From heartbreak to growth, with incredible opportunities


I want to tell you a story… (it’s Emma by the way). A story about when the path I was happily walking on got abruptly altered (actually 3 times). A story of heartbreak to growth.

Maybe you can relate?

Perhaps your life has shifted in a similar way… maybe by your own decision or maybe by something out of your control.

For me, these experiences hurt (emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually) but along with the pain, magic happened.

The story of 3 break ups

I was 23 when my first serious relationship ended – it had lasted a solid six years. We’d just bought a house together, and yet, within two days of moving in, I found myself ending it all.

It wasn’t an easy choice, but I knew in my heart that the future I envisioned with him wasn’t one that inspired or uplifted me – it was one that actually frightened me.

So I made the painful decision to walk away.

I did everything I could to deal with my emotions – I felt them fully, talked to people and worked through them. But I also threw myself wholeheartedly into (which wasn’t exactly his cup of tea).

Some months later, Carla and I made a bold decision – we quit our mundane desk jobs and dove headfirst into this new business/blogging adventure. From that moment on, our lives were forever transformed.

I was experiencing new things, meeting amazing new people, I was learning something new every single day!

I was in a motion of growth.

But this story does not end here, there are another 2 break ups!

I reflect again, on the next break-up, this one caught me way off guard.

I was talking about moving in with him… and he was talking about breaking up.

Ohhh it was brutally gut-wrenching at the time. To be honest, I was a miserable mess for a while.

I spent my weekends watching YouTube and walking kilometres, I even injured my foot walking all those steps.

Around the same time, Carla was doing her first Yoga Teacher Training, and I could see from the outside she was changing. Week by week, she was unfolding, blooming.

Witnessing her transformation was truly special, and it sparked a deep longing within me. If she could experience something so life-changing, why couldn’t I? And then, (if you like a little magic) it was as if fate intervened, the same school that Carla was attending announced a Pilates Teacher Training Course.

Without hesitation, I enrolled.

It pushed me way beyond my comfort zone and tested me in ways I never thought possible. But I knew that this was a chance to get out of my depression. 

In the end, all the challenges and fears were worth it.

By the time the course ended, I discovered a whole new level of myself – one that I didn’t even know existed. This experience was part of many that led to the creation of MerryBody – and really MerryBody is the ultimate embodiment of both mine and Carla’s journeys of growth and self-discovery. And it’s our honour and purpose to share and create this for others.

Moving on to the next breakup in the saga haha – I really can actually laugh about them all now. It’s interesting how experiences change with time, and how these experiences that once caused so much pain and heartache can become a source of gratitude and growth.

If you are in the depths of your heartbreak, please know it does and will get better. 

I can still recall the details of this particular heartbreaker – and honestly, with all these stories to tell, I am sure I could pitch a C-grade romantic comedy to Netflix. Of course, I would make it a happy ending (haha).

This one took place on the way back from a weekend in Sydney. I’d just introduced him to all of my old high school friends at a wedding. Can you believe it? A wedding!

After the joyous occasion, he broke up with me on the way home. To make matters worse, he then left town immediately afterwards, and I didn’t hear from him for three long months.

As you can imagine, the aftermath was tough – I was miserable for a while, especially as it was during the holiday season. Endings and breakups seem to cut just a little deeper over Christmas and New Year.

Ah, I can still remember the New Year’s Eve party where I made my excuses and left early.

Little did I know, Carla had other plans in store for me – locking me in for sunrise beach Yoga on New Year’s Day. I was less than keen, to put it lightly.

But deep down, I knew that I needed to shake things up in my life, and this was as good a place to start as any.

That class proved to be a turning point for me.

Carla saw the spark in me and suggested a 50 Day Yoga Challenge – which, once again, I was initially resistant to. But I also knew that I had to do it – and thank goodness I did.

That challenge was transformational, and looking back on that time, I can easily connect to the empowered feeling of completing it.


Through these struggles, my path was redirected towards incredible opportunities. The discomfort and pain drove me to take steps towards discovering my inner strengths.

I’m not advocating for seeking out hardships, as I believe we can all uncover our potential without them.

However, to unveil our full potential, we must be willing to take action to create and embrace change.

Action that takes you out of your comfort zone.

Action that scares you a little.

Action that pushes you into growth mode.

Action, like taking an adventure, signing up to a course, starting a challenge, trying something new.

Action that starts with one simple step.

And this is where I am excited to tell you about our upcoming Yoga Teacher Training.

If you feel those butterflies fluttering in your stomach with excitement and nervousness at the thought of doing your Yoga Teacher Training. Recognise that this could mean you are on the verge of stepping into a period of growth, and that you are about to shake things up.

The MerryBody Online Yoga Teacher Training Program is designed to provide maximum flexibility and comfort for your learning. With a fully online format, you can learn at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home. The 16-week course includes a mix of pre-recorded and live sessions, all of which will be available for playback in case you miss them live.

The next program begins 17 March 2024, you’ll access a treasure trove of resources, including video lectures and classes, written materials, practice exercises, and much more.

In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to join a supportive community of fellow trainees who will be there to provide encouragement and inspiration throughout your journey.

Our Online Yoga Teacher Training goes beyond the physical aspects of Yoga and delves into the deeper dimensions of the practice, including meditation, pranayama (breathwork), philosophy, and mindfulness.

The program will equip you with the skills and knowledge to flourish both personally and professionally.

If you’re feeling the call for this incredible journey, we’re excited to offer a limited-time special early bird rate.

You can read more and join us OVER HERE. 

Our last Yoga Teacher Trainee Cohort just completed their LIVE 16 weeks and we already have 3 amazing certified Yoga Teacher Trainers! It was truly amazing seeing this amazing group push past their limiting beliefs and blossom.

For some, teaching Yoga was their ultimate goal, while for others, it was simply an opportunity to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the practice. And then there were those who were looking to push beyond their limits, embrace personal growth, and promote self-confidence and creativity.

It brings me so much joy to know that I’ll be sharing this adventure again in March 2024.

So the last question is, will you be joining us too?

Always merrymaking,
Emma (and Carla)

Ps. You can join us here, don’t miss the early bird rate! 

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