92: The liver detoxing episode with Wellsome Jema Lee


Today we chat with the amazing Wellsome Jema Lee and we ask her ALL the questions on why and how to cleanse your liver. Seriously yay for liver detoxing!

It’s bloody interesting and ridiculously important. The best thing is that all the action steps Jema gives are super dooper easy. 

This is the stuff we talk about:

    • How the liver works.
    • Why we need to cleanse the liver.
    • The symptoms of an unhealthy liver.
    • How to cleanse your liver (super dooper easy steps).

Merrymaker mantra of the week: every day I am balanced, cleansed and in harmony with my body. 

Oh that sounds nice… do the liver detoxing and cleansing steps and you’ll totally feel this yah!

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Links to Jem Jem… follow her everywhere!

Jema’s website
Jema’s Instagram

Take a listen to the episode and share with anyone you know who needs to hear more on this topic. You probably know someone who needs a good liver detoxing (hehe).

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Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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