393: How to handle the sense of underachievement

In this episode, we chat about handling the sense of underachievement. Something we all feel, at some point in life. If you’ve ever felt like you’re falling short or struggling with a sense of underachievement, this episode provides action steps to redefine your sense of achievement and embrace your journey.

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This is what we spoke about during the episode

  • Comparison with others can be a trap as it often leads to overlooking your own progress and accomplishments. So it’s crucial to set realistic and personalised goals.
  • It’s important that we redefine our sense of achievement in terms of personal development, fulfilment and the impact that we make. Rather than the external validation or societal standards.
  • What’s your own idea of success? Stop and look at what you see as success and change it if needed. Make sure your goals aren’t someone else’s goals.
  • Embrace your journey. Act for the sake of the action itself, not for the fruits of your actions.
  • The true magic lies in the day-to-day moments.
  • Check in with your goals and make sure they are realistic.
  • Practise gratitude regularly. Reflect and appreciate what you’ve already accomplished.
  • Focus on your continuous growth.

It’s never too late to redefine what happiness and success mean to you!

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