A Message to the Universe.

A Message to the Universe. Time to admit it, we’re pretty sad being back to our normal 9-5 work (merrymaking doesn’t feel like work but ACTUAL work… kinda sucks). The other night we had a Sex and the City marathon + didn’t want to go to sleep so the morning wouldn’t come. When our alarms went off at 5am for our Func session we felt like we’d been hit by a bus or train or both (we felt bad… really bad!). 

But, we’ve both decided that being happy is better, for general wellbeing and general life. This week is all about MERRYMAKER SELF LOVE! So we will choose to be happy (we did have a few double shot almond milk coffees this week… they helped a lot).

So we’re putting this out in to the merrymaker universe. We will be merrymaking full time by the end of 2014. Ahhh we feel better already!

We really do love cooking healthy, easy + delish food that assist our wellbeing. We love sharing these recipes with you! We love getting your feedback. We love researching food + nutrition, we even start our Health Coach training this week! We love writing about all our experiences. So why wouldn’t we do all we can, to do this all the time?!

We know there’s going to be a lot of hard work between now + getting to where we need to be BUT we have a heap of little things to tick off so our big goal is 100% achievable. You can read all about our goal setting tips here.

So here’s a little bit of what’s to come.

  • By now you know about our first eBook: Let’s Eat Paleo… it’s going really well! YAY!
  • More eBooks. So we learnt a lot along the way with our first one (about a million things) so of course we want to create more! The next one will be short + sweet (super dooper sweet if you catch our drift!).

We’d love to know what else you want more of! How can we help you become the healthiest version of YOU?! Leave us a comment + we’ll do our best!

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla 

PS. WE QUIT OUR JOBS! We are merrymaking FULL TIME! We quit in July! BEST. DECISION. EVER! Read about our AHA moments which led us to quit! 
photo credit: c@rljones via photopin cc

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