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$4500+ Prizes To GIVEAWAY To Celebrate Make It Merry: Our Healthy Hard Copy Book!


We can hardly contain our excitement… are you sitting down? Are you ready?

Make It Merry: A Healthy Cookbook (our FIRST EVER hard copy book) is FINALLY on the market!

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It’s beautiful, it’s cute, it’s made of paper, it’s full of our favourite Merrymaker recipes… and it’s REAL!

Hold in your hot little hands REAL! Ohhh yeah!

Find out ALL ABOUT THE BOOK here:


Open-bookMake it Merry is about eating real food to make you feel and look your best.

  • Make It Merry has over 70 of our favourite drool worthy, paleo inspired recipes.
  • They’re designed to combat that heavy bloated feeling by removing nasties like gluten, grains, refined sugar and dairy.
  • They’re quick and easy to make with simple instructions. You don’t have to be a superchef or have a zillion ingredients. Perfect for busy weekdays!
  • Pretty photos to accompany EVERY recipe to guide you along your health journey You’ll know exactly how the food should look!
  • Plus we’ve included our special Merrymaker tips along with fridge and pantry stock lists.

To up the excitement factor we’ve put together the BEST EVER GIVEAWAY… EVER. We’re talking over $4500 worth of prizes that YOU can win! 

There are 3 steps to enter, checkout the details below and then scroll through all the amazing prizes up for grabs!

To Be In The Running For Our Epic GIVEAWAY!

ONE: Order your hardcopy (or eBook!) of Make It Merry during the next 14 days (Wednesday 24 June 2015 – Thursday 9 July 2015, midnight).

You can get it HERE! Or click here: 

TWO: Leave us a comment ON THIS BLOG POST telling us how you ‘Make It Merry’ every day.

THREE: Make sure you’re signed up to Merrymaker Mail. If you’re already signed up: tick for you!

Make it Merry: a healthy cook book also makes for great birthday, thank you and ‘I love you’ gifts.

The more copies you get… the more entries in to the giveaway you get! Hooray!

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2 x 6 month memberships to Fitness First

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1.5kg bag WPI 180 Nutrition chocolate

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SERIOUSLY! Sending HUGE love and hugs to all of our AMAZING prize sponsors… we wish we could keep ALL the prizes to ourselves… but that would be very greedy… and besides…we want YOU guys to win them!

Remember, all you need to do to win is show your merrymaker support!

Order your copy of Make It Merry… leave us a comment on THIS blog post… AND sign up to Merrymaker Mail! Easy pease!

The best thing is that you can get your copy of Make It Merry for just 27.95 (and that INCLUDES shipping in Australia! Yay!).


Ok… GOOD LUCK! 46 AMAAAAAZING prizes… things are about to get merry!

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla


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How We Will Judge The Giveaway and some T+Cs…

There are over 46 prizes up for grabs… so we’re going to select 46 of our favourite, most creative entries!

THEN! Each winner will get allocated a number randomly, which will align with an assigned prize! SO GET CREATIVE! Giveaway is open to Australian residents only. Giveaway opening and closing dates: Wednesday 24 June 2015 – Thursday 9 July 2015, midnight.

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  1. I ‘Make it Merry’ everyday when I plan my food for the day and know that I’ll discover a new and yummy recipe from the Merry Maker Sisters newsletter. It always changes my plans but makes it new and exciting. One of my favourite recipes is the 5 Minute Paleo Chocolate Mousse. There are still so many I haven’t tried.

  2. whoop! first one (unless someone gets in whilst I’m typing haha!)
    Just ordered my copy – thank you – was looking out for your email since this morning 🙂

    I ‘make it merry’ everyday by remembering there’s a bigger picture than what I can see. To me life may look like the back of a tapestry – threads going here there and everywhere in a jumbled mess – but once it’s done and you turn it around it’s crafted a beautiful picture!

    That and being thankful every day for what I have. Amen!

    P.s. congrats on your first paperback girls, so excited for you!

  3. Mix with positive people.
    Enjoy great wholesome food.
    Relax and unwind and be kind to myself.
    Roasted sweet potatoes!!!
    You girls and the other wellness heroes out there blogging, podcasting and inspiring your tribes.

    Thanks girls. Looking forward to reading my Merry cookbook. Keep up the great work.

  4. Make it Merry – Well its Merry Everyday with bright, colorful foods that taste good and tempt me to cook, cook, cook! Love your ebooks and am looking forwarding to cooking up a storm when this one arrives in the mail.

  5. Hello girls. Just ordered my copy. So v proud of our clever cookie Canberrans. I make it merry everyday by smiling a lot, making good choices and allowing myself to be perfectly imperfect.
    Thank you for making wellness accessible for so many.

  6. Hi girls, you help me remember everyday to be thankful and joyful via your website. Sometimes when all is going wrong and I get onto facebook and you have posted a post that has me thinking twice about my so called misery, that you make me smile. I have followed you a long time and cannot wait for the book, happy dance. You help me to make merry everyday, don’t stop.

  7. So excited to get my Make it Merry cookbook! 🙂

    I “make it merry” by focusing not only on what can happen in a month or a year, but by focusing on the 24 hours ahead, and what i can do in that time to get closer to where i want to be.
    We may not be exactly where we want to be, but we can get one step closer every day, if we focus on the here and now. Recognising this and rewarding ourselves for small feats keeps the fire burning!

    Can’t wait to get Merry-ier with my new book x

  8. Hi

    I’m so excited to get the Merrymaker cookbook!

    I “make it merry” by focusing not only on what can happen in a month or a year, but by also focusing on what i can do in the 24 hours ahead of me, to help me get there.
    By acknowledging every feat along the way, i stay grounded and focused .. and of course Merry.

    Can’t wait to get Merry-ier with my new book! x

  9. Congratulations you fabulous women! Can’t wait to thumb through it and drool and of course get making! Xxx

  10. What a great prize, so generous and another cookbook to my collection, I’m a cookbookaholic!

    I love cooking and following a healthy lifestyle and getting inspiration from other peoples ideas and recipes, so this cookbook will be a welcome addition.
    Trying out these recipes will ‘Make me merry’ everyday, thank you girls

  11. Currently we make merry by dreaming up variations to your pumpkin pancakes, including savoury variations with sundried tomatoes, olives and mixed herbs. Kind of like a pizza pancake! Yummo! Congrats on your new book. I already have your online books and love the daily blogs and recipes. Cheers!

  12. Congratulations on the book, I have just ordered and can’t wait to add it to my collection, I am a cookbookaholic!

    I have a passion for cooking and eating healthily and get great inspiration from other people with the same values. I will ‘Make it merry’ everyday by trying out the recipes from this book and showing other people that good healthy food doesn’t need to be bland or boring.

  13. Congratulations ladies!
    So proud of our homegrown girls. Clever cookie Canberrans.
    I make it merry everyday by creating time for restorative yoga and making good choices. In my “old age” I’m getting better at imposing boundaries to create space for the things that matter and importantly, am learning to embrace being perfectly imperfect.
    Thanks for making wellness accessible for so many.

  14. yay! So excited for this cookbook. You girls are my go to for paleo friendly sweet treats! Love what you girls do

  15. Congrats ladies on your cookbook – can’t wait to get my copy! Your recipes are fantastic and they help to make food merry for us every day 🙂

  16. Congratulations ladies! So very proud of our homegrown talent, you clever cookie Canberrans. I ‘make it merry’ everyday by smiling alot, finding time for restorative yoga and making good choices. In my ‘old age’ I am learning to impose boundaries to create space for the people and things that really matter and to embrace being perfectly imperfect. Forgiveness and looking for the best in others also makes for a far merrier day! Thanks for making wellness accessible for so many.

  17. So excited for you both and for me too as I’ve ordered the bundle – best of both worlds! can’t wait to get THE book but stoked that i can enjoy it straight away too. THANK YOU so much for being amazing!!! i wish i knew about you both when i found Paleo three years ago – but as they say better late than never.

    I ‘make it merry’ everyday by literally making every day merry with healthy food chooses which thanks you to both are made easier.

    Congratulations and thank you again
    Yours in merriness

  18. How to make it merry.
    Meditate daily
    Eat superbly and cleanly
    Rise with gratitude
    Remember what’s important in life
    Youthfulness and vigour through laughter and exercise.

    Thank you – really looking forward to scrummy recipes.
    Kind wishes

  19. How to make it MERRY

    Meditate daily
    Eat superbly and cleanly
    Rise with gratitude
    Remember what’s important in life
    Youthfulness and vigour through laughter and exercise.

    Thank you – really looking forward to scrummy recipes.
    Kind wishes

  20. So excited to get a beautiful, tangible hard copy of your lovely recipes! Can’t wait for this goodie to come in the post, and I’m so stoked about the free shipping:-) You guys are gold!

    Well done on all your hard work to get this to print. The care and attention you’ve put into creating such a gorgeous resource is so appreciated.

    Can’t wait to find out the winner to the competition!

  21. Woohoo! So excited to have the hard copy of your cookbook on order! Love it! I have previously purchased your e-books but find using an actual recipe book much easier when cooking – so am very excited and waiting in anticipation for it to arrive 🙂 Love your work Merrymaker Sisters!!!! 🙂 xxx

  22. At the end of every day my husband and I tell each other about at least one thing (sometimes we have many!) that we are are grateful for. It’s a great way to think about your day and pick out all the positives.
    Today I am grateful for being able to treat myself to your wonderful book – one that I know I will get endless value from.
    Congratulations on finally being in print! Wishing you both all the best!

