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The #GetMerry podcast will give you the action steps you need to create healthier, happier, merrier days, weeks, months, years… and lives. Each week we will bring you fun stories and lessons plus we invite epic guests to share the mic with us!

We interview our guests in person on the Merry couch. Get ready to learn, get inspired, laugh with us and probably at us. If you love the podcast we’d love you to give us a review on iTunes. 

Oh! Also, episodes 1 to 85 are all business focused, so start there if you are looking for biz inspiration.

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419: Surrender to the Divine Ishvara Pranidhana | Niyamas Series

418: The Path of Self-Study, Svadhyaya | Niyamas Series

417: Devotional Discipline, the Power of Tapas | Niyamas Series

416: Santosha, the Life Saving Practice | Niyamas Series

415: Exploring Saucha with Simplicity | Niyamas Series

414: The Art of Detachment, Aparigraha in Yoga | Yamas Series

413: Exploring Brahmacharya in Everyday Life | Yamas Series

412: The Practice of Asteya in Modern Life | Yamas Series

411: Discovering Satya, the Power of Truth | Yamas Series

410: Embracing Ahimsa | The First Step in Our Yamas Series

409: Try this positive affirmation guided meditation

408: Do positive affirmations work?

407: Sweat and Strategy, the creation of MerryBody classes

406: Anxious thought loopholes, how to get out of them!

405: Spark your motivation to study

404: 22 Weeks Pregnancy and Life Update

403: There’s No Place Like Rome, Part 2

402: There’s No Place Like Rome, Part 1

401: Welcome to 2024

400: Have you got the holiday blues?

399: Is patience possible over the holiday season?

398: How to be yourself, 100% of the time

397: Our Merrymaker Business Journey Part 3

396: Our Merrymaker Business Journey part 2

395: Our Merrymaker business journey part 1

394: What does finding your centre even mean?

393: How to handle the sense of underachievement

392: Does finding meaning beat getting rich?

391: Self-acceptance leads to genuine health

390: Fad diets sabotage real health progress

389: Simple swap to help you create healthy habits that stick

388: Finding glimmers of hope when it all feels doomed

387: The killer of dreams is your lack of self-belief

386: Listen for instant motivation

385: I don’t fit in at work

384: Limiting beliefs and the should be’s

383: How to trust the process, this is Ishvara Pranidana

382: It’s time to start living your life!

381: Here’s to not joining the Lazy Girl trend

380: Do you have low self-worth?

379: Can you hack a good mood?

378: Everything will take longer than you think, Hofstadter’s Law

377: Using self-reflection to learn and grow

376: How to deal with competition (especially when you think they’re better than you)

375: Stop being so mean to yourself

374: Confidence breeds confidence

373: Our morning ritual

372: When you feel like you’re not good enough

371: Walking more can change your life

370: Making our Yoga Teacher Training

369: self acceptance and caring about appearances

368: media, interview and presentation skills

367: Is judgement actually insecurity?

366: Losing yourself in relationships

365: The dance between self acceptance and ambition

364: Do you lack confidence?

363: The 10 Minute Workout

362: How to plan and budget better

361: Business stories and advice after 10 years in biz

360: New house, 7 weeks in Italy and wedding bells

359: No more New Year diets

358: Your higher power, something bigger and the Crown Chakra

357: Intuition, making decisions and the Third Eye Chakra

356: Communication, truth-telling and the Throat Chakra

355: Kindness, love, compassion and the Heart Chakra

354: Confidence, self-esteem and the Solar Plexus Chakra

353: Joy, Pleasure and the Sacral Chakra

352: Career, Finances and the Base Chakra

351: Don’t budget, make more

350: How to budget over the holiday season (and in general)

349: Breathwork technique to calm the mind and body

348: Is cool the opposite of joy?

347: The 3 rules of success

346: 5 Ways to Quit Dieting

345: 5 ways to let go of self-doubt

344: How to get out of a rut

343: Try something new to expand and learn

342: The 2 personality traits you need. Do you have them?

341: Wasting time thinking about your weight?

340: Is your phone distracting you from real life?

339: The dread of swimwear shopping

338: How to stop competing with your friendship group

337: How to Stop the Constant Self Criticism

336: What to do when your friends won’t stop talking about diets

335: Carla’s getting married! Does she really need a big fancy wedding?

334: Persistence is the best substitute for talent

333: Get motivated to exercise pep talk

332: The epidemic of body image anxiety

331: How to create new habits

330: Will you ever stop people pleasing?

