73: 2016 Merrymaker review! The epic, the good, the bad, the blessings!


In episode 73 we take a look back at 2016 and the year that it was! Holey moley… big freaking year! 
Take a listen! We have lots a fun in this episode!

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Most loved moment of 2016?

Carla:  My most loved moment in 2016… I’m gonna say our road trip, L.A to San Francisco it was freaking amazing and the best thing ever.

Emma: There was just so many epic things that I can’t even think which one but I think it would be all the traveling combined!

What was your most favorite travel moment?

Carla: Most fave travel moment would be when we went to Bangkok and we were on a roof top bar looking over the amazing city at all the lights, all the stars and it was just crazy meeting amazing people.

Emma: I think both America trips and the Bangkok trip and also Melbourne trip, going to the races, going to the Melbourne cup.

What about your biggest lesson of 2016?

Emma: Biggest lesson would be to ‘focus on joy’ like just always focus on adding more joy to your day and your projects and whatever you’re doing because life is short and you don’t know when it’s gonna end. Like you just don’t know.

So it’s like, what‘s the point of getting really stressed out about work, business, relationships when you don’t know when your time is up? Focus on adding joy and if you find yourself being cranky, being nasty because of a bad mood, have stuff that can get you out of your funk. Be aware of what is creating that funk. Figure out how to make it get better… just self-awareness of that, self-awareness of happiness.

Favorite Podcast Episode? That we recorded with another person we interviewed…

Emma: I think all the ones with Dan Norris because they were live, and also Mark Manson’s podcast. He was so helpful, he has this really good perspective of life stuff and how to make it less sucky, he’s really awesome. I would definitely recommend going back to listen to that one.

Carla: My favorite podcast episode I’m gonna say… yes to both what you said (Mark Manson and Dan Norris). But also Hal Elrod. His episode helped so many people and it helped us as well.

Favorite book you read this year?

Carla and Emma: Create or Hate by Dan Horris

Emma: The War of Art by Steven Pressfield and The Subtle of Not Giving a F#ck by Mark Manson.

Favorite Restaurant/Dinner Moment of 2016?

Emma: We’ve had so many dinners this year!

Carla: Can I just combine all the bonita bonitas together?

Emma: Mexican foods, mexican tacos and the best margaritas!

What about overseas dinner?

Emma: Phuket, in Melbourne when we went to Facny Hanks!

Carla: What about Ojai when we had Pizza with Derek and Marleen under the fairy lights?! What about Monterey… What about in New York we went to Mexican?

Hardest Moment of 2016?

Emma: There was a lot of struggles with direction and clarity, we made mistakes with what to focus our energy on, it’s just been a massive year of stepping up and not quite making it. We were stepping up, learning but everything kinda went a little bit BLAH!

Carla: The hardest moment to deal with has been the book. Because I thought that with the book we learned our lesson from the last book and then this book happened and I was really excited about it and then it has just had to so many delays.

Emma: You know what’s been the biggest lesson for me? No more books just stick to online.

Tune into the episode as we take you way back to January 2016 the 1st of Jan. We go through everything that has happened in Merrymaker Land.

The Plan for 2017… our focus will be..
  1. The Challenge
  2. The App doubling down on that
  3. The book
  4. Partnerships and Collaborations

We wanna send out huge love Merry vibes to YOU for tuning into our podcast this year! We can’t wait to bring you more Merry magic during 2017!

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