297: Feeling guilty because you skipped your workout?

This episode is inspired by a real life conversation with a great friend of ours. She told us that she hadn’t done Pilates in five days straight and felt guilty and really bad about it. And yep, we sure have felt this in the past too!

Also, if you missed the last episode, number 296, we published one of our favourite guided meditations from MerryBody Online Studio. Embody Meditation is a technique that guides you to really focus on every single part of the body. Check it out after you listen to this episode!

  • Maybe you had a great meditation routine and you were eating healthy, exercising every day and now… you are not. You were doing something “good” but then life happens. Your focus went elsewhere. This is life, right? The ebbs and flows of everything.
  • Sometimes, you need to change your routine and it’s okay! The most important thing is to tune in to what you really need right now. 
  • How do we stop from punishing ourselves for missing that session, or having a week off? Acceptance. It’s accepting what is.
  • We were obsessed with thinness. We used to think that thin equals beauty and achievement. But beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. We just have to keep reminding ourselves that we get to choose what is beauty.
  • Your humanness is the magic. It’s not something to be ashamed of, or something to punish
  • If you’re struggling to understand what acceptance feels like, then forgiveness is a way to help you feel it.
  • Forgive yourself for skipping those days. Don’t beat yourself up. You’d rather spend time with people you love. Life is short, get yourself a gelato. (If you’re in Brisbane, visit a gelato shop called La Macelleria Gelateria — soooo good!)

Experience this moment right now and really reflect where you are. Look around. Breathe it in. Feel it. Maybe you’ll feel gratitude or joy, definitely, you’ll feel a sense of presence. 

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Emma + Carla

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