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We always get sent a bunch of emails asking about blogging, content marketing and business stuff. So about time we create this post for all you epic MerryBizers (aka people who listen to our business and epic life podcast). Because YAY for better blogs!

AND because we get all these questions we created the #MerryBiz Hustle Program! Eeeek! It is going to be so EPIC! Far out we say that way too much.

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Plus you get to hear from the experts below (we know Dan Norris, Nathan Chan, Karyn with a Y and Nikki Parkinson! Ahhhhmazing!).


We bet you’ve heard them all about a billion times or at least once. But these 5 things (and a whole bunch of other stuff… but we gotta save for future blog posts) are what got us to where we are today.

This week we also created this blog post: You Better Be Using These Blogging Tools. It will also help you make a better blog!

Do this stuff and make your blog better!

Actually like what you blog about.

It’s a great idea to be interested in or even passionate about the topic you’re blogging about, or just be prepared to change and diversify (which is 100% ok). This means you won’t get bored and you’ll be less likely to give up. And on the topic of topics, if you’re struggling to find one… our tip is to simply start and you might just stumble across YOUR topic/s. 

Vanity metrics are the devil.

Don’t get caught up in the numbers game (that is, how many people visit your blog or follow and like your social channels). Call them vanity metrics or a bloody big distraction. Yes, they’re important but far out they can seriously muck with your blogging mojo and momentum.
Hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers does not always equal a booming, amazing business. What’s your real goal? To help people? To create an epic business? Focus on creating amazing content to help your current audience, instead of always chasing new people.

And remember you don’t need a huge audience to turn your blog into a business.  Dan Norris (epic dude, also Emma’s Boyfriend but actually epic even in a non-bias way) and Darren Rowse (the ProBlogger) both talked about this in their #MerryBiz interviews.  


Say this out loud: I’m not a blogger, my blog supports my business.

This message was a huge AHA! Moment for us. We first heard it from Dan Norris when he presented at Tropical Think Tank.
Minds. Blown.
How were we ever going to create a business when we just thought we were bloggers?
We needed to THINK BIGGER. Since then, we focused on creating products to actually sell. Products that help people which also help us create an income. Win win!  

Just effing do it AKA consistency.

There’s probably .0001% of bloggers in the whole universe who have written 1 blog post, it goes viral and boom they’re a full-time successful blogger (we wonder, has this ever happened? Probably a dog YouTube star).

You gotta show up and keep on showing up. Work out how much content creation is actually achievable and stick to it every single week. How about you start with 1 blog post a week? 

If you’re lacking motivation, get a copy of Content Machine and remember…

You Are Lucky!

If you had been born just one generation ago and I had told you there was a way to build a million-dollar business without spending a cent on advertising, while at the same time helping thousands of people, you would have told me I was crazy. 

Yet here we are.

The most powerful and valuable form of marketing is at your fingertips, freely available and almost free to use.

Dan wrote Content Machine and he is talking about blogging if you didn’t realise. Motivated?


C’mon… don’t give up!

Keep on blogging! It might feel like your Mum, Dad or best friend are the only people reading your amazing content. We’ve been there, we bet most bloggers have been there too. A major difference between us and the blogs that ‘failed’ is… they gave up and we didn’t. They stopped creating. Don’t stop.
Creating epic content is the thing that’s going to attract your community and keep them coming back for more and more.  And you never really know what that epic piece of content will be. For us, it will always be that Salted Caramel Slice
If you guys have any questions about blogging always feel free to get in touch! You can also join our free #MerryBiz Facebook Group. It’s new and it will be epic! FUN!
ALSO… we’re excited to announce our brand new #MerryBiz Program. If you’re ready to take your online content and community and business to the next level check this out!
We’re about to share EVERYTHING we’ve learnt throughout our blogging and business journey. And we mean EVERYTHING! We are excited! 
Always merrymaking,
Emma + Carla
P.s We shared some of this info with Emily from More Gold Coast who wrote this article but we just had to re-share it.


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