Does Pilates Help With Cellulite?


Does Pilates help with cellulite? Before we talk about that, we want to let you that we personally have cellulite and we can see that as we enter our early 30s we’ve got more cellulite than when we did in our early 20s. 

We’re grateful that we discovered the practice of self-acceptance before we got cellulite, because for us right now it does not bother us. It’s just a part of life… and our legs with cellulite are amazing!

But we get it, if you hate your cellulite you’re probably looking for something to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Also, society has never been that accepting of less than perfect, so we 100% get why you might hate it. 

The most likely truth is that no exercise, personal trainer or expensive cream is going to magically ‘fix’ your cellulite. 

Sure, strength training, aerobic exercises and exercising regularly will build muscle mass and strength. Fat loss can reduce cellulite, but it’s not guaranteed.

It’s also important to know that skinny people get cellulite, larger people get cellulite. It’s more likely to do with genetics than anything! Also, there is nothing wrong with your cellulite.

Did you know 80-90% of women have cellulite at some stage in their lives? 

It is a fact that more women will experience cellulite compared to men. This is most likely due to us naturally holding more body fat (remember fat isn’t the enemy here, we do need it to function!).  It can also can be from hormonal changes during times of pregnancy and menopause.

What is cellulite 

It’s fat cells in your skin that have been pushed through connective tissue, this is what causes the bumpy appearance, sometimes referred to as ‘orange peel’ or ‘cottage cheese’ appearance. And you know what, we rather love oranges and cottage cheese! 

What causes cellulite?

It’s not fully known what exactly causes cellulite but there are a few factors that can contribute. Firstly, genetics, then whether you’re (at birth) male or female, then there is age, hormones, sedentary living and more. Really, it’s a combination of all these things and more!  

How to decrease cellulite? 

There really is no answer for this. There can most certainly be things you can try but as we already mentioned there is no ‘fix’. The first place to start is changing your perspective of your cellulite! Who said it’s bad in the first place? Oh yeah, you get to decide whether it is or isn’t!

Alright, but we’ll still list the typical ways to help reduce cellulite because in fact they’re all healthy and very doable habits. 

Drink more water

Like every single cell in your body, skin cells also need to be hydrated so they can function 

optimally. Not only is water necessary to feel good, it also helps skin look hydrated and plump. Water intake also helps blood circulation and promotes lymphatic health, which both impact skin health.

Take a collagen supplement

There‘s probably not enough scientific proof on this but hey, apparently it can improve collagen production and skin elasticity. We quite enjoy a collagen supp, is it a placebo? Who knows!

Dry brushing

Again, there’s not a lot of scientific proof but it definitely exfoliates your skin to make it soft and feels good! It also is known to apparently get the lymphatic system pumping and increase blood flow. 

What about reducing cellulite with exercise?

We personally love Pilates and we believe this form of exercise has helped us create better health, in mind and body. In fact, this is why we created our Pilates and Yoga App! 

With our Pilates classes we don’t just move to burn calories or decrease fat cells. We don’t focus on weight loss, we move to help you create more energy, inner confidence and self-belief. 

If you’re new to the practice here are some Pilates exercises you can try out now! 

And no, these moves won’t smooth out your cellulite in one workout class but you definitely will feel good after them!

Glute bridges (or booty lifts)

How: Lay on your back, bend your knees and place feet flat on the ground. You should be able to just scrape fingertips to heels. Lift hips up towards the ceiling but keep neck, shoulders and head on the ground. Knit the ribs down towards the hips and hold your core strong. Squeeze your booty! Then add some movement, how about 20 full booty lifts followed by 20 top half pulses. 

If you want to go even further you could add leg extensions like the below. Ohhh, get ready for the burn! 



How: Stand with feet hip width, step back the left leg. Shoulders back, core engaged, now lower towards the earth by bending both knees to 90 degrees then stand tall. Repeat 20 times, do 20 low pulses then swap sides! Oh wow, if there is one move that creates some internal fire it’s lunges! You could get creative and add some variations, like curtsy lunges! 


All 4s

How: Starting position is on hands and knees. Knees directly under hips, wrists are under shoulders. Micro bend in the elbows, neck is an extension of the spine. Core strong! So many cues! And then add the movement. Let’s extend the right leg out long, point the toes and tap the earth and lift. Do this 20 times, then pulse high for 20. Swap sides and repeat! 

Oh, All 4s has got to be one of our most favourite Pilates moves to strengthen the glutes and thighs! Try this online Pilates class featuring some great booty working moves!


If you finish the class and think, wow, this Pilates thing is great, then sign up to another one of our FREE CLASSES! Simply sign up with your name and email and we will send it straight to you! 


There are hundreds of classes to choose from and we are there to help motivate and guide you. 

Always merrymaking,
Emma + Carla

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