80: Look sideways


 Just like every #GetMerry podcast episode, we start off with some Merry News as well as LOL Moments of the week. If you want a quick rundown to see if you wanna listen (oh come on… you wanna listen!) we cover:

  • Surf lessons (ha!)
  • Salsa classes (ooo lala!)
  • Our satin bags for our crystal sets
  • All the app updates and the obstacles along the way
  • Relationships and why they’re so darn freaking important to nurture
  • Mum and dad are visiting! 

LOL Moment

Oh no… you don’t get no sneak peek (it’s funnier when you listen!). But let’s just say it’s defs lol worthy.

#MerryFan question of the week! 

Our featured questions this week are thanks to Jasmine Cooper! We’ll be sending you a prize-y for your efforts and contribution! Thanks Jasmine!

Jasmine not only sent us 1 question… but 4 questions! In the episode we answer:

  • What gave you the courage to leave your jobs and pursue your bliss?
  • What’s your number one piece of advice for someone sitting at their dull and soul sucking current job, knowing what they want to do, but are not sure exactly how or what they need to do to take the leap?
  • What book has changed the way you think and how did it change you?
  • How do you process your emotions? So when you’re triggered, what do you do to work through the feelings and take more positive action? 

Some real awesome questions and we go real deep! So tune in yah!

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Merry Mantra of the week

This is always the title of the podcast. And when we say ALWAYS… there have been 2 episodes so far where we’ve titled them the Merry Mantra so yeah… always 😀 

We’ve actually written about this mantra before… and it really was and is a game changer. Look sideways. 

In a (macadamia) nut shell: none of us are above or below ANYONE. No one is above or below you or me/us. We’re all equal. We are all made of the same stuff (star dust to be exact… like we actually are), we all have something to learn from each other and something to share. Look sideways. Stop the comparison. Stop the judgement. There is no joy there. 

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Eee! Can’t wait for next week! This is SAH FUN!

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

p.s sending you Merry vibes! YAH!

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