86: Don’t train to get a better body. Train to be a better body | Live interview with Nate Hamon

This week we chat to Nate Hamon, who is an epic Personal Trainer (been doing it for 17 years) as well as the founder of Fitness Training Academy. Carla is currently studying for her Certificate 3 and 4 in fitness with Nate which is a lotta fun (which means we’ll be sharing some fun workouts here on the bloggity blog soon!).

It’s an hour full of good convo we know you’re gonna love! 

This is the stuff we talk about:

    • Body image from the male perspective (listen to THIS episode if you want our personal stories).
    • Why people fail at their fitness goals and how NOT to do this.
    • Other ways to motivate you to exercise besides always trying to hit PBs. 
    • Comparison and how it sucks. WE talked in more detail about this topic in THIS episode.  
    • Actual beauty, the inside stuff is what really matters. 
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Merrymaker mantra of the week: Don’t train to get a better body. Train to be a better body.

We talked a lot about exercise since Nate is a PT and we love love LOVE this mantra! It was so interesting to hear Nate talk about body image issues from a male perspective and also from a trainers perspective. 

Like how he would train one person and they would look at someone else in the gym and make a comment like…

“Ohhh…. she has lovely legs. I’d love legs like that”

Then Nate would go and train lovely leg lady and she would say…

“I really need to work my legs more, I hate them!”

Take a listen to the episode and share with anyone you know who needs to hear more on this topic. 

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Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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  1. Great pod cast. A few months ago I saw the founder of ‘the Embrace Movement’ Tarryn Brumfit and I was brought to tears. My teenage years flashed before me and although I remember saying ‘sticks and stones may break my bones, words will never hurt me ‘ and ‘ I am beautiful and loveable just the way I am’ the words “loose a bit of weight, I’ll take you on a date” have haunted me with many other words. I did loose a lot of weight in Year 12 and life was amazing and I would say I was happier – people do treat you differently. I think people need to change their attitudes, change what they say and the way they use there eyes. I have struggled with weight all my life – it is a life long obsession, it at times runs my life. It is only recently I have started to see the pattern of my downhill spirals and it all started with other (so called friends) words and their opinions of what I should look like. When I was feeling great about myself I have had others think not and comments of, you eat to much, if I went to the gym as much as you I would look like (hold up her finger), cake being handed out and I’m the only one asked ‘ do you want some?’ Being sent to a liposuction surgeon. Then there is the eyes – watching what you put on your plate, in your mouth or the up and down look everytime you see them. When I look back at photos of me at those times, I was looking amazing but I let other people’s words and actions affect me and I would go on a diet to stop those wods. I even stopped the gym because I thought what is the point, it is not doing any good. – also I got an injury from a famous personal trainer saying run. I have eliminated many from my life as I learnt there words were not truthful or kind. BUT I still allow it to torture me, I am now lifting those dark clouds (those damaging words/actions) allowing them to be with me deep down in my heart. After 5 years I have now started back at the gym, doing Aqua and some yoga, it is a joyful time with no pressure on myself to be a certain size, my goal is to get fit. I am still learning to not look at the scales number – I have lost a few kg (but want more) but the inches are greater and I will focus and celebrate the inches lost and the fact that I was able to go clothes shopping with joy rather than dread. I can get dressed with no fear and negative thoughts of myself but confidently walk out showing off my non-model body, celebrate my new energy and motivation (to eat and live healthy – mind,body and soul). Nate’s words will go up on my wall. – maybe make it into a gym key ring if that is ok.

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      Hi Michelle, thank you so much for sharing your story. The more we talk about these issues the more people will begin to realise that these little comments really do make an impact. We know your story will inspire others so we really are very very grateful. Send us a photo of the key ring if you make it! Lots of love to you and thanks for tuning in! xxo

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