329: The 8 limbs of Yoga explained

328: A rant about dresses that don’t fit

327: Are you sick of getting caught up in other people’s drama?

326: 10 ways to feel less shit

325: Does Pilates make your bum smaller?

324: Does your mindset suck?

323: What if the journey is the prize?

322: How to stop languishing and create more drive

321: Are Facebook photo memories making you feel sad and disappointed?

320: How to have more courage

319: Psychologist perspective of before and after photos with Miriam Emad

318: 2022 wrap up

317: Lessons to live intentionally with Kevin Basham

316: How to make changes and still accept yourself here and now

315: What to do when opportunity is not knocking

314: How to be more excited about life

313: A non-experts guide to the chakras

312: I Am Strong Guided Meditation [from MerryBody Online Studio]

311: The more patient you are the faster it will come

310: How to get a bikini body

309: Stop living in your to-do list

308: It’s time for you to blossom

307: Listen and learn to deal with your stress better

306: Maybe your mediocre life is amazing after all

305: Are you forever feeling not good enough? Here’s what to do

304: How to NOT suck at meditation

303: How to spend your money

302: This one mindset shift will help you work towards your goals

301: how do you know it’s time to give up?

300: Everyone is afraid of being a beginner, are you?

299: how to react less and respond better

298: this is why I regret my nose job

297: Feeling guilty because you skipped your workout?

296: Embody Guided Meditation (seriously go to bliss town in 9 minutes)

295: self-care, it’s important but what is it?

294: Why you’re not achieving your goals

293: 6 daily habits to boost self-esteem

292: It’s never too late

291: How to be a good decision maker

290: How to overcome self-doubt

289: give up your all or nothing mindset (life will get better)

288: You are allowed to take up space

287: The magic of completely sucking

286: Get more organised so life flows better

285: How to calm your busy mind

284: No motivation, can’t sleep, can’t stop eating

283: Yoga is so much more than perfect poses, doing the splits and handstands

282: It’s never too late to change and pivot your direction

281: Bridgerton Review, number one show on Netflix

280: When friends don’t support your side hustle

279: It’s NOT new year, new you. Really, this is the goal

278: Your routine actually sucks

277: Do the hard things, the making of the New MerryBody App

276: Multiple income streams – The Merry Money Series

275: Are you a shopaholic? What is this habit costing you?

274: asking for refunds and fair play – The Merry Money Series

273: So you think you’re not creative?

272: Bubbles and roads less travelled

271: Materialism and financial independence

270: Are you breaking boundaries in your relationships?

269: Big Love Meditation

268: Not everyone is going to like you and that’s ok

267: I Turned 30, here are my lessons

266: Diet culture made us do it

265: Breathe, feel the joy, and self-improvement sucks with Amber Hawken

264: Why should we meditate?

263: How to believe in yourself

262: Book Review: Women Who Run with the Wolves

261: 5 ways to feel more confident

260: Stop caring about the ‘should be’s’ and live your truth, interview with Karly Nimmo

259: COVID kilos got you feeling down?

258: Negative body image, interview with clinical psychologist Miriam Emad

257: Check in with your expectations and life will be better

256: The 5 levels of the mind – The Yoga Philosophy Series

255: How to surrender, let go and trust or Ishvara Pranidhana – The Yoga Philosophy Series

254: Do the work, be productive, find the flow.

253: The most underrated skills, do you have them?

252: Why we don’t share before and after photos

251: Self-disgust, denying joy and other normal thoughts

250: Guided breathwork meditation with Dreamy Guitar

249. Going back to ‘normal life’

248: It’s all one big compromise

246: The Wim Hof Method with Dani Smith

245: Should we be setting goals right now?

244: Taking your business online? Here’s some advice…

243: Life-changing books to make you feel motivated

242: Lockdown life perspective shifts

241: How to prevent memory loss and dementia

240: Lessons from working at home for 7 years

239: Ahhh Coronavirus! How to reduce anxiety and stress…

238: The Coronavirus | Interview with Dr Lea Freeman

237: Truths about running your own business with Jaimee Maree

236: When you get tagged in FB photos you hate!

235: Is there more pressure for women to ‘look good’ than men?

234: The Money Masterclass | Interview with Cara Brett, Financial Advisor

233: Far out, we watched Taylor Swift’s Documentary.

232: The pizza episode. 

231: Creating a flourishing mindset.

