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We know we say this all the time… we’re SO EXCITED!

Our first hard copy recipe book is now on sale! ‘Make It Merry’ is filled with our favourite quick, easy and delish paleo recipes. 

But Merrymaker recipes on REAL paper isn’t the only reason why we’re so excited! No way! Even though it is TOTALLY adorable…

Make It Merry_hard copy book

To celebrate the book launch we’ve teamed up with the BEST healthy lifestyle brands and products to bring you an epic Book Launch Giveaway! We’re talking $4500 PLUS epic! Yep. $4500.

There will be over 40 different prizes and it’s so easy to enter!

We’ll share all the details about this awesome giveaway next week to our Merrymaker Mail community! You should maybe, probably, definitely sign up to our Merrymaker Mail list so you don’t miss out!

ACTUALLY… you can find out all the details HERE:

merrymaker giant giveaway

Huge virtual hugs, high fives and claps to all the amazing people involved in this giveaway like Fitness First (yay for all the yoga classes), The Love Letter (thank you for our lovely letters), Heilala Vanilla (for extra delicious healthy cakes), Fire & Shine (they make sure we keep up to date with all the fitness trends), Roooar magazine (the best read!), GoodnessMe Boxes (monthly delicious deliveries!), Matcha Maiden Green Tea Powder (keeping us super healthy!), 180 Nutrition (natural protein coming at ‘cha!), Tara Wolf jewellery (our FAVOURITE!), PowerSuper Foods (to make us super!), Grill’d Burgers (ahhh we love Grill’d), EcoTan (all year round safe tan, yes please!), Optimoz (Because we’re bulletproof!), Primal Collective (all your primal cupboard essentials!), Loving Earth (chocolate, that is all!), Raw Blend (juice, slice, dice… making healthy cooking easy!), OTi Living (stationary love!), The Seventh Duchess (hello best amazing tea ever!) and Two Wholesome Sisters (the most AMAAAZING skincare products… ever!).

We can’t wait to share the exact details with you all next week… eeeeeeek!

Remember! You’ll be the first to know all about it when you’re signed up to Merrymaker Mail!

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

P.s don’t forget to signnnnn UP!

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