101: Biz and life and rambles with the Merries. Reflection of 2017 so far


If you’re a keen #GetMerry listener (we love you) you probably already listened to episode 100. It was epic. Can you believe it… 100! Woah, crazy! Also, if you haven’t listened you should listen, after or before this biz and life reflection ramble. Take your pick. 

The year so far. The good, bad and probably the right word would be sad. 

It was really fun doing a podcast just us two. Who really knows what we talked about, but we’re pretty sure it’s something like the below (probably, maybe?!).

We (think we) talk about stuff like…

  • What went awesome during the first half of 2017. What didn’t.
  • Our goal to keep everything really real on our social media, how we’re well and truly over the fake crap.
  • The new way we’re operating our biz, surrendering.
  • Devotion, it’s our new thing. Plan to do everything we do with this in mind. 
  • The break up comes up a-bloody-gain, Emma cries some.
  • Other stuff, can’t remember! 

Send us or tag us in a pic of you listening to #GetMerry. Because FUN! 

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Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla 

P.s How’s the crazy eyes in the Polaroid? HAHA. At least we’re both in this one! 

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