11 extra delicious recipes you’re gonna love!


These healthy delicious recipes are some of our most favourite. They’re extra special coz they’re app only recipes. So if you have the Get Merry app YAY for you! If you don’t have the app, YAY for you too because it’s easy as to download it now!

Get merry app

If you love all the Merrymaker recipes on this website you’re going to really love the Get Merry app. Once you download the app to your phone (Android or iPhone) you’ll have access to almost all the blog recipes PLUS all these special app only recipes. We just left off the really old and ugly recipes… trust us you would not want to make these!

Low carb strawberry doughnuts with peanut butter frosting.

We have so many favourite recipes but these low carb strawberry doughnuts with peanut butter frosting are towards the top of the list. The peanut butter frosting recipe will make your app download worth it alone (haha, not even exaggerating!). 


Baked peanut butter cheesecake

This recipe is probably (definitely) the star of all the app only recipes! No more words, must bake cake!


Download the Get Merry app today! Learn more HERE!

Raw picnic bar

This was our very first app only recipe and oh yeh it is freaking good. Such an easy peasy recipe.


Date free bliss balls

OMGosh these balls will 100% take you to bliss land. The best thing about these bliss balls is that they are not lie your typical bliss ball… they have zero dates so this means they’re not packed with fructose and natural sugars but they are packed with good fats and protein. 


Loaded sweet potato fries

Sweet potato fries are freaking delish alone BUT load them with a heap of other yummy stuff and you have one epic healthy dinner on your kitchen table. 


Grain free carrot bread

You know how much we love our low carb, grain free, paleo, what ever you wanna call them, bread?! Yes, of course, you do! Well, this one might just be our fave. We highly recommend you serve with smashed avocado. YUM!


Choc blueberry smoothie

This is our go to smoothie. We will have this for breakfast at least 3 times a week (ok, maybe 12 times a week haha). We love smoothies becuase you can hide all your supps in them.


Summer smoothies

We almost forgot we added these 4 smoothie recipes to the app! Take your pick from the double choc chip protein smoothie to the green berry protein bowl, the aloha smoothie bowl (which is filled with pineapple, papaya and orange) and the watermelon and mint smoothie. They’re all so good and they remind you to mix up your smoothie game. 

Choc chip banana muffins

We forgot to add this recipe! So there is actually 12. But 11 sounds better. These muffins are epic. Banana and chocolate combo is everything! 

Ohhh yehhhh. Adding all these delicious recipes together just got us even more excited about the Get Merry app. Don’t forget there is over 200 recipes already unlocked on the app. 

Download it, add your fave recipes to your favourites list, create shopping lists and cook your way through the app. But wait… there is more! Once you’ve cooked your way through the hundreds of recipes you then have the opportunity to unlock our recipe bundles! There’s a healthy chocolate recipe bundle, Xmas recipe bundle, meal plan bundles, slow cooker bundle and even a fat bomb bundle!  

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If you get the app and make one of these recipes send us a pic of the deliciousness! It always makes us smile huge and kind get hungry.

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla



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