EVERYTHING you need to know about MerryBody Online Studio, unlimited Yoga, Pilates and Meditation Classes


MerryBody Online Studio gives you unlimited, on-demand access to Yoga, Pilates, and Meditation classes for complete body and mind rejuvenation.

It’s an online Membership that starts from just $28.70 AUD per month making it a super cost-effective option for you and your family (most Yoga studios charge the same amount for ONE casual class!).

It’s accessible on all devices and the MerryBody App is extremely user-friendly and custom-built for the ultimate experience (you can even download and Chromecast the classes to large screens!).

There are 2 big differences with MerryBody compared to other fitness platforms.


The first, (and in our opinion, the most exciting part) is that it’s movement driven by self-acceptance, self-respect, and above all else joy.

We don’t fixate on a number on the scales. Or obsess over calories. And you’ll NEVER see us posing for before and after photos.

That’s not us. Or what MerryBody Online Studio is about.

Will we help you make a lasting shift in your overall wellbeing? Definitely!

Will you feel accomplished? Absolutely!

But we do it by showing you how to feel at home in your body.

It’s about being loving and being kind to yourself.

Not thrashing your body to a point of pain and starvation.

When we go on this journey together, we promise you’ll rediscover a way to exercise that’s incredibly fun, feels amazing and makes you actually WANT to do it.

The second is that the classes are provided in full video format (not animation, not written, not voiced over) to make it feel like you’re in the room with your teachers (it’s true, the most common feedback we receive is: “I feel like I’m in the same room working out with friends!”)

There are 5-6 camera angles used within every MerryBody class to ensure you can see exactly what you’re meant to be doing (providing a safe and confidence-building workout). 

Here’s just some of what to expect inside MerryBody Online Studio…


Every Monday

  • A brand new MerryBody Class is added to the Online Studio to keep things fresh and exciting (access it on-demand, anytime).
  • An updated Weekly Plan that gives you class recommendations for a safe, truly rejuvenating practice (you don’t have to think about a thing).
  • A personal check-in email from us each week that answers all your questions, motivates you to find joy on the mat, and supports you in every way (we’re your biggest cheerleaders!).

Every Month

  • A new MerryMind Meditation is added to the Online Studio to build your renewed mindset.
  • A new Monthly Focus is announced, bringing the collective energy of the whole MerryBody family together as one.

Every Second Month

  • A new MerryBody Challenge kicks off to create new levels of motivation, consistency, and rejuvenation.

Every Quarter

  • A new Merry Masterclass is added where we delve deeper, giving you actionable steps to take your practice, mindset and motivation to new levels.

Everything is driven by self-acceptance, self-respect and joy. That’s the real magic of MerryBody Online Studio.

And because classes and meditations are on-demand, you’re in control of your entire experience.

Kind of like your own empowering, life-changing choose-your-own-adventure. 😉

Except you’re not on this adventure alone.

We’re on the journey with you, and every other member.

To us, you’re not just another membership number or person on a mat.

Your goals are our goals.

If you need help with absolutely anything inside the studio or guidance with technique, we’re here for you.

Every part of MerryBody can be tailored to your experience level and your personal idea of what it means to feel good, respect and care for yourself.

So, are you ready… shall we hit the mat together?

Right now you can start your MerryBody Membership with a FREE 7 Day Trial... which means you can join risk-free. There are NO lock ins or contracts.

We cannot WAIT for you to feel the MerryBody difference. Come and join us!

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

P.s if you have questions about joining or if you’re wondering if MerryBody is for, email us or reach out on the socials!

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