5 ways to detox in 2017 | Are you doing these already?


It seems like there is a new way to detox and ‘get healthy’ popping up on the interwebs every other day. Here are the detox methods we’re going to focus on for the first part of 2017!

5 ways to detox in 2017

Activated Charcoal

We’ve been taking activated charcoal on and off for the past 2 years but now it seems to be the BIG thing. Apparently, it’s even going in smoothie bowls to make black smoothie bowls!? And have you seen all the face masks and at home teeth whitening packs? 

It’s actually been used for centuries for medicinal reasons. It’s been used as an antidote for poison and also as a detoxifier. Activated charcoal can reduce the absorption of toxic stuff by up to 60%. So this is why it is also known as a hangover cure (hehe). 

You can take it as a powder or tablet and we are definitely keen to try it as a face mask and for teeth whitening. 

Infrared Sauna 

This was on our 2016 list but we didn’t get round to trying it!  Infrared sauna heat goes down to a cellular level and releases stored toxins through sweat, as well as through the liver and kidneys. We will keep you posted, if anyone knows the best place to do this on the Gold Coast, let us know!

Epsom Salt and Magnesium

Magnesium helps to release heavy metals and chemical toxins from the body. It supports adrenal glands, relaxes muscles and nerves. Plus it makes you sleep better. We can really (REALLY!) tell the difference when we stop taking magnesium. 

We’re excited about trying float tanks this year. Epsom salt (which is magnesium sulphate) baths on steroids! Not only good for detoxing but it’s also a sensory deprivation, they help to reduce stress and can even help anxiety and depression. We will keep you posted. 

Eat Good Food

We know there isn’t a ‘perfect diet’ appropriate for all human beings. But we can all agree that processed food, deep fried food, refined sugar is out. Yah? Yes! Yep!

It’s time to focus on packing our plates, glasses, bowls with good stuff. This is what the #GetMerry Challenge is all about. It’s 21 day challenge where you get access to weekly meal plans, shopping lists and prep tips, along with 45 brand new recipes that are all quick, easy and delish! PLUS, they’re all gluten free, grain free, dairy free (options) and of course, refined sugar-free. 

Not only this, you get 3 weeks of online support AND access to our Get Merry Health Summit which includes 15 live expert interviews with some of the world’s best in healthy, wellness and happiness.

Are you ready to #GetMerry?

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Pre and Probiotics  

Gut health has pretty much gone main stream. But still, many people don’t take note of it… or take note and don’t action! 

“Obesity, cancer, anxiety, and depression all may be influenced by the type of bacteria living in the gut says Kirsten Tillisch, M.D., chief of integrative medicine at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. 

So like… GUT HEALTH IS IMPORTANT! Even if you still think it’s a bunch of alternate woo woo bogus, maybe you should add it to your 2017 goal list?! Just look into it, we dare ya! 

The basic idea is that you get rid of excessive bad bacteria (weed) then add good bacteria (seed) and maintain a healthy balance (feed). It’s all about weeding, seeding then feeding the gut. Depending what your gut is like to start with, you might need to get some guidance with a naturopath. This is what we’ve both done and this is what we recommend. 

We are gonna talk lots more on gut health during the #GetMerry Challenge with our epic experts (ah they are so smart!). They are going to take us through everything. It’s gonna be the game changer to keep you motivated to stick to and fast track your healthy lifestyle.

We’d love to hear from you! Do you do any of these 5 ways to detox already? What results have you seen?

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

Feature image via Unspash.

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