102: The anxiety episode with Jonny Yang


Jonny Yang, the acupuncturist, traditional Chinese practitioner… actually just an amazing guy. He shared a heap of magic on this episode. The thing we like the most is that all the stuff he shares comes with a bunch of action steps. Action steps to help your anxiety and so much more. 

The main reason we wanted to chat about Anxiety was because Jonny helped me (Emma) with my anxiety.  Which came about from my break up. I’d never ever really truly suffered from anxiety, not like this anyway. The up all night, can not sleep for a week level (seriously, sucked so bad). I felt so disconnected from myself. I literally felt like I had a different human living inside me and she was not shutting up. She was just going on and on and on. 

I used an old addiction to try help me. Exercise. 

One day I did an hour of super hard pilates, walked for 8 kms and then walked for another 8 kms. The next day I did more pilates and the BOOM my foot spasmed and felt like it was burning from this inside out.  

Maybe…  too much exercise? 

I put up with more sleepless nights, now, not only from the alien in my head but also the burning foot. 

I know there is some kind of proper term but it was like my body and mind were operating at an intense pace. When they shouldn’t be.

For example, when I was laying in bed trying to sleep, it felt like I had been running. My temperature was up/down. It was so weird. Intuitively I knew it was to do with my central nervous system. I’ve interviewed enough epic health experts on this topic from our challenges to know this is not a good thing.

Judes Yang (we interviewed her here on yoga, connection and meditation) came to my rescue, first with a foot massage and then connecting me with her bro Jonny Yang. 

I kind of joke about it (coz that’s what I do in shitty situations) but he really did coach me out my breakup depression/grief/anxiety/whatever you call it/craziness (along with my epic family and friends and yes, I FEEL all the FEELS). 

What started as a helping foot thing turned into helping me deal with anxiety which happened because of the breakup BUT actually, at the core, it was from a fear of being alone. And Jonny helped me figure this out which helped me to deal with ALL OF IT. 

Anyway enough of my rambles. 

Here’s the stuff we talk about…

  • What is anxiety?
  • What causes anxiety? Ahhh everything HAHA.
  • How self-awareness, action and creating new habits is key to helping your own anxiety. 
  • Zen and yoga stuff. 
  • Acupuncture, meridians, muscle fascia, energy.
  • Breathing. Ahhh we actually loved this! 
  • The worry jar. Super easy exercise you can do at home.
  • How to support your loved ones when they suffer from anxiety.
  • How we over complicate everything when it comes to anxiety.
  • Small changes, additions, subtractions you can make from and to your life to help your anxiety.

Far out we feel bloody lucky to connect and chat with people like Jonny Yang. 

You can watch it here if you like:

We 100% recommend Jonny and the whole team over at Life Synergy. Grateful for all that they do! Check them out HERE. Book in if you live on the Gold Coast!

Please share this podcast with anyone you know who suffers from anxiety if you think it might help them and remember if you need help now, there’s always someone who will listen, contact Lifeline. And remember you can subscribe to the Get Merry podcast on your podcast app. Here are the links to iTunes and Stitcher for Androids. That way you stay up to date with all the episodes! YAY! 

Always Merrymaking,

Emma + Carla 

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