219: turning the beauty industry on its head with The Jasmin Room


We chat with our amazing friend Jasmin, the beautiful creator and founder of The Jasmin Room. 

Jasmin created The Jasmin Room as a place for women to reconnect with their divine beauty. It is a place to release blocked energy, to heal and feel truly nurtured.

We’ve both experienced her magic, it is the ultimate self-loving gift. You walk in one person and leave more connected to self, with more clarity, with more peace, with more awareness of the love that is always in and around you. 

Tune in and welcome awareness to your self-love or maybe lack of self-love. Then be inspired to make space for that love. 

Stuff we talked about…

  • The toxins in skincare and the importance to choose natural high vibrational skincare.
  • Aging, why is botox and plastic surgery gaining more popularity. Cosmetic surgery is now a 1 billion dollar a year industry in Australia. With 350 million dollars being spent on botox each year.
  • The celebration of getting older as opposed to dreading it. 
  • Why self-love is so important.
  • Easy daily skin rituals to express self-love

If you’d like to learn more and maybe even book in with Jasmin, head on over to her site thejasminroom.com.au She is also 0ne of our favourite people on Instagram @thejasminroom.

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Emma + Carla

Photo by Mathieu Stern on Unsplash

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