Best Strategy To Complete Your 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training


Before I get into all my tips to help you complete your 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training, I want to talk about my Italian learning journey. I’ve been trying to learn Italian for the last 4 years… and I must say, I can read a restaurant menu very well! I can understand a few words here and there in a conversation. I can read out loud Italian pretty well now (as in, I mean read it out loud and pronounce it ok, but I do not know what it says) and I also know a growing list of random words, do you want the list? 

So far, I am a failed Italian language student. I have not stuck to any goals. I have not made a proper plan. I have not signed up for a course. I have no framework. I have not prioritised it. I have set myself up to fail. I hold all the responsibility (haha, that’s right, I can’t blame Damiano).

I will continue to watch Italian movies, eat Italian food and listen to Italians speak… one day I will pull my finger out and commit to this goal.

Anyway, this article is not about my failed Italian speaking. It’s actually about Yoga Teacher Training.

I had a great question pop up from one of our Yoga Teacher Trainees, she was looking for advice on scheduling and how to organise herself best to get the course done.

She was wondering how I go about these things. Haha, and as you already know, I am not the best student or the most organised. But I’ve witnessed many of our last Yoga Teacher Training Cohort graduate! And of course, I have completed Pilates teacher training, Barre Teacher Training, and now Yoga Teacher Training! Plus, Carla and I have been building this MerryBody business for over 11 years now! Perhaps I use this as an excuse for my failed Italian, it’s a good reason, don’t you think?! Can I redeem myself? Yes!

Here’s the face of accomplishment after finishing a Yoga class.


How to Successfully Complete Your 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

These are my thoughts based on running the MerryBody Teacher Training Course (MBTT), however, you can take this advice and use it for any course. 

The Importance of Setting a Goal

First off, let’s talk goals. You’ve signed up for a course, obviously, you want to complete it. But the big question is, WHEN do you want to complete it?

Are you aiming to complete your training within the course duration? The MBTT program goes for 16 weeks live, and absolutely, you can complete it in that timeframe by allocating about 10-12 hours weekly. However, with online learning comes flexibility, we offer a 12-month completion window, plus the flexibility to jump into next year’s course (for a small commitment fee) if you need more time. Outlining your goal clearly and early on can significantly influence how you approach your study.

Learning from Experience

Reflect on your past study experiences, how do you best work? Can you sit down and focus for a whole day? Then why not schedule your Saturdays for study time? Does long and focused study time make you feel anxious?? Then dedicate 1 hour every other day. You could even split classes, and watch half in the morning and half in the evening. Find the right schedule for YOU.

Look at Your Life and Work Schedule

It’s not enough to find the best time and day to dedicate to study, you also need to look at your personal schedule. Look at your work hours, commute times, social life, kid stuff etc. Understanding your personal and professional commitments is key to finding your ideal study schedule.

The best part about doing an online course is that you can access the lessons in your own time, wherever you like. Last year, Jo (who was our very first MerryBody 200 hour yoga teacher graduate) was on maternity leave, so she listened to many of the lessons while walking with bub. She made it work with her life and schedule. 

The Power of Momentum

One of the most valuable lessons I learned from watching last year’s MBTT trainees is the power of momentum. Completing sessions and ticking off checkboxes do more than just move you closer to your certification, it creates a sense of achievement. This momentum and feeling of accomplishment creates motivation to keep going. 

Accountability and Support

Diving into your 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training journey is a personal endeavour, but you’re not alone. In our Teacher Training, fostering a sense of community and support is our top priority. That’s why our community chat is active daily, it’s a space for everyone to connect, share and grow together. This is why I send personal messages to every member of the cohort.  Plus, our weekly live group coaching calls every Sunday create a sense of community connection (they are fun!).

If your course or study does not have a community, go out and find it. There are so many Facebook groups and in person meet-up groups waiting for you to join! 

You are Studying To Learn!

Don’t forget this! Have you ever signed up for a course, only to then feel like a failure because it’s too hard or you feel like you don’t know enough?

Ahhh, here is a reminder for all of us (including myself) we are not meant to be experts yet! If we were experts we would not be doing the course!

Just like we dance for the sake of the dance (thanks Alan Watts), we also learn for the sake of learning! Don’t rush through it just to get the certificate. Can you enjoy the process of learning?

Remember, Life Happens! Be Compassionate!

There is an important lesson in our Yoga Teacher Training shared by Andrew Mournehis, it’s about Self-compassion. 

Q. When do we show compassion to ourselves?

A. Always!

You can make all the plans in the world, you can have a dedicated support network. But stuff happens! Good things and bad things can get in the way of your studies, it’s important to balance your priorities and recognise when you may need to slow down your study. Instead of feeling angry at yourself or frustrated at the circumstance, add a big dose of compassion and step forward with this energy. 

Last year, our Mum kicked off the Yoga Teacher Training Course, filled with energy and felt all the momentum. Then, life threw a curveball — our Grandma, her Mum, took a turn for the worse, health-wise. Naturally, Mum put the course on pause and shifted all her focus to Grandma, being there for her in her final weeks. Now, as the 2024 cohort begins, Mum is jumping back in, picking up right where she left off.  

In the end, the best strategy to complete your 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course, or any course, is finding balance. It’s about maintaining discipline and structure, while also embracing flexibility and compassion. Because, in the end, you’re learning something new to enrich your life with new knowledge. 

Always merrymaking,
Emma (and Carla)

Ps. If you’d like to know a little more about our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, read more over here. We’ve just started our 2024 cohort and it’s already amazing!

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