97: The downside of Instagram (especially for teens and women) with Rachael Jansen


Today we chat with the beautiful Rachael Jansen, ex-journalist, health coach and podcaster. We go real deep into social media, ESPECIALLY Instagram and how it’s affecting teens and women… and how we’re personally affected by it too. 

Can’t wait for you all to tune in! It’s a topic we all need to be aware of so we can make sure we don’t fall down that comparison trap (you know the one!). 

Here’s the stuff we talk about…

  • Balancing motherhood and career.
  • Psychological impacts of Instagram on teenagers.
  • How Rachael is managing social media use for her kids.
  • Why Rachael isn’t allowing social media use (yet) and limits screen time for her kids.
  • How social media can be carefully curated (so yeah… don’t compare… ok?!).

Links to Rachael Jansen

Rachael’s website

Take a listen to the episode and share with anyone who might need some action steps to step away from the social media monster (or at least clean up their feed so it’s full of positivity and good vibes!). 

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Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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