405: Spark your motivation to study

Listen to this episode for a quick burst of motivation to open up your study books (or program). As we start week 1 of our 2024 MerryBody Yoga Teacher Training. We chat about learning as adults and the challenges that come with it. And how do we approach learning and make sure we enjoy it? And get it done!

This is what we spoke about during the episode

  • Learning is so accessible nowadays, it’s easier to sign up for a course, but also easier to fail and not do it.
  • It’s balancing discipline, structure, flexibility, and joy in the learning process.
  • When you learn something new, it’s going to take time.
  • Don’t just focus on getting the results and forget the whole point of the learning.
  • As we get older, it’s really easy to just stop learning and just think that we know enough.
  • What lights you up and what makes you feel excited? Learn about that!
  • Some things can get in the way and derail our plans, so it’s important to embrace flexibility and self-compassion.
  • Release expectations and detach yourself from how the journey should look.

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