402: There’s No Place Like Rome, Part 1


Hear Emma talk about her recent 6 week experience in Rome, Italy. This episode is all about food, from how to eat healthily in Italy to how to avoid tourist traps. Check out this page for all the extra links and more details. Daje!

Also, my 6 weeks in Rome did not improve my Italian or pronunciation. Scusa! Piano piano. I also skipped so many things, I got overwhelmed! Ahhh well! 

This is what we spoke about during the episode

  • Don’t go stressing about putting on weight in Italy. Time is too precious and there’s too much fun and deliciousness to experience! Besides, in my opinion, the Italian typical diet is probably far healthier than the standard Australian or American diet. I talk about why I believe this. 
  • There’s a huge focus on really fresh produce. There’s a love and passion for food in general.
  • If you’re usually gluten-free (but not highly allergic or celiac) I invite you to consider trying the gluten in Italy. Eat the pasta and the pizza, and just see how you feel. 
  • Carla asks: How did you overcome the guilt and anxiety around food? Have a routine and something that gets you present and feeling positive about your body.
  • Book restaurants later in the evening to experience authentic culture and avoid tourist traps. Don’t eat dinner at 5:30pm (hahaha)
  • If you want to maintain your budget, you can buy fresh produce from delis and markets to create meals at home.
  • Pizza Nader is an amazing pizza place where you buy pizza al taglio made with ancient grains.
  • Must-try foods in Rome: carbonara, cacio e pepe, alla gricia, all’amatriciana, artichokes, suppli, pizza Romana, puntarelle
  • Sweet treats in Rome: maritozzo, oh and of course cornetto.
  • Pasta broth with broccoli was one of the most delicious pastas I’ve ever had.  

Italian food culture has played such an important role in healing my relationship with food. It has guided me from a past tainted by bulimia, body image issues and an obsession with dieting, to a present where I feel excitement, love and joy that food can bring.

In the next week’s episode, Emma chats about the places she visited in and outside of Rome.

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