moments, the progress (on the inside and outside).

Something indescribable happens when a bunch of amazing people take an epic journey together in real time. You can feel it, it might sound a little woo-woo, but there is this collective energy that gives you a newfound confidence and a sense of momentum. It super strengthens self-belief.

​When you join the MerryBody Yoga Teacher Training course, you’re joining a compassionate group of humans who all have a burning desire to say YES to more.

More creativity, bliss, fun and knowledge. More diving inwards, more connection and self-awareness.

We feel such a vibrant sense of excitement when we think of all that is ahead for this group of people. Ahhh! 🤩 We can not wait to go on this 4-month journey with every one of them.

For Rana, the Training unveiled so much about Yoga…

“I came into the training not knowing all that yoga compasses; I only knew about the physical practice and a little about meditation. Wow, it’s the whole package – a complete
toolbox for our well-being! I have been telling this to my friends and family!”

Well done Rana, we can’t wait to keep watching your path unfold. You are amazing.

Always merrymaking,

Carla (and Emma)

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