  23. SO excited about this cookbook. Back when I was just starting on the paleo and clean eating way of life I found you girls on facebook and I have followed you ever since!
    My journey of food has been a long one, learning all about what food does and how it interacts with our body has been interesting and at times confronting.
    I love to ‘make it merry’ every day by always keeping things fun. Making a new and delish meal doesn’t have to be difficult. Keeping my family healthy with what I feed them and having them enjoy every mouthful is what makes me happy.
    Keep up the good work, girls & thank you for your inspiration in my life! xx

  24. Making it merry by starting my Paleo journey, super excited about your new book! Congrats, looking forward to making all the recipes!

  25. Hi Merrymakers, I make it merry every day by being thankful for every day. I can’t wait to receive your new cookbook. Lets get merry baking!

  26. Just ordered the book! Can’t wait to get my copy. Love your recipes.
    I ‘make it merry’ everyday by starting with a walk or run in the fresh air, some yummy broth and planning my menu of delicious real foods for the day. Just eating real food makes me feel merry as I know and feel the positive affects it has on my health, my mind and my physique. Merrymaker sisters I’m grateful for your many recipes I’ve enjoyed via Facebook, pinterest etc. You girls rock!

  27. I make it merry every day by laughing with my girl! Can’t wait 2 get my book so we can laugh while cooking.

  28. I make it merry – I’ve on,y just started making every day merry when I discovered all these great healthy and delish foods out there and started making them. Before I was so inspired by life and now I look forward to finding something new and exciting everyday, especially when I look throu your blogs and see what new food I can cook up. Thank you girls and congrats on the book, can’t wait to get it.

  29. I make it merry every day by laughing with my girl! Can’t wait to get my cook book so we can laugh while we are cooking.

  30. To ‘make it merry’ everyday is definitely a mixture of raw ingredients… Love, laughter and kindness… And a house full of chaos, madness and kids… Can’t get more merrier than that. Also just bought your book to add that extra merry-ness to my household

  31. Congratulations on your book girls! I am so happy for you, and so excited to cook some yummy healthy food! 🙂
    I make it merry everyday with my thoughts. Positive thoughts attract positivity to your life. You can literally create your whole life with your thoughts! How great is that? I have just recently found out HOW powerful my thoughts are and from now on.. the MERRIEST thoughts only! 🙂

  32. Congratulations! So excited to get my new Merry Maker Cookbook! I have them all & your totally delicious recipes grace our dinner table many times a week. I plan our merry weekly menu every week, shop for all my yummy organic produce at our local farmers market, & merrily share your totally delicious & easy peasey lemon squeezie recepics with my friends.

  33. I ‘make it merry’ everyday by doing something active that I enjoy, experimenting with new wholesome recipes at dinner time and spreading kindness to those around me. I also use perspective to overcome any worries and to live a life of gratitude.

  34. I make it merry every day by valuing my health enough to plan what I put into my body. I feel merry and ready to face the world when I am nourished with fresh, tasty wholefoods. I love using the merrymaker recipes because they are so simple and scrumptious. I am proud of my journey to paleo and won’t look back!

  35. I “Make It Merry” when I involve the merry little munchkins in helping prepare our good food and teach them about reducing grains and sugars. Lovin’ it! Feelin’ it! Merry made! x

  36. I ‘Make it Merry’ everyday by loving life & celebrating each special moment by spending lots of time with my beautiful family & friends. I absolutely love cooking and for the past 18 months have been clean eating and concentrating on preparing foods that make us happy on the inside & out! I love seeing your posts on Facebook & receiving emails from you girls! You are so inspirational with both your recipes and journey. Thank you & I can’t wait to receive my fab cookbook… Thanks & keep up your great work xx

  37. I “Make It Merry” everyday by always having a positive attitude and try to live in the moment 🙂

    Having fantastic recipes to constantly keep food tasting great and exciting most definitely helps! It keeps the love of food alive and inspires me to try new and exciting things! xx Love the books!!

  38. So excited for and proud of you, e +c! The book looks absolutely stunning!

    I ‘Make it Merry’ by simply keeping it real. It’s amazing how your whole perspective can change when you choose to eat real food and associate with real people. When you open yourself up to having real conversations about your passions and dreams and the things that truly matter in life. It may take some time to settle in, but that’s where the bliss is.


  39. I am pretty new to the Merry Making family, and what resonates with me is your message of “…to do what works for you and what makes you feel good…”

    I make it merry everyday by not judging myself or others on their own individual pursuit of being healthy and happy – life would be pretty boring if we were all the same!

    Looking forward to receiving your fantastic cookbook!


  40. I make it merry everyday by treating myself to an organic decaf long Mac with activated almond milk!!

  41. I make it merry everyday by treating myself to an organic decaf long Mac with activated almond milk!!

  42. I make it Merry every day by being grateful for everything in my life including the lessons I’ve learned from the tough times. I eat mindfully each day and have foods that nourish my body & soul. Cooking/Baking is my relaxation & especially love to make food for all my family that tastes amazing & is healthy. I love the colour pink and it makes me happy. I have rose quartz crystals & my kitchen utensils & accessories are pink and so is my linen. I love your emails, recipes and that you reply to my comments on your Facebook page. I enjoy your posts and all the inspirational things you send out. The raw paleo snicker cake is totally amazing. Can’t wait to cook something from the new hardcopy cookbook & be able to follow the recipes without my screen going in to sleep.

  43. i make it merry everyday by treating myself to an organic decaf long Mac topped up with activated almond milk! Can’t wait to see the book lovely ladies!! Mrs chookwood

  44. I ‘Make it Merry’ everyday by making small, positive step towards a healthier lifestyle. I learnt a while ago that success for me comes slowly by making consistent improvements to my lifestyle. I find surrounding myself with positive resources only helps to make my journey easier. Cant wait to get my copy of your new book and cook up some delicious and nourishing food 🙂

  45. I’ve been trying to lose weight for ages. My partner discovered MerryMakers recipes and has been following them with gusto. We started the Harcombe Diet which we combined with the MerryMaker recipes. Seriously, the best, most fun and delightful way ever, to lose weight. Thank you to my lovely wife for having faith in me and thank you to the MerryMaker Sisters for making eating a joy.

  46. Just ordered the hardbook and ebook bundle! (good to have both mediums!).
    I ‘Make it Merry’ everyday by LOVING FOOD! I love cooking exciting, bright and colourful meals that not only nourish my own body and make me feel AMAZING but also provide nourishing and tasty food for my friends and family. My parents love it when I come and stay because I do all cooking (the reverse of going home for a home cooked meal haha I go home to provide home cooked meals). My friends also look forward to our weekly bakes roster where I make something they know is tasty but also not full of harmful ingredients (I am looking forward to trying to some new recipes from your book out on them!)

    Congratulations on the book girls, can’t wait to get cooking!

  47. Having a hard time making it merry every day – struggling big time with an ED but snuggling with my dogs helps cheer me up!

  48. Met you both at Pete Evans event and thought “I want what they have” joy, health & vitality. I’ve made each recipe you’ve shared since on FB but am so excited to have a pretty hardcover. I ‘Make Merry’ everyday by smiling at stangers and saying “Thank You”

  49. I MAKE IT MERRY everyday by being the best mumma I can for Giselle & Josh. That means lots of fun, dancing and making sure we eat a balanced real food diet.

  50. Wooooo! Can’t wait for my book to arrive!!

    I make it merry every day but celebrating everything until further notice 😉

  51. Oh my Goodness, so looking forward to my ‘Merry’ book, you girls are awesome : )

  52. just ordered my bundle – couldn’t wait – needed my download of Merrymaker! I will be awake all night planning the weekend meals! Thank you

  53. I Make it Merry everyday by using my knowledge of nutrition and healthy eating to give my two beautiful girls the best start in life. I want them to know the benefits of eating clean and naturally, making food yum, fun and good for you!!! I am not that good with technology, blogs and ebooks etc so I am very excited to receive my hard copy of your new book! Although I ordered it using my partners email, I hope that doesn’t make a difference.

  54. Just ordered my bundle and Im stoked! 🙂
    Im making it merry by using your recipes to relearn how to cook for and with my partner who has moved down here to Canberra recently from Toowomba – bringing love, laughter and a required Gluten/Dairy free change in my cooking habits. Thanks ladies! – Arne

  55. How do I make it merry!
    Fresh peppermint tea, coconut oil for my insides and out! Loving myself for doing the best that I can! Seeing the sunshine everyday and sharing the joy of cooking with my loved one who just bought me your book! Because I’ve been giving life a great effort the last few weeks!

  56. I take a step towards a little more merriness each day when you inspire me to cook, read, and smile.

  57. This giveaway is amazing! I will keep it merry by giving back if I am selected as a giveaway winner! I will be sure to help promote the brands am involved and your blog as well! I know how much goes into creating a blog and I greatly appreshiate you for taking the time to post for us!

  58. I’m so happy I have ordered this book! I really did it to reward myself for being kind to my body and changing my attitude towards food! I’m so glad I’m supporting somebody on the same journey as me! I ‘make it merry’ every day by living each day as if it were my last and cooking wholesome, nutritious and delicious foods that I can enjoy with the people I love!

  59. To make it merry everyday I believe you need to sweat. Breaking a sweat everyday not only makes me feel better emotionally and physically but it also allows me the occasional treat from the Merry Makers awesome collection!!!!

  60. My favourite inspirational quote is “everyday you make a choice”, I look at these words everyday and I choose to be merry! We all have the power to choose our attitudes and behaviours, what we eat and how we live!

    I love your work girls and can’t wait to get my book and get into the kitchen 🙂

    Thank you for what you do xo

  61. I just love this book. I have been Paleo for over 2 years and always looking for ways to make it more interesting Thank you so much

  62. ‘Make It Merry’
    Makin’ it merry by surprising others with a good deed.

    – Helping someone with their shopping bags
    – Buying a coffee for the next person in line behind you
    – Sending flowers to a loved one because it’s Tuesday
    – Opening the door for ladies
    – Smile for a smile

    All these add up and touch someone’s soul for at least one moment. That moment is what makes us Merry!

