301: how do you know it’s time to give up?

In this episode, we chat about giving up. That is knowing when you should actually give up on your goals or whatever it is you’re working towards. Oftentimes we’re told to never give up and keep going. But, is there a right time to actually stop and let go of a dream? 

Stuff we talked about…

  • Attachment to a goal, is this the real problem?
  • Find out what it is you actually want from life.
  • It’s ok to give up on things that are working but don’t feel good anymore.
  • Giving up is not failure. Maybe the idea failed, but you’re not a failure. The only real failure would be if you stop doing anything at all.
  • Giving up is not the easy way. Maybe the easy way is not beginning. If you haven’t even started to work toward your goals or desires listen to Episode 300.

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