Your cellulite is completely normal

Your cellulite is normal. Ours too. It’s time to accept our cellulite… instead of hating, shaming, and forever trying to hide it.

The truth is, body confidence does not come from a bump-free butt and smooth thighs.

Body confidence is not directly affiliated with the perfect hourglass, slender, yet womanly figure.

Somehow along the way… we think losing weight, smoother skin, bigger boobs, a smaller waist, smaller nose, longer legs (you get it) will fix all of our self-confidence… and maybe ALL of our issues.

Yeah, we can blame media, the consumer-driven society we live in, the patriarchy, our childhoods. The list is endless of what may have caused us all to think this way. But it is our job to unpack it all and differentiate the truth from the untruth.

The truth is… the perfect body doesn’t make you happy.

The truth is that ‘the perfect body’ doesn’t even exist.

The truth is that you are amazing and beautiful just the way you are. 

We’ve both lost a stack of weight, we achieved our ‘perfect’ body goals and when Carla was 21 she even got a nose job (and she’d never ever recommended it, ahhh but that’s a whole other story, one day!).

We made all of these physical changes but we didn’t feel any more confident… actually we felt like we needed to make more changes, lose more weight, try another diet.

We also had no energy, no spark. 

We were scared to eat off ‘the diet’ and when we did we’d feel guilty for days.

We never skipped a workout and if we did, it would be double workouts the next day.

Our lives revolved around this strict plan, we would choose the diet and gym over social outings… missing out on so much magic that was around us.

Through our journey (it’s been a big one!) with Yoga, Pilates, and Meditation. From practising Self-Acceptance daily (moment to moment at times) we are here, at a point where we actually accept ourselves… just as we are.

A point where we are not afraid of food and where we embrace it and let it be a joyful experience (and hell yeah this includes Pizza and Pasta!).

And it has nothing to do with the number on the scales or size of jeans we wear.

You see… losing weight is not the answer to creating confidence.

Because the size of your body does not = happiness.

Self-confidence… doesn’t come from losing weight.

Self-confidence comes from self-acceptance.

It comes from self-kindness, respect, and compassion.

This is why MerryBody is built on self-acceptance.

We’re not telling you to do the Pilates to lose weight.

We’re not saying to move your body to get the muscles and make that round perky booty.

We’re not even telling you to do the Yoga to get more flexible.

Sure this can happen… BUT it is not the goal.

We want you to move your body to feel good.

We want you to move your body because your body craves and needs movement.

Think about this… you have a lymphatic system inside your body… this system is very important… in basic non-medical expert terms, it pumps excess fluids and toxins from your body. But the lymphatic system does not have an organ like the circulatory system has the heart to pump blood.

Your lymphatic system very much relies on YOU moving your body to work effectively.

Movement, massage, jumping, exercise, Yoga, Pilates, walking.

Of course, what you eat also matters BUT movement is also crucial.

Daily exercise is beneficial for your mental health. Do the Yoga and Pilates to reduce stress, to reduce anxiety!

Ahhhh less stress.

Now, this is a good goal that will add so much magic to your life!

Here at MerryBody we choose not to focus on the end result. We don’t take measurements. When you skip a day because you are exhausted or tired or have a migraine, we encourage you to tune and actually embrace the rest!

We believe in the philosophy of moving your body for the sake of the movement. For the JOY of the movement!

Why do dancers dance? To get to the end?


Why do we play our favourite song over and over? To get to the end?


We dance… to simply enjoy the action of dancing.

We listen to that song… for the absolute joy of listening to that song.

And this is where we say… find a way of exercise and movement that brings you joy.

One that you actually look forward to.

And for us, this is Yoga and Pilates.

It’s not a thing to just tick off. It’s not a chore to dread.

It’s a part of our lives! It’s something fun to do. That also welcomes health benefits (handy, huh!).

If you think your thing might be Yoga and Pilates… try MerryBody!

If you’re not sure… still try MerryBody!

If you know for sure it’s not Yoga and Pilates… don’t try MerryBody (haha) BUT go try something else! Dance/row/climb/jump/swim.

Ok. Let’s wrap this up.

REMINDER: your butt is beautiful… whatever the size and however many lumps, bumps and pimples, scars you have.

Also… join MerryBody (if you want), your first 7 Days are completely free.

We begin our next 21 Day Yoga and Pilates Challenge on 15 March so it really is the perfect time to join!

The theme is Action Creates Motivation. If you struggle with motivation if you’re looking to create more consistency, if it’s been a while since you’ve exercised… this Challenge is perfect for you!

Get ready for daily Yoga and Pilates classes, daily meditations, and epic community support. Feel motivated and confident to get on the mat every day for 21 days. Get ready to feel amazing from the inside out.

Not because you need to change… but because you deserve to feel amazing.

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

Ps. CLICK HERE to sign up and join in on the 21 Day Challenge.

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