21 day #GetMerry challenge. 2017: I’m coming for you!


Meal plans, brand new recipes, live health expert summit and 100s of like-minded people who are on your side. This is what the 21 day #GetMerry challenge is all about.

We’ve found the way to create and sustain a healthy lifestyle is to simply make it FUN. Make it fun or enjoyable or whatever word you like to use! 

If you’re over the boring food, over the strict regiment and over the constant negative self-talk… 

The #GetMerry Challenge is for you. Get more info HERE!

We guarantee you will have fun, you will eat a heap of delish (healthy un-boring) food and you will learn so much from some of the most epic people in health, wellness and happiness. 

We’re super excited about the live expert summit. This is the gold! This is the stuff that will motivate and inspire you to make this lifestyle a normal everyday thing.

How does it work?

We’ll all join an exclusive Facebook group. We will personally run this group. This means there’s gonna be a whole lotta Merry positive vibes flowing every single day.

If ‘be more positive’ or ‘detox from negative people’ is one of your goals for 2017… this is the group for you! This is the place where you can share your foodie pictures, your struggles and your wins. 

You’ll be sent a downloadable PDF 3-week meal plan. Filled with quick, easy and delicious breakfast and dinner recipes (that’s 45 recipes!). They all have pretty photos and super easy directions. Oh… and we have a thing called Sunday sweet treat, coz life should 100% include dessert.

The live health expert summit includes 15 live video sessions. With access to world-class experts, you will fast track your health and wellbeing knowledge. These experts have so much to share in all different areas like:

  • adrenal fatigue
  • fitness
  • mindset
  • posture
  • sleep
  • stress
  • hormone health
  • food and recipes
  • psychology
  • detox
  • yoga and breath work
  • family health and feeding fussy kids!
  • digestion and poop… had to leave the best one for last!

You’ll be able to listen to all of these sessions live BUT you’ll also get lifetime access to the recordings so you can go back and listen when you need an inspo boost.


We’ve left the best bit for last. Right now we’re running an early bird special. To say seeeeya later to 2016 you can save $16 until 2 January!

Grab your spot HERE and when you checkout use the code: BYE2016

If you have any questions at all, just get in touch! 

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

P.s We can’t wait to #GetMerry with you!

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