230: Life lessons from cross-stitching

229: LOVE or FEAR what does it even mean?

228: how to create your New Year vision

227: 2019 year in review, the mess and the magic

226: the power of rituals and intentions

225: you will never feel ready, so here’s what you should do

224: the festive season survival guide

223: are you lonely?

222: have you stopped exercising? Here’s how to begin again

221: Loneliness, self-partnering, living in a world of bad news

220: how to stop self-sabotaging your success

219: turning the beauty industry on its head with The Jasmin Room

218: do the hard thing, don’t shy away from the discomfort, you got grit

217: Let’s Talk About Boobs with Dr Lea Freeman

216: how to stop being a people pleaser

214: simple ways to use crystals and gemstones with Alex Hadassah Anzalone

213: how to become a jump out of bed morning person!

212: stop acting dumb to make people like you

211: Your lack of body confidence is holding you back

210: what are emotions, interview with clinical psychologist Miriam Emad

209: “I can’t stick to my health kick”

208: be more optimistic and live longer

207: do this and live with less stress

206: you’re more powerful than you think

205: train your brain to accomplish your goals

204: when Instagram makes you feel poor, fat and unloved

203: is it time to delete ‘lose weight’ from your goals list once and for all?

202: how to not feel guilty about everything
201: how to stop procrastinating and stop making excuses

200: our business journey so far (after 6+ years!)

199: how to be happy when everyone’s life looks perfect (and not be jealous)

198: heart ache, break ups and the magic of new beginnings

197: do these things and be less stressed

196: how to get better at networking

195: thigh gaps, big booty gains, toblerone tunnels. Urgh, what’s next?

194: follow these 3 steps and you won’t fail your goal
193: joy is a decision, a really brave one | 5 minute pep talk
192: how to live longer according to the Blue Zones
191: your thoughts are making you unhappy | 5 min pep talk
190: how to build your self-confidence
189: instead of calling it work, realise it is play | 5 min pep talk
188: money, how to make, save it and spend it
187: how to let go of self-doubt | 5 min pep talk
186: Why do you overeat? And how to stop
185: Contemplate how amazing life is | 5 min pep talk
184: “I don’t have time” is no longer a valid excuse
183: confidence is not something you’re born with | 5 min pep talk
182: don’t take things so personally
181: I hope you make mistakes | 5 min pep talk
180: how to get rid of your Sunday night blues
179: 5 min pep talk | ageing is a luxury
178: you should always be on time
177: 5 min pep talk | you will become the person you always wanted to be
176: the daily habits that make you successful
175. 5 min pep talk | When a woman stands up for herself
173: how to consciously use social media
172: is your weakness your greatest strength?
171: the hero and the coward feel the same thing, but the hero uses his fear
170: crop tops and fat rolls
168: how to do more good…
167: going backwards ain’t always going backwards | our key lessons from 2018
166: tall poppy syndrome, stop criticising others and start encouraging them!
165: social media is not the devil… stop complaining about it
164: how to be ‘ok’ when life doesn’t go according to plan
163: how to be less stressed (about everything)
162: what does it actually feel like to love your body?
161: once you change your mindset EVERYTHING will change
160: why do we overeat?
159: how to be kinder to yourself and others
158: forgiveness is your next step
157: Acceptance, is it the key to overcoming all life’s obstacles?
156: how to actually FEEL grateful… and it’s not just ‘write a list’
155: what do you mean… live in the ‘now’?
154: how to be less busy AND get more done
153: it’s essential to step outside your comfort zone. Agree?
152: set your Spring intention with us | what is calling your heart?
151: how to be more positive
150: are you living a fake life?
149: how to stay healthy when you go on holiday (or fall in love)
148: the pros and cons of running your own business
147: the one thing you’re NOT doing that is stopping you from everything
146: is it time to change your relationship with alcohol?
145: Is your money mindset in scarcity or abundance mode?
144: why the keto diet actually might suck with Dr Rach Wyndham
143: Yoga and Pilates ain’t just for skinny girls
142: what the hell is our ego?
141: how to stop obsessing about the number on the scales

140: how to be better at time management

139: on a scale of 1-10 how much joy and gratitude did you bring today?

