A Quick Guide to the Third Eye Chakra Ajna Chakra


Continuing our Quick Chakra Guides we are super excited to be almost at the top of the Chakra System… today let’s chat… third eye chakra, or Ajna Chakra. 

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Ok! Let’s get into this Quick Guide to the Third Eye Chakra! We’ll have you chanting Om in no time! Hehe. 

What Is the Third Eye Chakra?

We all have intuition, whether you are more open to it or whether you are a skeptic that denies its existence.

Once you’ve felt it, there is no denying that human intuition is one of the most important things for you to live a full and aligned life.

Intuition, which is also referred to as your sixth sense, is a natural human sense, just like physical sound, smell, sight, taste, and touch. And the chakra linked to that intuition is your third eye chakra, also called the Anja Chakra.

Everything in this universe is some form of energy, which means that receiving any form of intuitive information is just picking up on non-physical energy that is coming your way. If your third eye chakra is open and aligned, the wisdom to find the lessons in every situation, even when things do not go our way, becomes unlocked.

The color associated with the third eye chakra is indigo, and the parts of the body affected by the third chakra are the endocrine system, nose, sinuses, pituitary gland, and eyes. The element connected with this chakra is light. Light is a special combination of all the other elements: water, earth, fire, and air. Like the third eye chakra itself, light brings understanding to your life.

The symbol of this chakra is a downward-facing triangle placed inside a lotus with two petals.


What Happens When The Ajna Chakra Is Properly Aligned and Fully Open?

The third eye chakra is responsible for:

  • Your sense of the bigger picture in life.
  • Your ability to form accurate gut feelings and follow them accordingly.
  • Balancing emotion and reason when making decisions.
  • Whether you feel stagnant or feel like you are moving forward.
  • Whether you are meeting goals related to your most profound purpose.

When your Ajna Charka is properly aligned and fully open, you feel in touch with yourself and the higher power within yourself.

You feel that your intuition is easy to understand and follow. The third eye chakra allows for clear thought, self-reflection, and spiritual contemplation, which will be mirrored in your everyday life.

What Happens When Ajna Chakra is Blocked or Out of Balance?

It is entirely normal (and almost expected) for every chakra to become blocked, overactive, or out of balance during certain times of our lives, and the third eye chakra is no exception.

Some of the most common emotional symptoms of the third eye chakra being blocked or out of balance are:

  • Feeling overall confused and out of place in your life.
  • Feeling confused and unclear about how to handle situations.
  • Feeling out of touch with your emotions.
  • Being afraid or doubtful of your success.
  • Having illusions.
  • Being unable to see the bigger picture of the position you are in.
  • Being completely unaware of the energy of the people around you.

When the third eye chakra becomes blocked or out of balance, you might experience some physical symptoms. The reason for this is unprocessed emotions building up over time and causing physical discomfort. The blocked or imbalanced Anja Chakra can result in the following:

  • Frequent headaches or migraines.
  • Clogged sinuses that are not related to allergies.
  • Issues with vision.
  • Chronological poor sleep and nightmares.

The best thing is that there are ways to bring focus to this chakra, this wheel of energy with you, and they are quite simple. 

How can You Start to Awaken, cleanse and Align your Throat Chakra?

See indigo

The colour for your Third Eye Chakra is indigo. You can visualize a vibrant purple at the space in between the eyebrows.

Chant Om

The Bija Mantra (or the seed Mantra, a one-word syllable, and vibration) is Om (said like Auuu-uuum). You can chant this mantra out loud or even within your mind. This vibration will awaken your Third Eye Chakra, try it and really notice the vibration within the mind and the space between your eyebrows.

Breathe with Mudra

The Mudra (mudra = energy seal or lock created with the body) you can use is Hakini Mudra. Simply bring all fingertips to touch lightly, leaving space between the fingers and palms. Bring the Mudra to your lower belly or heart space.

Using this Mudra you can begin to breathe in and out through the nose.

As you inhale, try and feel the breath entering the Third Eye and creating space within the mind, as you exhale feel the space and expansiveness settle. 

If you want to try the Mudra and the Mantra AND the Yoga poses, check out the Awaken Your Inner Wisdom Yoga class on the MerryBody App!

Yoga Poses to Awaken and Align your Third Eye Chakra

Yoga postures are commonly used to awaken, realign and calm Chakras. Yoga allows you to easily bring awareness to different parts of the body and how you feel energetically, physically, and emotionally. There is a free Yoga class over here, sign up and receive instant access.

Some of our favourite Yoga poses to open your third eye chakra include:

Virabhadrasana 3 (Warrior 3) 

Oh does this pose pack a punch, seriously it’s tough! BUT it needs you to focus, which is why it is closely linked to your third eye. Your standing leg should be micro bent, your hips square (this means roll that top hip down), that floating leg is long (think length rather than height), your torso is parallel to the Earth and your gaze is steady. Breathe, hold for 5 breaths then swap sides.


Garudasana (Eagle Pose)

Again, your focus needs to be steady and clear. Inhale to wrap your right thigh over your left thigh, if you can, continue to wrap your right foot behind your left calf, the left knee is bent. Exhale feel grounded. Inhale take your arms wide, exhale wrap your right elbow under your left elbow, continue to wrap your forearms, and press your palms together if you can. Lift your elbows so they are shoulder height. Hold for 5 breaths. Swap sides and repeat!


Balasana (Child’s Pose)

After those two postures, you’ll need child’s pose! Knees on the Earth, together or wide, lay your torso over your thighs and your arms out long. If you like, place your third eye on the Earth. Rest and breathe for 10 deep breaths in and out through the nose.


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As always, if you have any questions, reach out, we are here to help!

Can’t wait to bring you more Chakra guides soon (1 more until we have aligned them all!). Plus, don’t forget, you can download the Free Guide to the Chakras eBook here!

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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