Advertising and Sponsorship Policy.

As you all know, we’re full time merrymakers! Yes! Full time bloggers! We devote all of our energy in to our blog ( and associated channels… which means, yep! We have to earn an income from it in order to eat / live in general. It’s kind of amazing and exciting! If you want to blog… read our tips here!

We do this in several ways, including our eBooks and digital products (thank you for your support!), as well as sponsorship, advertising, ambassadorships, affiliate programs, speaking gigs and coaching! 

Sponsorship and Advertising

We like to think that we’re as transparent as possible when it comes to any advertising or sponsorship involved with The Merrymaker Sisters. We will always inform you if content is related to a partnership, sponsorship, giveaway and/or advertising.

It’s important for us to let you know that we only accept paid work from companies, brands or products that we believe in or that we believe you will benefit from knowing about. The fee that we receive covers the time it takes and costs involved.

A lot of the time we’ll be in love with a product and using it in our day to day lives before it makes it on to the blog! An example of this is our Vitamix! We each purchased a Vitamix right at the beginning of merrymakers and then, RawBlend/Vitamix spotted us making all our recipes and wanted to jump on board with support! This is how we love to work… it’s authentic and it just feels right.

Affiliate Programs

Just like our sponsorship and advertising policy, we choose to be part of affiliate programs that we believe in. An example of this is with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. This course changed our lives for the better and that’s why we so gladly promote it to our readers. We make a commission when readers choose to buy through our site.

Our recommendations are real and genuine

That’s right. Everything we write, say and do = real and genuine. The Merrymaker Sisters is US! Emma and Carla, and we will always stay true to who and what we believe in.

If you have any further questions, please get in touch!

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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