138: seriously, we have no idea what we talked about, you will laugh though
137: Buddha’s birthday, religion and love (it’s all love)
136: enthusiasm, meditation and botox
135: work on stuff you love and be nice… ok!
134: how to stop caring about what others think and say about you
133: knowing your core values will make life better

132: trying to be perfect is holding you back

How Carla lost 8 kilos with yoga and pilates
130: Why do we ALWAYS judge ourselves?
128: why we don’t watch TV
127: how to stay motivated to exercise and eat healthy
126: what’s making you so unhappy?
124: stop hating your body… this is how we did it
122: why we love pilates
121: why we’re not setting goals for 2018
120: 2017 year in review

119: The stories behind our tattoos

118: Our weekly exercise schedules and diets

117: How to think and grow rich (book review)

116: biz update, creating space and welcoming magic!

115: Live for yourself and not for other people | Lemon Canary

114: Integrative women’s health, what you actually need to know with Dr Rach Wyndham

113: ageless: women breaking age barriers and squeezing the life out of every stage with Rachael Jansen

112: the magic of rituals | Our exact morning and evening rituals

110: the obsession with external validation

109: friends rock and why you need to create good friendships

108: can changing your diet help you find your true purpose? Hmm!

106: move because you treasure yourself interview with Erin Bourne, Movement Therapist

105: how to live in alignment with your heart, higher purpose, your truth, your divine, whatever you wanna call it.

104: to live is to suffer, to survive is to find meaning in the suffering with Rhys Ibbott.

103: The 5 things I didn’t think Yoga Teacher Training would teach me.

102: the anxiety episode with Jonny Yang

101: biz and life and rambles with the Merries. Reflection of 2017 so far.

100: shame and shadows with Karly Nimmo

99: Magical herbs and chocolate with Kyle Laz.

98: how to get more confident!

97: the downside of Instagram (especially for teens and women) with Rachael Jansen

96: the we hated exercise episode (but now we love it)

95: interview with 10 times world champion John Wayne Parr, life lessons within the journey

94: the adrenal fatigue episode with Jules Galloway, Naturopath

93: you are not alone, you are very much loved, IRL with Judes Yang

92: the liver detoxing episode with Wellsome Jema Lee

91: the binge eating episode | why the heck we do it and how we stopped

90: Are you acting in fear or love? IRL Interview with Michelle Cassidy.

89: Courage, surrender and breaking through upper limits with Bronnie Ware | IRL Interview

88: Why to make the switch to organic skincare with Therese Kerr | IRL in the studio!

87: Embrace your own authentic connection | Live interview with Amber Hawken and Wellsome Jema-Lee

86: Don’t train to get a better body. Train to be a better body | Live interview with Nate Hamon

85: Social media is not socialising | Live interview with Marcus Pearce

84: Comparison is the thief of joy.

83: This too shall pass | Live interview with Karly Nimmo.

82: Because… cake (the body image episode)

81: Gratitude is the game changer.

80: Look sideways

79: Follow your freaking bliss!

78: Getting way more merrier… look out!

77: The power of your mindset and gratitude: the game changer! Special interview with Amy Crawford

76: The magic of yoga and breath work! Special interview with Lauren Vercoe

75: Adrenal fatigue: what is it and how can you beat it? Special interview with Jules Galloway

74: Biz and Health Focus for Q1 2017 with the Merries

73: 2016 Merrymaker review! The epic, the good, the bad, the blessings!

72: The Magical Mat that Lowers your Stress! The Shakti Mat Story with Jon Heslop

70 and 71: Apps Aren’t Dead and Won’t Cost You $100K to Make with! Plus Our App is LIVE!

69: The Coffee Table Book for Every Entrepreneur with Nathan Chan

68: Tune in, Get Inspired, Take Action with Mel Storey Scott #MerryBiz Fan

67: $0-$100K in 8 months with Meryl Johnston of Bean Ninjas

66: Live Interview with Melissa Ambrosini, Epic Chats: Relationships, Meditation, Mindset and SO Much More

65: How to Live a Bold Life and Stop Caring What Others Think with Kimberly Rich

64: Get the Know How to Crowdfund Your Next Project or Business with Khierstyn Ross

63: Lunch Lady Lou Creating Healthy Lunch Orders and Changing Lives

62: From Breaking Even to Million Dollar Biz, Beginning Boutique with Sarah Timmerman

61: Your Brand Perception and How to Change it with Christo and Franziska from Basic Bananas

60: How and Why You Need to Balance Your Feminine and Masculine Energy in Business and Life with Megan Dalla-Camina

59: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F#CK with Mark Manson

58: Creating Your Brand from the Inside Out with Cate Richards of True Entrepreneur