  63. I have been enjoying the Merry Maker site for about 6 month now… I enjoy make it merry by sharing the recipes on pinterest as well…. would love to own the cookbook

  64. you 2 make me Merry! 🙂 I love reading your posts – I can’t wait for my hardcover cook book to arrive 🙂
    Keep making us all Merry xxxx

  65. Congratulations girls on the release of your book … have to say I bought it the other day and I cant wait for it to arrive . It has to travel acorss the ditch as Im in New Zealand but really looking forward to receiving it and trying out the awesome receipes.
    You girls are amazing. Love and Luck xx Kryssie

  66. Quite excited about your new cookbook!! I think your recipes add up to half the pins on my pinterest ‘food for thought’ board!! I’ve even ordered 2 books – one for me and one for my sister so she can discover your fabulous recipes as well!

    I ‘try’ to make it Merry every day by smiling more and getting frustrated over the unimportant stuff less! Also by making positive health and lifestyle choices. Inspiration for change is out there, if people are willing to look!

  67. After watching you both on Jules’ Shiny Healthy You video, I want what you’re having! So my making it merry, is about filling myself with all the good stuff (food and information) that I am learning from you and Jules.

  68. Make it merry!

    To wake up to a beautiful family, greatful we live in a wonderful country full of fresh healthy food. On our journey to hole food and healthy living.
    Thank you both for knowledge, inspiration and beautiful food.

  69. I cannot wait to get my hands on my merrymaker handbook purchase!!! I make it merry by smiling at every person I walk past every day 🙂 🙂 LOVE you girls xxxxxxxx

  70. Thank you Merrymaker Sisters! Because of you I am a different person. A happy and healthy person who jumps out of bed each day. I was in a rut both emotionally and physically. My health was taking a beating and my coeliac disease not manageable.
    I found you searching for a quick fix to feel healthier and happier. Not only did you introduce me to the Paleo lifestyle you have shown me how to find my bliss.
    In the time I have been following your posts learning about healthy eating, mindfulness, public speaking, networking, better sleep, organisation skills even Instagram! I have done a huge 180 on my life. I have started my own business which I have a passion for. I eat healthy and at a recent visit to my doctor she couldn’t believe how much my health had improved and asked what supplements I was taking. Nothing! Just a love of healthy food and recipes inspired by The Merrymaker sisters.
    You have made a positive difference to my life and are both truly inspirational people. Thank you for everything you have brought into my life and I wish you the best with your own future adventures. Follow your Bliss.

  71. Yay for the release of your hardcopy cookbook!! I’ve ordered three copies… I’m always talking with my sisters about the amazing recipes I’m using from the Merry Maker Sisters! My absolute favourite is your paleo salted caramel slice. I take it to my husband’s job site (he’s a carpenter) for all the men to have a sweet treat- guilt free!!!
    Cannot wait till they arrive in the post. Really appreciate the free shipping- so generous of you!!
    Thanks so much!!

  72. I’m not sure if my comment was successful in posting so I’ll try again!
    It said said thank you for the hardcopy recipe book!! I’ve ordered three copies- 2 for my sisters! I’m always talking to them about the new recipes I’m trying from the Merrymaker Sisters. i also make it merry by taking my favourite recipe “the Paleo Salted Caramel Slice” to my husband’s job site (he is a carpenter). Himself and his subbies love the sweet treat that is guilt free!!
    I cannot wait to get my hands on the hardcopy and keep cooking away…
    One other thing- I LOVE that I can spoil my toddler with the yummy treats I make from your recipes. It’s nice that I don’t have to feel guilty when I give her a bite of my slice, or mousse!
    Thanks girls!!!

  73. I make it merry every day by making sure I smile at everyone I meet. A simple smile can help others in so many ways. Loking forward to receiving the book. Thank you

  74. I make it merry every day because I choose to not let the craziness of life consume me. I choose to change the eating habits of my beautiful 12 year old daughter who suffers from mental health issues, I choose to cook everything from scratch and we do it together – something that helps her with her anxieties and depression. She feels free and relaxed when we cook, the bonding and gentle words and worries mumbled over cooking relieves her young precious soul. This book has been brought for her, a gift for new adventures in cooking together, taking steps towards more merry in her life!

  75. I make it merry everyday by being grateful for waking, spending time with son, eating food to fuel me and training hard 🙂

  76. Just downloaded your new book, wow! Found some great recipes to make already this weekend. A merry day will be making something new & introducing this to my 2 little boys. There is nothing but joy & excitment when they want to help in the kitchen & are learning all about food & the nutritional side of it! Congratulations to you both on such a wonderful book!

  77. I make it merry every day by stretching, smiling and living in the present. I know I am lucky and I am thankful for it and so I keep it real and don’t sweat the small stuff. I am so new to the paleo lifestyle and I feel so great and have so much energy I can’t believe the effect it has had on curbing my sugar cravings, lethargy and skin! I can’t say enough about it and I just want to learn more and more! I love your website and can’t wait for my book arrives!!

  78. Merrymaker Sisters, can’t wait to have more of your delicious recipes to turn my whole family “merry”… Transforming us one food at a time from the inside out…

  79. Very excited to get your beautiful looking book. As well as looking forward to having a hard copy I bought this to thank you for all the fantastic tasty recipes I’ve made over the last year since I began my paleo journey. Favourites such as the stuffed mushies, pesto sauce, granola and of course several of the sweet treats ie the hazelnut cup!! How do I make it merry everyday? Well I start my by reading your great posts on FB each day, drool over the food pics, daydream about cooking up a storm (whilst at work) and by reminding myself how much better I feel since starting this journey. Thanks for making food fun!!

  80. thank you girls for bringing a little bit of something to look forward to every day 🙂 i guess i ‘make it merry’ everyday by being mindful, I try to be consciously grateful of every moment, we really have so much to be grateful for. Embrace your mistakes, learn from them. I fail most of the time – miserably! – but that’s the point, I just get up and keep trying 🙂 just keep swimming!

  81. Have been waiting in much anticipation for your hard copy to come on the market!! Just ordered tonight & can’t wait to make the deliciously healthy recipes…………… of gluten and sugar……………yummm………………….can taste them now!! Merry merry me!!!

  82. So exciting, going to print. I have several of your e books. I love your recipes, and your blog! One of our all time favorites is the shepards pie. I truly wish I was able to spend the money to get your new cookbook. It’s not in the Stars this month. But congratulations on your publication! You are amazing cooks, inspiring dreamers, and fabulous bloggers. Keep it up. 🙂

  83. Congratulations ladies! I’ve been waiting for this. I’ve still got your very first ebook and love the simplicity of the recipes. Love your absolute positiveness girls. It helps when I have one of those days 🙂
    I have just bought the Bundle Hardbook & Ebook of this one. I love ebooks, but I also want to help someone else to make it merry every day so I’m gonna give the hardbook as a gift, because ever since changing to this way of eating I can’t believe how much more energy and vitality I have. Make it Merry every day! xx

  84. Making it Merry

    The Merrymaker sisters I have to say
    Helped make an easy transition to the Paleo way

    I am always inspired by their Facebook posts
    Emma and Carla are true Paleo hosts

    With lots of tips and recipes galore
    broth,waffles,lollies and so much more

    Shopping and cooking is no longer a chore
    Healthier options are in abundance once more

    Their inspirational quotes help me each day
    They help my Paleo journey along the way

    So I “Make it Merry” as you can see
    Thanks to the Sisters who have been helping me.

  85. Congratulations Merrymakers! Like you two we “Make it Merry” every day by having the perfect partnership where we’re both on the same page in terms is what we want in life and business. It’s hard not to be merry when you’re in it with your best friend, right?!

    Laney x

  86. I make merry every day, by no longer trying to control (anything or everything) and just taking a deep breath and “letting it be exactly as it is meant to BE”. xxx

  87. First of all congrats on producing an amazing cookbook! Looking forward to trying out the recipes.

    How do I make it merry everyday? Well, by being grateful waking up each morning, making the most of each day with my wonderful husband and our four children and not allowing the ‘rat race’ get the best of us, and simply loving life.

  88. I am very excited for my hardcover cookbook! You girls have been doing a wonderful job! Can’t wait to have it on my bookshelf. Very happy to support and to see the Canberra community growing!

    Every day is merry because I make sure ro enjoy the simple things. Smile, listen to your body and enjoy every day; what ever challenges it brings. By listening to your body you understand that on your down days you need to take more care and look after yourself. If it’s taking a time out and going for a walk, baking or reading a book with a cup of tea. By keeping it simple & eating well your body has the ability to make every day a merry one. ❤️

  89. I just made it merry by buying your book, so many wonderfull recipies to try and congratulations to you both on the release of your book and for spreading the health and well being message. You girls really are Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. Just purchased your book. We have printed out out heaps of your recipes and never had one mess up, which is great as I am not very confident in the kitchen. Your blog and facebook posts are truly inspirational. I make ‘merry’ by eating healthy and providing healthy food for my family…and dancing. I belong to a tribal dance group and dancing together and the support of my tribal sisters is a truly merrymaking experience. Blessings to you both and thank you for you daily wisdom.

  91. Congratulations on publishing, girls. I am currently downloading the soft-copy, but there is nothing quite like curling up on the lounge in front of the fire and reading a good cook book then heading for the kitchen with it to create something. 🙂

  92. I make it Merry by logging on to your blog every day! So excited to be getting your cookbook soon. CAN NOT WAIT! Congrats girls. Love love love your work. ps, Your avo pesto w/zoodles and salmon for dinner was amazeballs.

  93. I ‘Make it Merry’ every day by allowing myself time to be creative, explore Pinterest for new craft ideas, or just jot down a creative idea on my crafting ‘ideas’ list. Paper crafting is my bliss, and I intend to follow your advice and follow my own bliss, because crafting never fails to make me feel good!

