329: The 8 limbs of Yoga explained

In this episode, we chat about the 8 limbs of Yoga by Patanjali as defined in his yoga sutras. Yoga is not all about the tree pose or downward-facing dog, it’s about life.

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This is what we spoke about

  • Yamas are kind of like moral lines and how you show up in life. Ahimsa is non-violence or kindness. Satya is truthfulness and honesty. Asteya is non-stealing. Brahmacharya is celibacy and loyalty. Aparigraha is detachment.
  • Niyama is more of a way you are inside. Shaucha is more like cleanliness or detoxification of our thoughts. Santosha is contentment and self-acceptance. Tapas is devotion, dedication and discipline. Svadhyaya is self-study and self-awareness. Ishvarapranidhana is the practice of surrendering and letting go.
  • Asana is the postures and the poses. Traditionally, there was one Asana and that was sitting cross-legged to meditate and breathe. Then, the ancient yogis continued to create poses in order to sit for longer periods of time with less discomfort.
  • Pranayama can be translated to ‘life force control’.  Some people call it breathwork. 
  • Pratyahara is sense withdrawal as in closing your eyes or blocking your ears.
  • Dharana is focusing or maintaining the thoughts and it’s like the beginning of meditation.
  • Dhyana is when you’re truly meditating and nothing can interrupt you.
  • Samadhi is when we’re in Savasana lying on the ground in full surrender. Bliss land. Maybe even enlightened!

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