51: GoodnessMe! The Million Dollar Subscription Box Story with Peta Shulman


Today’s guest is the founder of GoodnessMe Box, the monthly health food sampling box that gets people excited about living healthy.

The idea was inspired through our guests’ own health struggles and created with passion when she discovered the power of healthy, clean living.

She’s also the creator of the Whole Food Night Markets in Sydney, where over 700 people come together to celebrate health! BY THE WAY! We’re speaking at the next one! So come along and let’s hang out!

We’re so excited to hear more and welcome the lovely Peta Shulman to #MerryBiz

Take a listen!

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Some questions we ask…

  • How did you come up with the idea of GoodnessMe Box? 
  • Tell us about the first month when you started GoodnessMe Box? How did you actually do it? 
  • How did go about finding your first customers? Did you start out with no Instagram, no Facebook? 
  • What has been your biggest challenge throughout your whole business journey?

    “Nothing will ever run 100% smoothly, you will get shut down and people will say no. It’s just about getting back up and trying again and again and again.”

  • How do you keep your team inspired?
  • How has Instagram changed during your journey? What are you doing to keep on top of changes?
  • Now you’re branching into live events! Tell us more about the Wellness Event!

“Persistence is key.”

Some AHA! Moments in this episode…

  • How rock bottom can be the beginning of something amazing.
  • Why you need to surround yourself with a strong team.
  • The 2 most important values for any business: integrity and honesty.
  • The importance of eating good, real food for your business and health.
  • Why you need to be persistent to succeed at anything. 

“To succeed, focus on integrity and honesty.”

Links to the stuff we talked about….

Tickets to the Dessert Night Markets! We are speaking! Yay!

GoodnessMe Box website

“You need to surround yourself with strong, capable people, because at the end of the day… you can’t do everything.” 


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