A giveaway to help the new you this new year! With Fitness First!


A couple of weeks back we wrote about setting new year goals + sticking to them to create a new you that’s healthy + happy. We ticked off one of our goals this year by launching our very first eBook: Let’s Eat Paleo, we hope you all enjoy it!

Ticking off goals ain’t easy though, stuff gets in the way + sometimes the goals you were so set on kicking in the butt fall to the back of your brain, sometimes they fall off the planet. You know what? This is normal. Yep, we all fall off.

You know what’s amazing though? You can get back on. You can pick yourself up, brush yourself off + tell yourself “I CAN DO THIS.” Because you can. You can kick your butt in the goal… wait, that’s not right… you can kick your goal in the butt!

A new year, a new you + we want to help you get there. This post is in partnership with Fitness First + we’re giving away a huge pack of goodies… we can hardly believe we’re giving this away (because we want to keep it… but we’re kind + we like to share)! The idea is that this totally unbelievable, amazing giveaway will help the lucky winner smash their happy + healthy goals for 2014. Enough of that, here’s what you can win: 

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7″

Nice Asana Jacket by Lululemon 

The Pure Mat 3mm by Lululemon

Women’s Fitness subscription

We told you this was outta control coolness.

To win, all you have to do is make sure you’ve subscribed to our newsletter + leave a comment on this post telling us how this giveaway will help you reach your 2014 goals. This giveaway is open to the whole of AUSTRALIA from Thursday 23 January 2014 until Monday 3 February 2014, 11.59pm (AEST). 

We won’t pick the best comment (because that will be too hard), but we will choose at random one very lucky winner to take home all of these fit + healthy goodies (this makes for an equal + even playing field!). 

A huge thanks to Fitness First for providing all the goodies for the giveaway. They’ve made a #changeforthebest that we were lucky to see first hand. Not only have they done a complete overhaul of their branding (bye bye blue + hello strong, energetic + passionate red) but prepare for changes in the gym that are leading the way of the fitness future. 

Fitness First Managing Director, Pete Manuel told us that “We’ve invested in raising the bar in customer service and will ensure we have a team that offers both exceptional service and fitness expertise. We know that machines don’t motivate people, people motivate people.”

We saw this when we walked through the newly revamped Market St Sydney gym, yes, the machines were still there… but now along with space for dynamic + functional fitness (yay) + a huge group fitness room with loads of classes to choose from, including flowYoga which we are super excited to try out!

The likes of Jane Fonda + Libby Trickett are standing by the Fitness First revolution (we got to meet them both… eeek right?!) + it turns out we have plenty in common with them! Jane said that “Fitness is not just about sweating it out in the gym. It builds confidence that helps you go further in life.” #tootrue. Read more about the changes Fitness First are making here.

Good luck for the giveaway… we are so excited to hear about your 2014 goals + how all these prizes can help you make a #changeforthebest.

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

p.s you can still get the early bird special price for our very first eBook: Let’s Eat Paleo! Click here to check it out! Over 50 paleo recipes that are easy + delish to get you healthy! 

p.p.s don’t forget, to enter you have to subscribe to our newsletter + leave a comment on this post telling us how the prize will help you reach your healthy + happy 2014 goals! 

p.p.s a huge thank you to our friends at the Cambridge Hotel for having us! As always, your staff + comfy beds made our Sydney trip that little more special! 

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