174: Em & Carla’s before and afters

In this Get Merry podcast episode, we go through all the amazing health changes we’ve both experienced over the last 3 years. How we lost weight and kept it off. We chat about all the changes and how we did it! It’s a fun episode and we have a feeling you’ll listen and feel a little inspired!

Stuff we talked about…

  • we used to cover up our arms with baggy jumpers to now wearing singlets and even crop tops! 
  • our weekly exercise routines.
  • the importance of mindset for weight loss.
  • We move our bodies because we now respect them and actually want to care for ourselves and show love to ourselves.
  • We feel a sense of ease. Less stiffness, tightness (haha maybe not the day after a super intense Pilates class).
  • Our posture is better! So much better!
  • We breathe deeper, we are calmer!
  • When we look in the mirror we actually LOVE what we see… this is a complete 180 from how we used to feel. We used to look in the mirror and the first thing we’d both think or even say is “I’m so fat.” It was never about what we actually looked like though, it was all in our mindset. Yoga and Pilates helped transform this.
  • We talk about MerryBody Studio! It just opened and we are so excited. If you want to learn more head on over here.  

Also! We were so excited to be featured on Apple Podcasts for International Women’s Day! WOW. What an honour. We are so grateful for your ears!

If you’re new to the show be sure to check out all the episodes on iTunes and Stitcher for Androids. Plus we are on Spotify over HERE!

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

Here are some more photos. Left is before, right is after!


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