75: Adrenal fatigue: what is it and how can you beat it? Special interview with Jules Galloway

Happy freaking new year! Kicking off #MerryBiz 2017 with some special interviews with our favourite health, wellbeing and happiness experts.

This one is with our good friend Jules Galloway who is a naturopath specialising in adrenal fatigue for women. It’s jam packed with SOOOO much goodness! 

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You get EVERYTHING you need: meal plans, shopping lists, recipes, support and access to our Get Merry Summit! Which is 16 live interviews with the world’s greatest in health (one being Jules!). We guarantee you will have fun, you will eat a heap of delish (healthy un-boring) food and you will learn so much!

LEARN MORE ABOUT THE CHALLENGE HERE and tune into this episode to be on your way to your most merriest year everrrrrr!


Additional notes on this podcast can be found here and more info on Jules Galloway here!

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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  1. I just finished listening to this podcast. I wanted to say thank you. It reminded me that I do indeed have (diagnosed even!) adrenal fatigue, and that contrary to what people say about me and how I look or behave, it’s still causing havoc. I also have MTHFR, pyrroles, leaky gut and PCOS, so I am often confused about the best way to deal with it. I do see a nutritional and environmental GP (and have been for two years now) but I don’t feel like I am getting any where, and often feel like it is my fault. Obviously the story is much longer but I won’t bore you with details.
    Thank you for making this ‘not in our heads’, not ‘lazy’.

  2. Post

    Hi Louise, thank you for sharing and it’s great you know you have these so you can work on getting them sorted! <3 <3 Jules is amazing at making it all make sense 🙂

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