20 Dairy Free, Grain Free and Gluten Free Chia Pudding Recipes.

Chia Puddings are all kinds of delicious and they certainly are mega popular on social media! For good reason too! They look pretty and are ridiculously good for you! Chia puddings are a great healthy brekky or you can even enjoy this for dessert. Actually… who made the rules? Enjoy these chia puddings any time of the day!

The best thing about chia puddings is that they can be prepared the night before in just a few minutes and the voila – you have a grab n go brekky in the morning!

As you know we steer clear from grains, refined sugar, dairy and gluten! All the recipes below recipes are just full of good stuff. Ingredients to nourish you! Yahoo for that!

1. The first of our chia pudding recipes is our Paleo Berry Chia Pudding.

paleo berry chia pudding

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2. What about this Malted Chocolate Maca Pudding from The Foodie Teen. Just swap the dark chocolate to raw cacao powder!


3. OK this Chia Chai Butternut Squash Pudding has got our attention! From the amazing sister duo Hemsley and Hemsley.


4. Hello delicious Tart Cherry Chia Pudding by Nutrition Stripped. If you’re no in to cherries just swap for low fructose raspberries! YUM!


5. And here we have Jamie Oliver’s Star Anise Chia Pudding. Sounds gooood!

chia pudding jamie oliver

6. Pistachio Chia Pudding. Seriously YUM! Using pistachio milk… which is AWESOME!

pistachia chia pudding

7. Banana creme brulee (using chia seeds!) Ok, we had to share this. Swap the milk for almond or coconut milk and the yoghurt for coconut yoghurt!

caramelised banana chia pudding

8. Carob chia pudding. We love carob and this looks like chocolatey goodness!

carob chia pudding

9. Chocolate chia pudding… we are getting super chocolatey now!

chocolate chia pudding

10. Mint CHOC chia pudding! Swap the yoghurt for coconut cream or yoghurt!

mint chocholate chia pudding

11. Pumpkin pie chia pudding. This looks ridiculously tasty!

pumpkin pie chia pudding

12. Strawberries and cream chia pudding!

stawberries and cream chia pudding

13. Raspberry and rose water chia pudding with pistachio crumble! Woha!

raspberry rosewater chia pudding

14. Apple cinnamon chia pudding. We love apple. We love cinnamon! Together = heaven!

apple cinnamon chia pudding

15. Vanilla chia pudding. Just swap the yoghurt to coconut milk/yoghurt for 100% dairy free!

vanilla chia pudding

16. Raspberry chia pudding. This is SO EASY! 3 ingredients and boom! Chia pudding!

raspberry pudding

17. Vanilla, honey, avocado chia pudding! Loads of good fats in this baby!

vanilla honey avocado chia pudding

18. Vanilla blueberry chia pudding. Nice, simple, delish!

vanilla blueberry chia pudding

19 Mocha chia pudding. YUM!

mocha chia pudding

20. Last but not least, this epic blood orange chia pudding! Yay!

blood orange chia pudding

What’s your favourite chia pudding recipe?! Leave us a comment below… we’re going to get creative in the kitchen after drooling over these EPIC healthy dairy free, grain free, gluten free chia puddings! YUM!

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

 20 healthy chia pudding recipes


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