  94. Congratulations ladies!!! Can’t wait to get get your delicious book 🙂
    I ‘make it merry’ by waking up and being grateful, every day. Grateful for the joy in every day, the joy your recipes bring. Happy days!!! Love Well – Eat Well – Live Well

  95. So excited to be part of your first HC book journey and that I’m able to immerse my kids in this healthy eating adventure along the way without them saying ‘ohhh that’s disgusting mum’. Keep up the gorgous work ladies, your energy is contagious! Inspiring us everyday. 🙂

  96. So excited to get my bake on!!!!!!!!!!

    Love, love, LOVE your work girls 🙂

  97. Soooooooo excited to get my bake on !!!!!!

    Love, love, L O V E your work girls.

    : )

  98. I make it merry everyday by:
    Starting each day with a 5 minute meditation focusing on kindness, loving & strength
    Choosing a random ‘Happy Mama’ inspiration/affirmation card – & my daughter chooses one for her too
    Singing my ‘good morning’ song with my daughter
    Then during the day taking time to see the beauty in nature – whether it be autumnal leaves, smelling a flower or just appreciating a beautiful sunny day 🙂
    I ensure I do at least 1 silly thing that makes me laugh during the day
    And I finish the day with my daughter with our ‘I love you to the xxx & back’ ritual 😀

  99. You put this quote on your Instagram a little while ago and it stuck with me! ‘Look for something positive in each day, even if some days you have to look a little harder’ I guess this is how I Make it Merry every day! Finding that positive thing and sharing it with as many people as I can… And on those days it is a little harder… I have my amazing New cookbook and gorgeous recipes to share with my family and friends! So I guess in a nutshell every day is a very Merry day!

  100. Thankyou you have brightened my day, I have just ordered your cookbook! I enjoy experimenting with your marvelous recipes! Life can get a tad testing sometimes as I care for my husband who has a brain injury. In my small kitchen I have found solace by creating such awesome food so Thankyou for helping to make my days a little brighter, merry and fun. My husband is very experienced at licking the bowl!

  101. I make it merry daily but taking the time to be mindful and to be actively aware of the positives in my life in the here and the now, and if all else fails a generous serving of raw chocolate always makes me merry!!!

  102. I make it merry every day by being mindful and as actively aware of the positives in my life in the here and now as I can, and if all else fails a generous serve of raw chocolate always makes me merry!!!

  103. I make it merry by cooking with my baby daughter on my hip! She loves to see what I’m doing and loves all the healthy treats we make together. I hope I’m giving her a lifetime of healthy merriness.

  104. I am so excited to have just ordered your cookbook!
    Thank you so much for your daily merry inspiration via email and instagram! My favourite recipe of yours would have to be the salted choc caramel slice which is wayyyyyyyy too yummy and I have to freeze it so I don’t eat it all! Yours is my go-to site for inspiration.. I have been paleo for about 2 1/2 years now and it is always wonderful to find new recipes! Thank you girls, keep up the fantastic work!

  105. I am so excited to have just ordered your book! Thank you for the daily merry inspiration you give via email, instagram and facebook. My favourite recipe of yours would have to be the salted choc caramel slice which is wayyyy too yummy and I have to freeze some so I don’t eat it all to quickly!
    I have been paleo over 2 1/2 years and it is wonderful to have your go-to website for inspirational recipes – can’t wait for my cookbook! Keep up the merry making girls!!

  106. Ordered! I can’t wait to have it in my hands! I love pretty cookbooks in my kitchen! I can’t wait to try your beautiful recipes!! Congratulations on your cookbook!

  107. Making today Merry by having just purchased your amazing recipes to cook for those I love, sharing the ‘Merry’ everyday with my family through healthy nutritious food, and also sharing these at work with the guys in my shift and sharing any variations I have, or other meals I cook to the greater community through my Facebook/Instagram account

  108. I make it ‘Merry” everyday by cooking yummy healthy food to nourish my hubby and myself 🙂

  109. Hi Emma and Carla ~ I have just ordered the hard copy and ebook of your cookbook and cannot wait to make the beautiful recipes!! I love making ‘Merry’ everyday by cooking with fresh ingredients and providing meals for my family and friends that are clean and healthy.

  110. I make it merry every day by being grateful. When you are grateful for the things you have in life you always have a reason to be positive and merry 🙂

  111. I make it merry every day by being grateful. When you are grateful for what you have in your life, it is easy to be happy and merry 🙂

  112. So excited!! Congratulations girls! I just ordered the book and can’t wait to have it in my kitchen. My partner and I began eating Paleo at the beginning of the year, and there’s not one day when we are not visiting your blog/recipes. Some of your creations are now our everyday staples. We make it Merry everyday by being Paleo together- we LOVE food (k obsessed with it)! Your merry-making is infectious and its great to know there’s people out there that love food as much as we do!


  113. I make it merry everyday by taking a photo of the sunrise enjoying a berry merry smoothie as often as possible and I enjoy a bubbles when I can and always stay in contact with friends.

  114. I make it Merry everyday by enjoying those special moments with my beautiful family & not taking anything for granted. Also nourishing myself & family with clean eating!! Feeling the best I have!! You girls have made a huge difference in our lives by supplying me with wonderful recipes & life choices.. Thanks for all your hard work!! It’s truly paying off!

  115. I make it Merry by A) doing my upmost to eat cacao in some form at least once per day, B) cooking and eating a wide variety of nourishing foods and C) using exclamation points as often as possible!!! So cheery! And uplifting! Yay for exclamation points and The MerryMaker sisters!!!

  116. I make it Merry by A) doing my upmost to eat cacao in some form at least once per day, B) eat feed my kids a wide variety of nourishing foods C) use exclamation points as often as possible!!! So cheerful! And uplifting! Yay for exclamation points and, The MerryMaker sisters!

  117. Can’t wait to get my book
    So I can find lots to cook,
    There will be lots of Merry recipes
    For me and my family to continue our Merry little journey.
    Sweet or savory both please me,
    But any with cacao is just Wow!!

  118. Thanks ladies, have ordered our book also. Can’t wait to try the recipes and upload successful pics of the results to share with you all. Cheers and keep on merrymaking!!!!

  119. Looking forward to receiving My book. I make it a merry day by exercising in the morning with the 6 weeks to sexy girls 🙂

  120. The best side affect of choosing a Paleo lifestyle is I am always merry. Ordering your books have made me merrier! Thanks ladies, keep up the good work and I am really looking forward to receiving your cookbook.

  121. I’m currently making myself merry by cooking for my mother in law. Whilst she’s doing it tough, I’m trying to cook with love, the healthiest way possible and hope to make her days a little more merry. CAN NOT WAIT for my book to arrive.

  122. I make it merry by living in the moment and by feeling the fear and doing it anyway! Leading bt example for my 2 beautiful girls. Xo

  123. Thank you both for this merry little book! So excited to receive my copy soon!
    I “make it merry” everyday by exercising in the morning, eating healthy nutritious food, meditating, making time for friends and family, studying hard to achieve my goals and reminding myself to enjoy everything the day has to throw at me!
    Another point to make my day merry, recently, as in this weekend, my sister decided that she is going to give up sugar and start eating paleo. I have directed her to your site! She keeps sending my pictures of all of her creations over the past few days! All from your recipes! From pancakes, to iced coffee and salted caramel smoothies! Love spreading the “merrymaker” life style!

  124. I make it Merry Everyday by looking at all the different recipes that I want to try.
    I’ve tried a few of your recipes but have so many more to try. I absolutely love your banana bread, I’ve made it so many times and tastes better and better each time I cook it. Can’t wait to get your book in the mail.

  125. Love, love love your work, girls! Just ordered your bundle cos I love holding books in my hands but like the e-book cos it won’t get splattered when I’m whipping up some of your fab recipes. I “make it merry” everyday by cooking real food for my family. Congrats on the new cookbook – I know it will be inspiring!! Now I’m off to check out the e-book……eeeek! so excited……

  126. Post
  127. My aim is to make the next generation merry starting with my Five kids;-) everyday I try to serve them nutritious paleo food without them necessarily realising it… Something that I’m sure your new cookbook is going to help me merrily along the way! Thank you;-)

  128. I ‘make it merry’ every day by looking out the window of my car on the way to work. Sounds weird and not cooking-related, but it makes me think of how lucky we are to be here in this beautiful country with good health, bought on by the good food that we put into our bodies. I also ‘make it merry’ by treating myself to the odd raw cacao cake – but try not to do that every day!
    My mum and sister will start ‘making it merry’ every day too when they get the other copies of your book that I ordered for them!!! Whoot!!!

  129. So excited about your new book! Another to add to my collection but hardcopy this time!!

  130. Hi Girls
    Just a quick one. I think I’ve entered (fingers crossed) as I ordered the book earlier on in the promo but second guessing that I’ve done what I needed to do, just starting Uni so it’s a huge step for me and I’m inundated with info. Don’t want to be missing out if at all possible. Oh and what about the meal plans etc. that you are offering did they come with subscription to your email listing? I already had a subscription and was just wondering if I’ve missed something. Got to make the most of “Merry Made” easy. Thanks heaps – PS: Bacon, Pumpkin Cauli Rice was awesome dinner side last night and equally fabulous for leftover lunch today. YUM, thanks. L

  131. My whole comment didn’t come out so this is attempt number two!

    Super excited about your new book, another to add to my collection but HARDCOPY this time! YAY!

