In the end, we won’t remember the most beautiful face and body


“In the end, we won’t remember the most beautiful face and body… we will remember the most beautiful heart and soul.”

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Why is it that sometimes we can get so caught up in what we look like? So much, that it stops us from so much eg. going to the beach, the date, the party, the meetup, the event.

Maybe some of the below go through your mind…

  • my nose is too big, it’s nothing like those cute buttons in the magazines/on Instagram.
  • I’m not a size <insert desired size>. Too fat. Too skinny.
  • I’m 2 ft too short. Wait, 2 ft too tall!
  • I have gangly arms. 
  • my ankles are thick.
  • my thighs are too thick.
  • my arms are too muscly… no, they’re too fat… oh wait they’re too skinny.
  • my skin is too pale, oh wait it’s too dark, it’s too freckly, it’s too wrinkly.

Ok, you get it. 

We’ve led most of our teenage/adult lives with these kinds of thoughts (not all of the above, but lots!).

Angry, hateful and nasty thoughts about ourselves.

We’re grateful we found ourselves onto a path of self-acceptance.

A path that allowed us to accept, even love and CELEBRATE our differences (we still fall back, we talk about this lots on our podcast!).

Not only has this shift allowed us to accept and love ourselves, it’s helped us to accept and LOVE others just as they are. It’s helped us judge ourselves and others less and to love more. 

It’s a path that has made us realise our looks are (of course) not us.

That we are all MORE than what we look like. That our true beauty lies within our souls and our hearts… and this kind of beauty can grow even more beautiful as we age becuase we learn and we live. We love this idea (anyone else sick of the botox ads we’re bombarded with? We’ve decided we will be celebrating our age… always).

Anyway, we just want to tell you something. You. Are. Beautiful. Just. As. You. Are. 

Many things led us to this work and the path of acceptance, Yoga played a very important role.

This is why we created MerrBody and our special gift to you is a FREE MerryBody yoga class. 

We use Yoga as a tool to help us accept and love our bodies.

Ohhh… it really is some kind of magic. We’re blessed, super pumped and just bloody excited to share this FREE MerryBody full-length class with you! 

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Always Merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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