57: From Bankrupt to Profit, 22 Year Old CEO of Creative Superfoods Julianne Ponan

56: The Science of Calm to Enhance Creativity, Energy and Business Performance with Cheryne Blom

55: How Merrymaker Sisters Self-Published and Launched 2 Hard Copy Books

54: Brotha James, The Musical Messenger. Get Inspired to Embrace Your Inner Warrior

53: From Blog to Profit With Alice Nicholls

52: A Simple Guide to Copywriting with Jon Bowes

51: GoodnessMe! The Million Dollar Subscription Box Story with Peta Shulman

50: Epic Entrepreneurial Travel Chats with Us and Dan Norris

49: The Ultimate Passion to Business Story Ever Told with Disney Expert Lou Mongello

48: Think Much Much Bigger Than Just a Blog with Kate McKibbin

47: Without Your Health You Have No Business with Guy Lawrence of 180 Nutrition

46: How to Run an EPIC Live Event with Marcus Pearce

45: How to Succeed When No One Else Believes in You with Kevin Basham

44: What the Flip is an Optin and How to Create Yours

43: The Ultimate Sales Strategy with Matthew Kimberley

42: Our Simple How to Start a Podcast Guide Like it’s REALLY Easy

41: How to Create an EPIC Niche Podcast with Aaron Fifield

40: Grow your Business with a Podcast with Ronsley Vaz

39: What Does ‘Follow Your Bliss’ Mean and How to Find Yours

38: The 6 Minute Ritual That Will Change Your Life with Hal Elrod

37: How Media Coverage has Helped Boost our Brand and Business

36: How to Get in the Media and Create a Buzz Around Your Business Janet Murray

35: Create a Healthier, Better, More Sustainable Life and Business with Dr Brett Hill

34: How to Build Your Brand and Stand Out from the Crowd with Peter Shankman

33: What the Heck is Content Marketing and How to Rock at it with Merries and The Dan Norris

32: How to Be a World Class Blogger with Darren Rowse

31: Business and Blogging Q + A With The Merrymaker Sisters

30: Flipped Lifestyle From School Teachers to Million Dollar Business with Shane and Jocelyn Sams

29: How To Stay Balanced During High Business Growth with Lorraine Murphy From The Remarkables

28: How to Be A Full Time Instagrammer with Lauren Bath

27: Build your Social Media Profile Even if you’re Starting from Nothing with Amy Schmittauer of Savvy Sexy Social

26: How to Awaken Your Feminine Energy with Sarah-Jane Perman

25: How Gen George Created a $20 Million Business in Under a Year

24: Create an Online Business to Suit your Lifestyle with Jarrod Robinson of The PE Geek

23: Why You and Your Business Should Be on Snapchat

22: How To Find and Rock Your Personal Style with Nikki Parkinson from Styling You

21: How to Take Action An Introduction to Processes and Outsourcing with Dan Norris

20: Create a World Wide Movement with Mark Sisson From Blog to Author to Publisher to Products to Franchise

19: How to Set and SMASH Goals with The Merrymaker Sisters

18: How to Use Your Intuition to Turn Your Passion into an Online Empire with Brigit Esselmont of Biddy Tarot

17: Tropical Think Tank Brain Dump with Merrymakers

16: How to Build an Engaged Tribe and Live Your Passion With Jadah Sellner of Simple Green Smoothies

15: Batching and Scheduling will Change Your Life

14: From Burnout to Virtual CEO and Online Biz Superstar with Chris Ducker

13: From One Idea to $20 Million Biz With FrankBod

12: How to Dominate Instagram and Build an Epic Sales Funnel with Nathan Chan of Foundr Magazine

11: Side Hustle to Full Time MerryBiz, How We Made our First Dollar and What we Do Now

10: How to Manage and Create High Growth, from $150 to Multi-Million Dollar Business with Mick Spencer of ONTHEGO

9: Blogging, Business and Bad-assery with Gala Darling

7: How to Overcome Limiting Self Beliefs and Shine Bright with Melissa Ambrosini

6: How to Live in The Now with Garni Sohrabian from Steal Time Back

5: The Beginning of The Merrymaker Sisters | #MerryBiz

4: How to Live in Abundance and Create an Empire with Lisa Messenger

3: How to Set and Smash Goals with Kate Erickson from Entrepreneur on Fire

2: How to Get Shit Done with Serial Entrepreneur Dan Norris

1: Welcome to #MerryBiz

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