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Where To Find Almond Milk Coffee in Canberra.

We love Canberra. But Canberra sometimes (not all the time) is a little slow on the uptake of trends. Trends like almond milk coffee. When we googled ‘almond milk coffee in Canberra’ nothing came up. What we want is a list of where to go for almond milk coffee in Canberra. How handy would that be?! So we decided to make the list!

So far these cafes serve almond milk coffee in Canberra… (we’ll be sure to keep updating the list as cafes catch on and become cool!).

Paleo Perfection: Canberra’s first complete paleo place to eat! At dockside in Kingston! It is the place to go for paleo affogato, coconut milk coffee, almond milk coffee and paleo treats! Go for the caveman slice (it doesn’t look pretty but the taste is ace!).

Allegra Cafe they have great organic coffee and so many types of milk (almond, hazlenut AND coconut!). Under the Waldorf Building in the city.

THR1VE: in the Canberra City shopping centre. These guys are awesome as they use homemade raw almond milk as well as homemade coconut milk. So that’s zero nasties. They also have a great selection of paleo smoothies and food. Read more here.

Penny University: super cute café in Kingston with totally amazing coffee.

Maple + Clove: they have great healthy options on their menu including zoodles! Located in Barton.

Double Shot Café: they have a paleo breakfast to go with their almond milk coffee. Nice work team!

Sweet Bones Café: it’s a vegan café with impressive looking cakes!

The Oaks Cafe and art gallery: we’re yet to venture here but we heard they serve it (they don’t have a website!).

My Parea: another we’re yet to get to, it’s in Harrison!

Common Grounds Gowrie: our all time FAVOURITE place to get coffee! It’s our local hang out! The staff are amazing and the coffee is one of the best we’ve ever had (why we go back every week!) – they use Campos!

Nookie Espresso Bar:  the new kid on the block! Find them in Garema Place in the City!

On The Grind Canberra: find them at Jenke Cct. Kambah! They also do coconut milk!

Cream in Canberra Centre, Civic. Yay!

Double Drummer in Barton.

Quizine on Botany St Phillip.

Me and Mrs Jones, Kennedy Street Kingston. 

Satis, Watson.

Mooreish, Canberra City.

Elemental, Lonsdale St Braddon.

eighty/twenty, Lonsdale St Braddon

Local Press, Kingston Foreshore.

Are we missing any? Especially over in the North Side of Canberra. Us Canberra folk are a weird bunch and don’t like to travel to the ‘other side’ that often, even though it only takes like 30 minutes max. But we have been a lot more adventurous lately… so we’d love to visit a north side café selling almond milk coffee!

Actually wherever you’re from we’d love to know which cafes you get your almond milk coffee from. You never know, we might be in the area so this could be super handy! Just copy and paste the café website link below in the comments section!

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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  1. I’m on the lookout ladies! You’ve got all the ones I’ve found so far (you’ll both be pleased to know I’ve had almond milk in my smoothies every day this week. I must be succumbing to it!)

  2. Can’t help you for Canberra but my kitchen serves (homemade) almond milk coffees as does Primal Pantry in Brisbane!!

  3. The Oaks cafe & art gallery at Yarralumla near the nursery has almond milk as its the owners preference – where is almond milk coffee in canberra that doesnt taste like anus? Im a almond milk drinker but I accidently had a skim milk cap the other day – so nice !

  4. I’ve never had almond milk. Given my recent change to long blacks to accommodate a low carbohydrate approach to eating I’ve been craving the occasional flat white. Is there any difference in taste between a flat white made with cow’s milk and one made with almond milk?

  5. For those in Queensland, the Wray Organic stores make their coffee with almond milk, or oat milk or coconut milk or hazelnut milk or cows milk! Same for their smoothies and milk shakes.

  6. The Satis cafe at the Watson shops might do them. They have really yummy breakfasts with vegan options (& it’s a great space to chill too).

  7. :O :O :O Is this so?! Another to add to the list! Ok… you’ve got to try Thr1ve – they use raw almond milk that they make on site – we think it’s our favourite 🙂

  8. I’m on the hunt for the best freshly made green smoothies in Canberra – this list is useful for such places! Maybe you lovelies could do a post specifically on that? X

  9. I saw it at Cream (ironically) in the city on bunda st but didn’t have it so can’t vouch for the quality!

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  11. Quizine in Phillip. I got an amazing coffee and protien ball there the other day and noticed almond milk was available. Their food menu looked great too!!

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  15. Hi Emma and Carla:
    Congrats! very useful information for those who like almond milk. Don’t forget the Oliver Brown in Manuka. They serve a very nice almond milk late…..and……….it’s the only place in this particular city where you can take a coffee, cappuccino, ice tea or a muffin after hours.

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