    I ‘make it merry’ by starting each new day with a new positive mantra, planning & prepping healthy & nutritious meals but always adding in a few extra little goodies once receiving your newsletters, by feeding my body with nutritious superfoods and forever reading and learning more about the benefits of choosing to be healthy, by discovering a new found love for food that you thought had disappeared, by the new found confidence to use your recipes and even sometimes as a guide to create my own . You girls have encouraged me to ‘make it merry’ each and every day with your delicious goodies. So I thank you for that

  132. Just purchased your book. I have printed out so many of your recipes from the merrymakers newsletter and slowly making them so yummy. You 2 make me merry I love reading your posts and recipes. Good luck with the new cookbook.

  133. I’m SO looking forward to receiving my book and getting stuck into your recipes. We have a batch of your unsweetened pumpkin brownies in our fridge pretty much all the time cos my 6 and 8 year old boys bloody LOVE them. I make it merry by doing my best to be a better person every day, and accepting that I’m not perfect. Lots of yoga and mindful meditation helps with that bit!!

  134. I Make it Merry every day by remembering this quote: “You should sit in nature for 20 minutes a day. Unless you are busy. Then you should sit for an hour.”
    Love you girls xxx

  135. Your emails make my day. They’re always bright, cheery and positive. I’m so excited about your new book and can’t wait to receive. Like you I am a sweet tooth and love all your special treats, especially your brownie. Would love to be part of the prize winners. Best wishes.

  136. I Make it Merry everyday by remembering that the only time we have is NOW. Wasting time on the past or worrying about the future won’t let you live your life now. Be present in the moment and work towards creating your own bliss! Love all that you guys do, congrats on your book! xx

  137. I cherish every day by choosing wholesome foods, walking my best friend down by the river and surrounding myself with good vibes !!

  138. I make it Merry everyday, by making the best and yummiest choices for food for my family. We also love to dance, so we do! Everyday to beautiful loud music 🙂

  139. Just ordered my books! finally! Yay! I’ve been looking forward to this for freaking AGES!

    I ‘make it merry’ everyday by trying to find the positives in every situation. Sometimes it’s really hard to find your bliss or find ‘merryment’ during darker times. People or circumstances can test you or push negative energy your way. I always try to make it merry by cherishing my happiness and holding onto a positive attitude as best as I can.

    Love your work girls. So excited for you and this wonderful achievemnet! And can’t wait to get my book!!

  140. I ‘Make it Merry’ by smiling and being positive everyday, no matter what happens 🙂

  141. I “Make it Merry” everyday by waking early and being excited by what the day may bring. I get enjoyment from my work, my exercise, and my family, and my food. I just ordered my ebook and cannot wait to choose something for dinner! Cooking for friends and family is my favourite thing to do. Merrymaker recipes have helped to make sure the food is as wholesome as the love behind it. xx

  142. My “merry” is that I have surrounded myself with good, positive people that make me feel good about myself…. So everything else is paleo gravy!!

  143. I make it merry everyday by trying to consume the best quality produce I can and not stressing too much when ‘life’ happens and you can’t eat as well as usual. Relax, smile, socialise, eat well, train hard and your future will be bright.

  144. I ‘Make it Merry’ by empowering myself to try different things, experiment and most of all have fun doing it and seeing what I can achieve. So looking forward to receiving your new book. W ell done lovelies 🙂 🙂

  145. I ‘Make it Merry’ by surrounding myself with positive people and having an attitude of gratitude =D! I am super excited to receive your book and beginning the journey to a healthier lifestyle!!

  146. I make it merry everyday by starting my week cooking up a storm on Sundays so I have delicious and healthy lunches for work during the week. When the work week is over I celebrate on Saturdays by making a CAKE!

  147. We wish you a merry cookbook, we wish you a merry cookbook…..” oh wait it’s not Christmas but it will soon be Christmas in July when the postie arrives with my book!

    Love your recipes and thanks for the other tips! The healthy eating out bits….. your recommendation for Elemental when visiting Canberra was the highlight of our trip and those Grill’d buns… delicious… never would have set foot in the store if it wasn’t thanks to you two lovelies. Xx

  148. So excited about this book!

    I make it merry by making sure to smile and laugh everyday! Reminding myself that nothing lasts forever makes me appreciate the good things when they are around and makes it easier to get through the bad.

    Thanks so much for all the time you’ve put into your recipes, blog and now your book! xxx

  149. I didn’t hesitate for one second to purchase your cookbook! I;m very excited to receive it! I was wanting to support you girls for all the hard work you offer for free but I don’t like ebooks. I make it merry everyday by not only the good food I put in my mouth but the kind of thoughts I choose to think!

  150. Congratulations on the new book, I cant not wait to receive me copy!
    First of all you girls have made my life merry! You inspired me to change to a Paleo lifestyle, after years of stomach issues and body/food issues you girls have helped me over come it, I now love to experiment in the kitchen with the recipes you share via your newsletter or Instagram, and am not afraid to eat fat! and best of all I don’t have the stomach/bloating issues! so thank you <3
    I Make it merry everyday by putting only good food into my body, surround myself with positive people and read a inspiring quote daily along with some free therapy.. exercise! great for the mind body and soul.

    Thanks again, keep up the great newsletters and Instagram post xxx

  151. I cannot wait for my Merrymaker Cookbook.. woohoo!!
    I ‘Make it Merry’ everyday by simply being Merry! All it takes is a simple kind gesture towards others to pay the merriness forward. A smile, a compliment or going a tiny bit beyond will hopefully spread to merriness all over! 🙂

  152. I “Make it Merry” by being grateful for my abundant life, and energised from the wonderful tasty and nutritious food that your recipes create.

  153. The Merrymaker website was the first Paleo site I ever found. It was recommended to me by a sales assistant in a nut store. Since then I have made it merry by following as many recipes as I can and losing 15.5 kilos in the process (in 14.5 weeks). The MerryMaker cookbooks have all been great so far and I expect that this one will top them all. Thank you for your hard work and dedication.

  154. I’m looking forward to using the cookbook to help everyday be a merry day. Your recipes to date have been great. Thank you for helping me look after my body and make it merry

  155. I make it merry everyday, cooking up a storm the paleo way. The food is extremely yummy, going the right way to reduce my tummy!!

  156. I’m so pump to get your Make It Merry book Emma & Carla. Keep the food coming Paleo and Wholefoods. Living the Dream

  157. I’m so pump to get your Make It Merry book Emma & Carla. Keep the food coming Paleo and Wholefoods. Living the Dream

  158. I bought your eBook yesterday and have made soooo many things already: pork belly, salted caramel slice, easy chicken curry and pecan muffins – my family are pretty merry now!

  159. My day becomes merry when my 5yo daughter happily gets involved in making healthy choices for herself and our family – maybe one day i won’t have to hide the vegies

  160. i “Make It Merry’ everyday by playing outside in the sunshine with my two boys and dog… shoes and sun on my face….fresh air!

  161. Making my day Merry everyday by…
    M – Making time to do someone you love/enjoy everyday.
    E – Enjoy making fresh and nourishing food that keeps you full and satisfied.
    R – Rest, to look after yourself.
    R – Relax after a busy day, and recharge.
    Y – Yoga and stretching, to love and look after your body.

  162. Making it merry everyday by feeding my family nutrious and delicious home made food that my children love.

  163. I make it merry everyday by jumping outta bed as soon as my alarm goes off at 5am and always put on some rocking bright lipstick, pretty smelling perfume and playful accessories with my corporate attire so I still feel like me! I always give my gorgeous husband Chris and pug Oscar a big kiss and cuddle which always warms my heart. And I love a good positive quote which helps lift my spirit throughout the day. Keep on merrymaking girls!

  164. I’m super excited for this cookbook! I have the others and love them but nothing compares to flicking through an actual book!

  165. M agnificent
    E xquisite
    R eal
    R ecipes
    Y ummingly
    M erry
    A nd
    K inetic
    E nticing
    R apturous
    S atisfaction
    Thanks for keeping it real girls!

  166. Can’t wait to get a copy of the new book. I make it merry each day by appreciating all that I have. I am sincerely blessed x

  167. Post
  168. I make it merry everyday by reminding myself how blessed I am. There is always someone fighting a battle, kindness matters xx

  169. I love enjoying Merry food every day for myself and my family. We have been Merry for over 12mths now and our family are happier and healthier because of it. Can’t wait to receive my book!

  170. I make it merry every day by being myself and not a sheep (a follower), and teaching my boys
    that “you are what you eat”.

  171. You girls make it Merry everyday and your blogs and photos encourage us all to do the same. I love your recipes although I did have a fail with the Choc Hazelnut Salted Caramel Pie….. I bought the ebook before you had changed the salt content!!!

  172. I ‘make it merry’ by trying new foods. Taking on a new way of eating, keeping it simple and enjoying unprocessed foods!

  173. So people are mocking me because I ordered the cookbook bundle – hardcopy and ebook – surely one is enough they say… nope! I’m impatient so the ebook has meant I’ve been able to start cooking straight away and I’m loving the recipes I’ve tried so far. And let’s face it, books are way better than technology so I’ll be cooking far more lovingly once I have the book in my hot little hands 🙂 (And as a bonus, my very fussy, but very food sensitive 11 year old has already tagged a heap of recipes she wants to make!)

    As for making it merry every day, I could list all the things I do to make my (and my 2 daughters) lives merry, but it all boils down to this… opening our eyes and hearts to the joy that is in every day – it’s there if only we take the time to look and appreciate. And often, it’s the little things that bring the biggest smiles to our faces – the shapes of the clouds, a flower blossoming, laughter, sharing a meal together, family snuggles, spending time in nature, or being creative…

  174. Ordered the book a few days ago and simply cannot wait! I’ve been following the girls for ages. All their recipes and ideas are awesome!! Can’t wait!!!!

  175. So excited for your book and the goodies you have in store for us.

    I try to Make it merry every day by taking time to refocus on the things I am grateful for. This is especially useful in times of stress so I can refocus my attention not on the negatives but on the positives.

