The 8 in 1 Raw slicer Product Review (we love it!).

We don’t have too many kitchen gadgets at home because our kitchen is teeny weeny!

We seriously have about this <—-—-—>  much bench space! But we also don’t like owning too much stuff. Really, for our food prep we could get away with our knives, bread board and Vitamix! But we’re excited to welcome our 8 in 1 raw slicer from our friends at Raw Blend. It’s a great addition to our paleo kitchen!

Before we say anything check out this short video.

So to give you a quick overview from Raw Blend…

The 8 in 1 Raw Slicer is a multi-function turning slicer, mandolin slicer and citrus juicer. An innovative way to create RAWesome vegetable and fruit noodles, spaghetti, chips, slices, garnishes, julienne, citrus juice and more!

Now we’ll tell you why it’s merrymaker approved…

# 1 reason is that it cuts sweet potato super dooper thin. So this means we get the crunchiest and most yummy sweet potato chippies ever. We could seriously stop here (but we won’t), we officially love our 8 in 1 Raw Slicer! 

# 2 reason is that when you invite friends over for dinner it looks like you have expert knife skills. They will be so impressed with your julienne veggies and spiraled zucchinis!

# 3 reason is that you won’t cut your finger in attempt to get perfect julienne veggies, like you might with a normal kitchen knife. Seriously, all you chefs and expert knife skill people are amazebites.

# 4 reason is that it has 8 different functions… but it is so compact and easy to store (all the parts fit inside one another). Remember, we have a teeny weeny kitchen so this means storage is extremely important, especially when we like to collect pretty plates.

# 5 reason is that it’s super easy to use. We didn’t even look at any instructions and could work it all out just fine!

# 6 reason (this is the last but not least) is that we save so much time on all our slicing! It makes everything so super quick and no more sore wrists!

The 8 in 1 Raw slicer Product Review2

# 7 reason (we had to add an extra) is that the 8 in 1 Raw Slicer actually makes slicing kind of fun! Shut the front door! 

Before you go you might want to check out our brand new paleo plantain chippie recipe! We used the 8 in 1 Raw Slicer to make the chippies so super thin and it was outer control party-crunch-party in mouth action.

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla       

Thanks to RawBlend for being part of #MerrymakersDoNYC

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