231: Create a flourishing mindset with psychologist Ellen Jackson


We’re so excited to share this Get Merry Podcast episode with you! It’s a sneak peek of one of the amazing interviews from the upcoming MerryBody Online Summit. It’s all happening 1-2 February and it’s FREE to sign up! 

The interviews are now inside the MerryBody Online Studio! Check it out HERE.

Tune in and you’ll hear from psychologist, internationally published writer and speaker, Ellen Jackson.

Her passion is to help people thrive and flourish… and we can confirm you will feel extremely inspired and empowered after this chat.

Stuff we talk about…

  • What is a flourishing mindset and why do we want one.
  • Positive Psychology, the science of optimal human functioning.
  • The extremely doable actions we can all take to welcome more of a growth mindset.

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If you’re finally ready to create the life you really want in 2020 and beyond that gives you more confidence, less stress and brings you more joy and happiness.

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