  176. Hi Girls!

    Just ordered the new cookbook – can’t wait for it to arrive! Since giving up Wheat/Grains and going paleo I am feeling great and making merry everyday 🙂

  177. Very excited for my new book to arrive! With a toddler and a baby my merriest moments are cooking my family healthy, delicious food and watching them enjoy it. When I’m too tired and sleep-deprived for things like vacuuming and laundry, I cook. I always have enough energy to prepare beautiful food. It makes my heart happy. (So don’t mind the dust bunnies in the corners!)

  178. I make it merry every day by making sure I live my life from a place of self love and this includes nourishing my body with food it loves!

  179. I “Make it Merry” everyday by:
    * Morning exercise = me time
    * An amazing healthy breakfast – usually inspired by you lovely ladies or another amazing Insta inspo
    * A home prepped healthy lunch and snacks
    * Family dinner to ensure time with hubby & kids
    * Daily mindfulness – inspired by Mindful in May – there is so much to see and do in Canberra, even in Winter!!
    * Weekend catchups with like-minded friends (a run/bike ride and healthy brekky works every time)
    I am still making mistakes and learning everyday, but every step I am feeling happier and healthier 🙂
    Congrats on your new book, I can’t wait to get cooking!

  180. I ‘make it merry’ everyday by working towards my dream of becoming a personal trainer to help people become the best versions of themselves!

  181. Merryness is made here everyday through finding enjoyment in all the little things…what’s growing in the garden, what can we make, and finding books like yours! xoxo

  182. Woohoo can’t wait for my new cookbook to arrive! Excited! I make it merry everyday by having fun. Fun with my hubby, puppy, friends, job and most deliciously – food! I never knew food could be so amazing until we changed the way we shopped and cooked! Now each meal is delicious and merry!!

  183. I love the feeling of waking up in the morning feeling refreshed and ready to go – I used to always get to the evening and feel unmotivated, bloated and tired….

    I realised that I needed to change the way I eat, exercise and get motivated to ensure I am happy and keep positive

    So I now ‘Make it Merry’ by:
    • exercising in the morning – even if I drag myself out of bed it always makes me feel more positive
    • eating clean and healthy meals – with the occasional treat – this has made me feel less bloated and I have so much more energy
    • having a quote of the day – know this sounds silly but having a daily mantra really helps me stay focused and be merrier
    • lastly surrounding myself with positive people – we all help motivate each other

    Love your cookbook and have already planned to cook something for my friends

  184. I make it merry by finding daily inspiration and practicing gratitude! I love visiting uplifting websites and blogs, getting new inspiration for healthy and nourishing recipes and activities!

  185. Just ordered, I’m very excited to get my hard copy in the mail! I make it merry every day by trying to live in the moment 🙂

  186. I love that we have inspired so many people to eat clean and healthy since my daughter and I started our Instagram page. We have so many friends and family tell us that we have inspired them to change their ways and attitudes toward food and have started to stay away from processed and eat more fresh, clean and healthy. That makes me feel very Merry! 🙂

  187. I make it merry every day by learning and taking new steps for my health and happiness!
    so excited for this recipe book! keep them coming!

  188. Just ordered a hard copy of your book, I make it Merry every day looking after myself with great recipes like yours and Yoga/meditation xo Good luck with the book girls!

  189. I make it merry everyday
    By being grateful in every way
    It’s all about the attitude you bring
    To every big and little thing
    By focusing on the GOOD instead of the bad
    I hardy ever get sad or mad!
    The positive energy you put into the world
    Always comes back a hundred fold 🙂

    A HUGE congratulations on the book ladies, I can’t wait to receive my copy!! Love you guys stacks xoxoxo

  190. looking forward to making it merrier everyday with your wonderful cookbook!! bring on the new and better me and a little of inspiration in the kitchen too!

  191. I make it merry every day by laughing, thinking positively and making wonderful food choices to help fight my nasty arthritis. Your blog has been a super motivator and now I’ve bought the ebook and the hardcopy for my mum-in-law … healthy family=happy family! Thank you and you’re fab! xxx 🙂

  192. I Make It Merry everyday by practicing daily self-care, loving the work I do, getting in some great exercise and nutrition (with the occasional paleo caramel slice), and being motivated to live in the moment!

  193. I make it merry every day by looking for the positive in every situation, being grateful for everything I do have, keeping my body nourished with divine Merry Maker Sister recipes, and sharing the merriness with those around me!

  194. I’m just dipping my toe in the paleo pool to see if I like the temperature. Your beautiful book entices me to try a ‘merrier’ way of living.

  195. I love supporting local business so I am super happy to have purchased your book, I can’t wait to receive it in the mail.
    Using mindfullness helps me to make it merry everyday! I start my day with a cuppa and 10 min’s of time to think about what’s ahead that day, consider the great things in my life and how fortunate I am. A positive beginning to the day means I am making it merry all day everyday 🙂
    Thank you xox

  196. I need to make a change, so that I CAN make it Merry every day :0)
    Coeliac disease runs in my family, and there’s no denying the bloat or the throat tickle, the cough that results from eating the gluten, dairy or other nasties when you ingest.
    Gotta get on the right track – so I’m putting some faith in you both – as the vibe is welcoming and the message simple!

  197. Merry Maker Sisters I can’t wait to shake up my recipes by adding a little more merry to every meal every day. Adding a bit more goodness into every meal will make me more positive, healthy and happy! Thanks girls!

  198. I am looking forward to receiving my copy! I haven’t been so merry lately: overweight, auto-immune arthritis plus now osteoarthritis

  199. I Make It Merry everyday by getting up early, expressing gratitude, moving my body, breathing mindfully, smiling, and of course cooking with love using ingredients from loving sources, playing music whilst doing so and sharing these moments with the people I love. Cant get much more merry than that!

  200. Committing to a life of health and happiness. It’s not just about one day, one week or one year but it’s about everyday making that choice to eat well, knowing where your food has come from, supporting local producers and eating for a whole life of health and nutrition. As well as being active, appreciating the outdoors and enjoying those special moments with friends, family and our adorable pets. Now that’s what i consider ‘making it merry’ every day 🙂

  201. Well I am on my way to a new lifestyle with the help of your new book! Thanks ladies can hardly wait till it arrives. You gals have got it going on, on all levels health & happiness go hand in hand….. Cheerio x

  202. Awesome couple of gals with awesome recipes and blog posts
    Keep it up ladies – you inspire us 🙂

  203. I can’t wait to get my book girls! Well done to you both! I make it merry by realising life is too short & you need to enjoy all the little things while you can! X

  204. Awesome….you girls are awesome. So inspiring…….I purchased the bundle – ebook for me and hardcopy for my daughter who at the beginning of her independent food journey (yep she moved out!). Here is to good health, good attitude and long blissful life. Thankyou.

  205. How I ‘Make it Merry’ every single day:
    Hug my kids and husband
    Tell them I love them
    Feed their souls with real food.

  206. Post
  207. Can’t wait to get my ‘Merry’ on when the book arrives 🙂 I’m one of those ppl who still like to have a hard copy. There’s something about holding a book in my hand and turning the pages that I just can’t give up. It also makes it real for me when I can see it sitting there. It’s like it’s begging me to use it LOL. I currently get my ‘Merry’ on by walking to and from the train to work every day and cooking from scratch as much as possible. I hope that my kids grow up noticing the effort and love that I put into providing them wholesome, real meals, and go on to replicate that in their own lives.

  208. I begin each day in the ‘Merriest’ of ways by getting up for an early gym class, beach walk or yoga session with Healthy Happy Shine, followed by a delicious nourishing breakfast enjoyed leisurely while reading the paper or some inspiring reading. A meditation session finishes off my morning ritual. My mornings are my ‘me’ time and nourish my body, my mind and my soul. It sets me up for a positive and productive day and I know that no matter what the day holds there will always be some ‘Merriment’.
    Looking forward to making this book a part of my mornings!

  209. I make it merry by eating as many healthy meals as possible. I found out that I may be allergic to wheat so for the first time in my life I started to change my pantry and instead of flour now I have almond meal, coconut meal, quinoa etc. I try to change my diet every day and hopefully in a few months my food will be much healthier. And love it you published hard copy as I am not a fan of ebooks. Hope there will be many more books from you.

  210. Congrats on the cookbook! I love the way my family and I feel when we eat the ‘good the food’, you feel good, kids behave…. Kids behaving is enough in my eyes

  211. I “make it merry” on a daily basis, by taking time out for me each day (away from the 4 kids 🙂 ) to exercise. This often happens at 5.15am before work each day, but I also enjoy heading to the gym at night a couple of times per week.

    I’m also VERY “merry” when I find new treat recipes on your website that are awesome tasting! My husband says that I’m obsessed! What makes me even merrier, is teaching my kids about leading a healthy lifestyle, and seeing the positive impacts that this is having 🙂

  212. I am “merry” every time I see my children enjoy a healthy “merry” recipe.
    I am super “merry” now I understand my children’s food intolerances and how important a healthy food lifestyle is for their well being. Thank you for the positive impact you have made on our lives!

