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online pilates free class

As you may or may not know we have an Online Yoga, Pilates and Meditation Studio, it’s called MerryBody. You do the classes via our MerryBody App, you also have access to our amazing private community group PLUS we are on your side, cheering for you and also available for all the questions you have on movements and technique. Or, if you need a boost of motivation to actually get on the mat… that’s where we help too! 

But we know there are heaps of other choices around so you might want to try a class before you sign up. And you can! We’ve uploaded a great range of MerryBody online Yoga and online Pilates free classes to our YouTube Channel! 

This class is oh so lovely, 10 minutes of Yoga for your tight hips. Yes, you really can feel the difference in 10 minutes! If you suffer from tight hips, this free online yoga class is for you!


Not in the mood for Yoga? Then this online Pilates free class is for you!

It’s just 10 minutes long! It’s the ultimate Pilates arm workout, we think you’re going to love it! If you don’t have hand weights, don’t worry! In every class, you’ll notice we show options for no equipment (and yes, it’s just as good without the weights).  We also show options for progression and regression, because some days you want a challenge and some days you need to pull back. The classes really are suitable for any level of fitness. 

Oh and here’s another online pilates free class! This time we are focusing on the abs. 

It’s short, sweet and fiery in all the ways you love. You get to lay down during the entire class which means there is no added tension in the shoulders or neck, making it an effective and supportive workout for you and your amazing body. It’s a 10 minute beginners Pilates class, but it’s perfect for all levels as we show regression and progression options.


If you try any of these free classes, let us know! We’d love to about it!

If you love the classes be sure to sign up for your free 7 day trial of the MerryBody Online Yoga, Pilates App! There are hundreds of classes, ranging from 10 minutes to 35 minutes in length. We combine Yoga and Pilates with the mindset work of self-belief, body confidence, and self-acceptance.

It’s a tool that helps you work out in a way that makes you feel good about yourself.

Do you ever feel that somehow and for some reason the common idea of being “healthy” puts⁠
practically zero emphasis on loving and being kind to yourself? Maybe, like us, it became more about weight loss and what you look like? ⁠

Really, this is why we created MerryBody to share our love and the benefits of movement without the attachment to weight and external goals. Yes, these things can be important, we are not ‘anti-weight loss’, it’s just that we are pro to moving and exercising without it being orientated around weight loss. Because, yes, you can in fact exercise for the pure joy of it, and as the by-product, you can then reap all the health benefits, like stress relief, reduction in back pain, more mobility, more strength and the fact that generally, you feel happier post a workout! And so much more. ⁠

Also, you have way more important stuff to focus on than what you look like, the number on the scales and what diet you should or should not be on. But we have to consciously choose to think like this… because when we don’t, pretty much every other piece of marketing out there tells us the opposite, ie. that your worth comes from what you like. ⁠

Sign up here to get your trial!

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla 

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