Paleo Perfection Espresso Bar Canberra.

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It’s always exciting when a new café or restaurant opens, but the news of Paleo Perfection Espresso Bar Canberra got us super excited! Anything with the word ‘paleo’ in it does, it’s just nice to go to a café or restaurant and know exactly what’s in the food or drink you buy and not have to swap this for that and ask for dressing on the side! Are we asking for too much?! Nope!

It’s a cute, small corner café in the south of Canberra City and what the Paleo Perfection Espresso Bar lacks in size sure makes up for in taste!

We went for morning tea and enjoyed Paleo Affogatos! OH. EM. GEE. YUM! So not only super tasty organic coffee but with the added benefit of a big dollop of Coyo ice-cream… you can imagine how good it was! For those not familiar with Coyo, it’s flippin’ amazing. We can’t even write about this delicious paleo affogatto without craving one. We recommend that you go to your local health food shop and request that they order a large amount of Coyo stat. (that is if they don’t stock it already… if they do, just buy a bucket load).

Must. Go. Get. Paleo. Affogato. NOW!

So we vote the Paleo Perfection Espresso Bar is perfect for morning or afternoon tea. It’s got a selection of delicious sweet treats, all paleo of course! We tried the peppermint, coconut and macadamia chocolate as well as the caveman slice. All equally delicious!

Other sweet options include muffins, sticky date pudding and fruit cake. They also do a savoury frittata and paleo granola. So if you don’t like baking and want to make healthy choices Paleo Perfection is your go-to!

Here’s the opening hours:

Monday – Friday 6:30am-3:00pm
Saturday 6:30am-2:00pm
Sunday 8:00am-2:00pm

Here’s where to find Paleo Perfection Espresso Bar:

Unit 121 Dockside 2 Trevillian Quay
Kingston Foreshore (on the road side behind Max Brenna… AKA you will feel sick if you eat that!).
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And here’s some instagram pics from Paleo Espresso Bar to drool over. If you visit, let us know how you like it!

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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