  213. Make It Merry each day, when your feet land on the floor, smile and continue to smile – it comes back 10 fold! 🙂

  214. How I make it merry one day at a time-
    By nourishing my body with happy healthy food
    And counting my blessings is a sure way to improve my mood
    By dancing in the moonlight to the song in my heart
    And immersing myself in a Merry Makers Sisters salted caramel tart!
    By feeding my soul through the rays of the sun
    While making my day’s merry with a whole lot of fun
    By surrounding myself with the blessings abound
    And stilling my mind is pure bliss I’ve found
    While enjoying paleo, yoga, meditation and mindfulness
    I’m relishing in the new found freedom of my inner happiness.
    I met you guys during a webinar via Jules Galloway (Shiny Healthy Me) project and fell in love with your enthusiasm, recipes and zest for life and I’ve always had a passion for the colour pink… BTW while looking at the prizes saw ‘The Love Letters’ which got my intrigued so I ‘googled’ and did find ‘The Love Letters’ but also a lovely movie which I wouldn’t have watched without your cookbook. Also had a dream that night that I met you 2 in the supermarket and told you about it. Weird hey.
    Good luck with your cook book and your journey through life. xx

  215. I ‘make it merry’ by embracing each day as an adventure with my two little girls!

  216. I make it merry by taking some time out every day just for ME, to do something good for my own body and mind instead of allowing myself to put others’ favours first (a habit I’ve been in for my entire life!). Following my bliss has helped me pull myself out of a depression/funk after a chain reaction of unfortunate life events! Thanks girls! xx

  217. I make it Merry every day by making sure that I eat foods that boost my vitality and energy. In this way, I can also make it merry with my husband every day ;D

  218. I ‘make it merry’ each day by enjoying the process of creating beautiful food and having the opportunity to eat it with the ones I love. This helps me to ensure I eat healthier and have a much better eating relationship.

    Very excited to receive your new book (I’m sure my hesitant husband is going to love it as much as me after he tastes some of the recipes)!!

  219. Make it merry everyday by first loving yourself and nourishing yourself with love happiness good food and laughter. By doing this you have more of yourself to give to make others happy xo

  220. I’ve only recently come across your site & I’m instantly in love! I make it merry in my house by constantly trying new, nourishing & healthy recipes. After quitting sugar 6 months ago with two young children, their health & nutrition is paramount. The kids are merry, which makes for a very merry mumma & the hubby loves it too – merry wife, merry life!

  221. I Make it Merry by considering how a meal will contribute to my health and wellness before I enjoy it. This helps to ensure my wellbeing is as Merry as can be 🙂

  222. Just bought your book – SO excited – can’t wait to get it! I’m really conscious about promoting healthy choices for/to my family (a work in progress) so finding amazing recipes that taste as good as they look makes its so much easier! I don’t want my 7 year old daughter to have a negative attitude towards any foods – there is already enough social pressure out there – but I do want to encourage her towards the healthy alternatives! Leading by example!!!

    I attempt to make it merry everyday by starting each day with a kiss for my partner, a hug for my daughter, a walk for the dog and then catching up on all the awesome creations health conscious people like yourselves post on instagram!!! The daily inspiration is what keeps me striving to improve my own lifestyle, and perhaps provide inspiration for others 🙂

  223. I Make it Merry by fueling my body with wholesome and nourishing food, find my movement with intense HIIT training or gentle yoga, and free my soul with meditation, loving myself and serving others xx

  224. Ladies, I am so excited about this book. Congrats, and thank you! . (And kudos to all these generous sponsors!)
    Here’s how I keep it merry (I hope its not too long, I think I enjoyed doing this too much!)

    Every day begins with bone broth and prayer
    Essentials to my body and soul self-care
    I ask for guidance on how to serve
    And escape the crippling fears that none of us deserve
    ‘Student’ is my mantra and intention

    I repeat the word throughout the day
    Its like balm on my anxious heart
    It melts and rips and shreds that wretched thing called ‘Fear’ apart
    Curiosity becomes my play
    Mistakes become my goal
    Failure is no longer a blackened cloud
    No, it carries excitement
    It brings growth
    It fosters hope

    I meet midday with dance
    This freedom, this hope, ripe in every bump and grind
    I shake it off
    I see a sky full of stars
    I shine bright like a diamond
    I keep the blinds open
    And then I eat zoodles.

    Some days I get weary
    (And teary)
    I have to make it merry. every. day. My soul blinks.
    This shit is heavy and hard
    Like it is when I eat too many carbs!
    My thoughts go sour
    Failure looms
    My stomach clenches

    I remember.

    Failure was a mistake
    Mistakes become lessons
    Learning was the goal
    The cloud brightens

    I get my phone and open “Merry & bright”
    Keen and eager to write
    Far away, mum has already written her gratitude
    She gives thanks for rain and friends and food
    Me too
    And for lessons and love
    Broth and zoodles
    Stereos and sweat pants
    And for tomorrow’s chances
    To make it merry

  225. I make it merry everyday by living a healthy and active life with my beautiful baby girl. She is intolerant and allergic to loads of things so we enjoy cooking all your recipes, eating them and then spending time together. Just the simple things in life!

  226. Post
  227. I have just bought the book and have not received it as yet. But my life will become more the merrier with it as it will give me freedom to choose amazing paleo inspired recipes which I can cook when moving overseas for a posting for one year. So excited and cannot wait.

  228. It is so easy to get catch up in the grind of everyday life. I aim to have a “merry moment” everyday. It could be savouring a cup of tea or coffee in my favorite cup/mug, catching the train and have undisturbed podcast time or laughing as my almost two year old puts yoghurt all over his face and hair after a shower just because it feels nice (no point in getting upset just go with it).

  229. Congratulations ladies on the book launch! I absolutely love following you on Instagram it fills my news feed with colour and creativity! I purchased your book not too long ago and have already made a dozen of your recipes – your blueberry and lemon slice being one of my favourites! Being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes last year has been a struggle to say the least! Things we take for granted in life such as eating – now a challenge I had to face every day! Its so hard to find real healthy food and recipes and there are so many blogs and cookbooks out there! But stumbling across your blog has given me a newfound hope! Your healthy and delicious recipes are now a daily food choice for me and not to mention considerably low GI and low carb! I even showed your recipes to my dietician and she is ecstatic to see me eating so healthy, and even said she would buy the book also!

    So finally, I ‘make it merry’ everyday by not letting my disease define my life. I get up each morning being thankful for what I have and the resources I have to get it. Your recipes have significantly assisted in this, and I am truly grateful to you both for that! So keep up the amazing work ladies, there are a whole lot of us out here who owe you so much! xx

  230. I am slowly learning to “make me merry”. I’ve come a long way from where I was 3 years ago – 50kgs lighter, pretty much off sugar and feeling fitter than I ever have, but still suffering from the dreaded tummy bloats and general feelings of just plain yuk some days. I’ve been interested in food but realise that its not just the food – its about attitude and well being also. I stumbled on your website and was immediately struck by its energy, enthusiasm and well, feeling of “upness” for want of a better word. I cant seem to get enough information from you. Its finally clicked for me and I couldn’t wait to get your book and to start incorporating changes. Small to start with but focusing on small consistent changes will ultimately get me living a merrymaker life. Your enthusiasm is already rubbing off on me. I’m excited!!!

  231. Even though my sister and I live in different states, we keep each other merry by sharing daily anecdotes in our lives such as what we are grateful for each day and our favourite recipes.

  232. I’m so excited to get my hands on my hard cover copy of this amazing book.
    I am sooooo proud of you ladies. I can’t wait to make your amazing recipes come to life on our dinner table xxxx

  233. I ‘Make it Merry’ everyday by taking time out for self care. I light a candle, I meditate and best of all I cook with love the most wonderful food for my family. I am certainly looking forward to enjoying the recipes in your amazing book and sharing your love for food with my family xx

  234. I make it merry everyday by always ensuring I have ‘me’ time.

    Some days it might be having a Crio Bru (on homemade almond milk, of course!) while watching my bunny bounce around, taking time to read a book, doing yoga, reading a blog, taking my daughter for a walk in the pram, having a massage, having a workout session at 6:30am or spending time on a Sunday cooking up a storm, quiet cuddles with my family, etc… all because I want to.

    Being more mindful to ensure I get at least a few minutes of ‘me’ time everyday ensures I am a better mummy, wife and person.

  235. Thanks for the AMAZING book ladies! I Make It Merry everyday by making sure I have some music on while I am baking in the kitchen. Nothing like some singing and dancing whilst stirring, mixing and beating!

  236. I make it merry every day by eating food that makes me feel good, getting outside and remembering to be grateful the good things in life! xx

  237. I make it merry everyday by cooking my favourite recipes with my 6 year old daughter. She finds it lots of fun and I hope that she will learn some great cooking and nutrition habits right from the start

  238. Have ordered the book and am very excited! I make it merry by making healthy sweet treats from the merrymaker sisters. Delicious and tasty!

  239. Turning to a paleo lifestyle was daunting at first, then a friend showed me her mobile with an ebook with your recipes I was hooked! I subscribed straight away and have found some great recipes on your website and through your newsletter and I’m now excitedly waiting for making it merry to arrive! Thank you both for your energy and constant inspiration and helping me and many others to be ‘ merry every day!’

  240. Nothing makes my family merrier than when I’m whipping up one of your recipes. I love that my kids are happy to help out with cooking especially when it comes to licking the bowl!! Thanks girls cant wait to get my hardcopy recipe book. Keep doing what you do best. #keepmerrymaking

  241. So excited to receive my hard copy of make it merry!! I have already looked at the e-version and am loving all the amazing recipes!

    I make it merry in the kitchen by sharing my love of cooking with others. Cooking is such a joyous event for me because I’m either spending time with my husband, nourishing myself and my new baby girl, or making something to share with family and friends! Baking is such a stress reliever for me – the shopping, the smells, the cooking music and dancing while I wait… It all helps to make cooking merry

  242. Congratulations on your book, ladies! Can’t wait to receive my copy in the post.

    I Make It Merry’ every day by smiling and laughing at any chance. I love that a smile and a giggle are so contagious. Of course, a variety of good food contributes to this by making me feel great so the smiles and giggles just come naturally 🙂

  243. Most
    K(C)arla & (I know, I know, artistic licence!)

  244. Most
    K(C)arla & (I know, I know, artistic licence!)

  245. I make it merry by changing things little by little…..loving food, loving life

  246. I make it merry every day by just being grateful for all the wonderful friends, family, food and fun I have in my life.

  247. My son and I make it merry every day by choosing recipes and ingredients and cooking together. He is 4 years old and when I showed him your hardcover book, he insisted we buy it to put in our paleo-fodmaps-clean eating collection! I love being able to go to your recipes and tell him that yes, we can make this for him to eat today! I am so grateful that I have my little boy to cook with, my older son to love everything we serve up to him and my beautiful partner who knows we are cooking with his health and happiness in mind. I can’t wait for your book to arrive in the mail, I nearly got the ebook just to start straight away, but my son actually goes to bed with the recipe books and uses his reading time to decide what we will cook together! So it will be a big treat for him when it arrives in the mail! Thank you girls for being crazy enough to do a hardcopy!

  248. I make it Merry everyday when I share one of your delicious desserts with my work colleagues, we enjoy your creative recipes and how good the food tastes. Keep up the great work 🙂

  249. Congratulations on your new book…I ‘Make It Merry’ every day by appreciating what the universe presents to me each day. Enjoying nature, family, furkids & friends.

    My happy place is being creative in life, and in the kitchen.

  250. I make it merry everyday by living a healthy and active lifestyle,nourishing my body with recipes like ” Make it merry cookbook”

  251. Woo woo I’m SOOO excited to purchase your book + ebook – it’s my first Merry purchase!!
    I’m excited because I know following your receipes will help guide my eating habits and help support me to a healthier and happier outlook on food – I’m so tired of going from fad diet to fad diet, disordered eating, counting calories and feeling guilty after I eat something deemed ‘bad’. BRING on your healthy paleo inspired meals, I’m so excited and looking forward to a MERRY time in the kitchen – a new me, new outlook and looking forward to feeling wholesome, grounded, healthy and MERRY xx

  252. I make it merry every day by having a good 7-8 hours sleep! Making sure I get up to my 10,000 steps, drinking lots of water (cold & hot especially in winter) and eating clean – the merry maker sisters way!

  253. haha, thank you for your kind words, ladies! I hope my imaginary voice was amazing, because if you knew of my vocal abilities you’d opt for a poem 😛

  254. Wow, thanks Kerensa! I’ve never written, let alone publicly shared, a poem before, so I’m relishing your encouragement 🙂 Just look at what these ladies can inspire!

  255. I make it merry every day by doing something for my mind, body and soul. A quick meditation, positive affirmations, goal setting and nourishing my body are just some of the things that make my days merrier 🙂 Can’t wait to receive my hardcopy book soon so I can make even more healthy and YUM recipes xxx

  256. I have recently found out I’m dairy intolerant, your recipes make meal options so much easier thank you!
    I Make it Merry everyday by being positive & eating good food

  257. I “MAKE IT MERRY” every day by sharing with my Facebook friends my love of healthy and nutritious food, continuously getting comments on my posts with thanks and love. I also make healthy treats for my friends and the community to nourish and fuel their bodies, keeping everyone smiling and merry. Finally, I try my hardest to feed my family foods that will keep their bodies merry. I honestly have a love for keeping life merry, for myself, my hubby, my kids, friends and community. I always get complimented that I’m always smiling and naturally warm at heart, radiating that to others even when they are having the hardest of times.

  258. I make it merry by helping my children enjoy real food, that tastes great and is good for them. You are helping share the vision that real food can taste great and improving the lives of many.

  259. Have just bought the hard copy and digital version. A great choice, I can look and cook at all the yummy recipes while waiting for the hard copy to arrive. Just love the easy breakfast recipes, in fact all the recipes just suit our Aussie lifestyle to a Tee!!!! I’m very Merry the I bought this great cookbook. Thanks girls for all your hard work!!

  260. I make it merry by everyday by enjoying my new found love for fitness and the fabulous food I fuel my body with. Throw in a Merry Mindful Meditation for good merriful measure and I’m merrily making it happen. Family and friendships also fill my life with many merry moments. Can’t ever get enough – the more the merrier. 🙂

  261. I make it merry every day but sharing fantastic recipes like this with my family and teaching my kids how to enjoy wholesome food.

  262. I ‘Make it Merry’ every day by having gratitude for everything that comes my way, the ups and downs. Learning to love myself and my decisions when it comes to family, health and lifestyle there is no one way for everyone. By listening to my inner truth and doing what is good for me and good for the people around me brings a bit of Merry to everyone else too.

  263. How I make it merry every day
    buy making the most amazing yummy food with the easy recipes the Merrymaker sister have created to the point my children are making the paleo lollies all the time!!! With delicious food going into my body and creating more energy to be active, crazy, silly and just be a kid!! Makes us love life more!

  264. I make it merry every day by waking up next to my most favourite person in the world, my fiancee. It gets merrier when I go to the gym and come home and eat breakfast. No other way to start the day!

  265. Thank you so much ladies for extending it by one day! I was one of those followers who thought they had missed the boat!

    I make it merry every day by appreciating and giving thanks for all that I have and is around me. I make it merry by acknowledging the simple. Every morning and evening I chase those sunrises and sunsets and then give thanks for the moon and her stages. I ensure I spend time in the light and dark (rain, hail or shine) and feel how very lucky I am.

  266. Thank you ladies for extending it by one day. I too was someone that thought they had missed the boat!

    I make it merry every day by giving thanks and being grateful for all that is around me. I concentrate on the appreciation of the simple. Each day I chase those sunrises and sunsets and then look for the moon in all her stages. I take time each day to be outside in the dark and light (rain, hail or shine) and feel how lucky I and we are to be able to witness this natual routine.

  267. We make it Merry in our house by making cooking an experience for all. From talking to the farmer who delivers our fresh produce and learning about where our food comes from to preparing and cooking. My 3 year old even gets involved and has his own knife and peeler to help! We then merrily eat our bright colourful food with pride and respect.
    Can’t wait to get our book delivered……… we love your recipes, please never stop creating them!

  268. Hi girls,

    I Make It Merry everyday by following the Merrymaker Sisters self care checklist as best I can, I have it blue-tacked to the wall behind my mirror.

    I make sure I move all day, and inject as much positivity as I can into every moment. I focus on nourishing my body to help heal it from stress, fatigue, and IBS.

    I make Merrymaker meals to keep my tummy AND my tastebuds happy 🙂

    Thanks girls, can’t wait to read the book. xx

  269. I am trying to get off the merry go round of processed food and stick to a healthy diet for myself and my family. We have been making your recipes from the blog and cant believe how much better they make us feel. We cant wait to get the book and keep on cooking the paleo way and becoming the merry family.xx

  270. Merry merry everyday
    Merry merry in every way
    The secret is out
    We can all give a shout
    And then just listen to what the merrymaker sisters have to say.

    The secret is great food
    And an even better attitude
    It’s being present, real
    It’s sharing a meal
    And realising that’s what puts you in a great mood

  271. I can’t wait to get your book, I finally got around to ordering it! Yay!
    You girls are amazing. Thankyou!

  272. To “Make It Merry” everyday
    It’s important to eat in a healthy way!
    With a dash of exercise and this new book,
    A change of perspective will help you look
    And feel your best in what you’ve done –
    So “Make It Merry” and make it fun!

  273. Congratulations on your book girls!! I make it merry everyday by focusing on the positives & practicing gratitude morning & night. Of a morning I can set the tone for the day & of a night I can tune into the good stuff to let the not-so-great stuff melt away ready to have sweet (paleo) dreams!

  274. To “Make It Merry” everyday
    It’s important to eat in a healthy way.
    With a dash of exercise and this new book,
    A change of perspective will help you look
    And feel your best in what you’ve done –
    So “Make It Merry” and make it fun!

  275. Making it Merry every day with my band of Merry Boys (and one bubba Merry Girl) and our life is totally filled with Merry Moments and Merrymaker Food to bless our Merry bellies.

  276. I make it merry every day “Melly” style… And merry maker sisters have made this possible! As a mum of a toddler I need simple easy no fuss recipes that are going to be a winner for the whole family and so far these recipes beer let me down!
    Can’t wait to get my paws on the hard copy Beauty! Keep up the hard work ladies!

  277. Post

    Hi Anne! Wow love your entry! What is the movie that you watched? We’d love to know about it!

    We are so glad you stumbled upon us and so happy to have you part of our merry community! <3 HUGE LOVE e + c

  278. Post
  279. I ‘make it merry’ everyday by loving real food and learning how to make delicious meals and treats with it! This year has been a real health journey and a massive learning curve away from processed food, gluten, dairy and sugar. Thanks you two for your great recipes which have helped me along the way!Xx Jo

  280. Merry recipes for good health and happy kids!!! Definitely makin’ it merry every day for us! Thanks so much for your passion and for sharing your wisdom and fab recipes. Certainly appreciated by my merry band!

  281. Thanks Emma and Carla, the movie was called “The Love Letter’s’, it had Jennifer Jason Leigh and Campbell Scott in it and was made in 1998. They met (well they didn’t actually ever actually meet, as they were from different generations) when they started writing letters to each other and they would magically appear in the secret compartment of the writing desk that she used to own and that he found in an antique shop. It’s very girlie and romantic and shows that love can transcend through time and space. If you’ve even seen ‘The Lake House’ with Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock it’s similar to that. I loved finding that treasure when looking for “The Love Letters’ that is one of your prizes. Another coincidence I was mentioning ‘The Love Letters’ to my yoga teacher as I though the concept of them was unique and intriguing as well and she knows one of the girls that started them. Love to you both and good luck with your book, it has started off awesomely you should be so proud. Anne xx

  282. My four year old makes our lives merry every day with her sunny nature and constant smile I can give a little back to her by feeding with the best quality whole foods cooked with love using recipes compiled my The Mertymaker Sisters. Looks so wonderful got an additional book for my sister in law

  283. Post
  284. Post

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